Story: Enslaved Secretary (21 +) - Season 1 - Episode 12

5 years ago

Sharon had a slab of hard prick in her mouth. She sU-Cked the cockhead clear to the back of her tongue. The swollen prick bulged against the opening to her throat, plugging it up. Her velvety tongue was mashed to the bottom of her mouth, allowing almost all of the long J0yst!ck to slide beyond her lips. Although the young captive secretary didn’t know it, the prick was just one good shove from burrowing down into the intense tightness of her throat.

Her eyes were closed. Her nose was full of the smell of Pour and p**syjuice left over on the prick from when Alex Odaju had F***ed her. Her legs ached from being trapped beneath her Unclad butt0ckz in the close confines of where she sat, but she continued to quietly sU-Ck J0yst!ck.

Sharon had groaned when she had awakened that morning, knowing full well what was in store for her. Her K!ttyC@t and asshole had still been tender from the awful fu-Cking they had suffered the day before. But no matter how frightened and abused she was, Sharon knew there was no escape. She would have to get dressed and go back to the office, where her boss and office manager waited for her with swollen J0yst!ck and leaking cunt. The visit by the policeman had stripped away her options. She couldn’t even run.

Since reluctantly arriving at the office that morning, she’d been F***ed in the K!ttyC@t by Alex Odaju and forced to eat Chika’s cunt. She’d been kept Unclad in her boss’ office since noon, and now she was tucked up, hidden away in the well of Alex’s desk eating on his thick prick as he sat in his chair with his trousers and underwear down to his ankles. Across the desk from him was a salesman from an office supply house discussing the latest bargains, completely unaware that his customer was enjoying a horny J0yst!ck-sU-Cking.

“I’ve got another deal,” the salesman said. “Which will probably take care of all your computer paper needs for a year.”

“Is that right?” Alex asked, reaching down beneath his desk and wrapping his fingers into Sharon’s hair. He used his grip to run the tortured secretary’s mouth up and don over his throbbing prick. He never let on to the salesman that a Unclad bitch was fu-Cking his J0yst!ck with her hot mouth.

“Yeah,” the salesman said. “I’ve already got a low price. If you order twenty boxes, I can give you a twenty-five percent discount on top of that.”

Alex laughed, shoving down on the back of Sharon’s head to drive his cockhead clear to the back of her mouth. “ make it forty and I will make your day right here and now. I have something very juicy cooking that you are going to enjoy’’

“Really? The salesman asked with bulging eyes

“Of course, have I ever lied to you before? Alex said.

“Virginal,” Alex said.

“Something like that.”

“That’s all right for paper,” Alex said. “But I don’t like my Unclad women like that. I like them with a hot K!ttyC@t and asshole, and a mouth that knows how to sU-Ck J0yst!ck.”

“I guess that’s the best kind,” the salesman said weakly. Somehow the whole sales visit was getting out of hand.

“Goddamn right!” Alex exclaimed, scooting his butt0ckz down another inch in the chair. The new position rammed even more of his prick into the captive secretary’s mouth. “That’s what’s missing in the business world today, enough good cunthole and J0yst!ck-sU-Cking mouth to help negotiate a deal!”

Sharon’s eyes bulged as cockhead strained her jaws. Her mouth was wedged open by the thick prick buried clear to her tonsils. She sU-Cked moist air up through her nose, smelling the horny aroma of J0yst!ck. The taste of pre-Pour glazed back along her tongue as she felt the thick F**K-pole begin to swell in her mouth. Alex pulled her head up, sliding his prick back through her lips. Then her face was slammed down again, driving his cockhead almost into her throat.

“Then we’ll just have to see what we can do,” Alex said, pushing his chair back. His fingers hung tightly onto Sharon’s hair and he pulled her out from beneath the desk with her mouth still locked tightly around his prick. Suddenly he stood up, and his cockhead lodged against her tonsils, moving the young secretary up onto her knees. She groaned as she realized that her head and shoulders rose above the level of the top of the desk and into the salesman’s view.

“Sh*t!” the salesman gasped as he saw that his customer was Unclad from the waist down. And latched onto his hard prick was the head of a young woman.

As the salesman watched, Alex began fu-Cking hard into Sharon’s face, causing his wet J0yst!ck to squeak back and forth in her tight lips.


?Sharon’s mouth was being brutally hammered by prick. The hands in her hair kept her face braced solidly into place. The shaft of the prick swelled tremendously and the cockhead ballooned at the opening of her throat. Then Alex’s balls exploded and splashed fiery Pour into her mouth. The sticky Pour bathed the young secretary’s ton

sils, then glided hotly down her throat. She drank his Pour, gulping with her throat until the pulses of Pour slowed and finally quit.

The salesman was speechless. He realized with a gasp that his customer’s prick had been cocksU-Cked ever since he had arrived in the office. All the time he had been talking office supply deals, Alex’s J0yst!ck had been sU-Cked by a hot mouth. The salesman’s prick throbbed at such a hot, horny thought, and his cockhead pressed painfully against his confining pants.

Alex looked over at him and smiled.

“Let’s see what kind of deal we can strike,” he said.

He glanced down at Sharon, who sat down wearily on her ankles as his still-hard J0yst!ck slipped out of her mouth.

“Get over there, bitch, and get his pants down!” Alex shouted at her. “While we talk business, you sU-Ck his J0yst!ck until it’s ready to blast!”

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