Story: I Date White men Only - Season 1 Episode 9

7 years ago

Me: Thank you dear
Excited, planted a deep kiss on his lips…
Zvicka: So what else do you wanna tell me?
Me: Nothing else, that’s all. What else?
Zvicka: The little boy’s picture on your phone that so much looks like you.
Me: I told you he’s my sister’s son, my nephew, that’s all.
Ever since Zvicka saw my son’s picture on my phone, he’s been suspecting and asking me questions about. My son resembles me a lot, just too much resemblance. I just had to tell him the truth, I told him the whole truth except that me and Obinna are not dating anymore. I had to lie to him that I am not dating my baby’s daddy. He didn’t even quarrel with me when I spilled the truth, he was so neutral about it, he accepted my mistakes. But I actually thought I was the only one keeping a secret, Zvicka’s secret was even worse. Did you know what Zvicka told me?
Zvicka revealed a shocking secret, he told me he’s got blood cancer, Leukaemia. I was so shocked when he told me, I didn’t know what to say. So I’ve been having s*x with someone that has cancer of the blood. I was scared, really scared. He told me the reason he was travelling to USA the following week was to go Chemotherapy, he would be gone for 4 weeks for the check ups and treatment. I was so daft, I didn’t know what to say. I just had to summon courage pretended as if all was well, he told me he’s been nursing this ailment some years. Zvicka doesn’t look like someone that has such, I felt bad for him. I really pitied him but honestly I was still scared cos if this man dies on the process of having s*x with me, then I’m big trouble.
I stayed with him through the weekend before going back to school, I was just still worried about Zvicka. I got to school and informed Bidemi and Cynthia, they were all surprised also.
Me: I don’t think I will go to his place anymore ooo
Cynthia: Why?
Bidemi: Is it because of this?
Me: Yes now! I dunno if it healthy to be having s*x with blood cancer patient, I’m scared of being infected or something.
Bidemi: Haba, of course not as long as you use condoms now, moreover sef I don’t think there is any danger having s*x with a blood cancer patient.
Cynthia: Wait! I hope you do use condoms sha?
Me: Of course, he can’t even do without it. He loves his wife, he wouldn’t wanna infect his wife.
Cynthia: Na wa ooo! This is a super story ooo
Me: (Sigh) Honestly, I’m confused right now, don’t know what to do. I couldn’t sleep through the weekend, he even noticed my attitude changed. I dunno jare. (Hissed)
Bidemi: You just have to take him like that, people with blood cancer live long for several years, as long as they go for their treatment. Its not a big deal like that, as long he doesn’t miss his appointment for chemotherapy.
Me: I noticed he was always using different drugs like that, I didn’t think of anything like that.
Cynthia: Girlfriend, you’re safe so don’t be scared.
Me: Cynthia, I dey fear wella. Can I go next weekend like this?
Bidemi: What about your school fees? You don’t have choice than to go.
My friend convinced me not to leave him, I summoned courage, I just have to. So I visited Zvicka the following weekend, he would be leaving for USA on Sunday Night. Zvicka was surprised when he saw me….
In the sitting room..
Zvicka: I thought you won’t come back again, I thought you were gonna run away.
Me: (Smiling) Why would I run? You’re my baby love
I kissed him…
The most annoying part of dating Zvicka was that, whenever he wanna skype with his wife and family, I will have to turn myself to a dead person in the house. I will have to lock up myself in the room, no noise, no phone call or whatsoever. I’ve got to be in total silence, cos he doesn’t want his wife to suspect. He Skyped with his wife that evening, talking about his travelling, treatment and all sorts, they can like to talk for hours, while I was in the sleeping like a rejected wife. Well, that’s the side effect of being a side chick. They finally finished their Skype poo, I became important again. He even showed pictures of his new mansion in Israel, his wife sent the pictures to him, if you see the new house Zvicka just bought, I couldn’t help than to open my mouth, its shows that he’s very rich, its was so glaring that Zvicka is very wealthy

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