In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 23

6 years ago

Everything was distinctively clear as in the faces of the people starring at me, the things she was saying, the silence from the audience…

Then the picture of that hairy guy standing like Cristiano Ronaldo about to wipe a free kick, banging her flashed through my brain…

I didn’t know when my palm landed on Ella’s face as she faced down and went mute.. the class now totally went dead pan no more noise..

Ella raised her head again and then sent her hand a message as it landed on my face visciously… and when she got the reply she was lying on the floor, I had sent in three ferocios slaps and cleared her feets from the ground..

I waited for her to stand up but she didn’t.. I belived she was petrified cos I was visibly angry as she la!d quietly,

I was about leaving the scene only to be interupted by one lanky babe screaming you want to kill her and drags me by my shirt na so I send that one sprawling on the floor with one push…

I walked out of the class and my niggers follow me, we walked silently as I was wasn’t in the mood to say a thing and they too were surprised..

We were interupted by some guys who flashed thier ID’s and said they were man o war, that I have to follow them to the security unit for involving in a fight..
At the security unit I met Ella who was already seated..

We were questioned……
The cheif security realising it was a case of sweet love gone sour, he advised us and we were released..

Mehn I became a celebrity the news spread like wild fire within the faculty.. I began to feel like Django free man, as my lengendary grew,..

Tuesday, wenesday and thursday,.. I didn’t see Ella, as I secretly searched for her even when we had general classes she was missing in her clique..

I felt a lil guilt as I felt we shouldn’t have ended this way… but I know she now hates me so I allowed things go that way…
On friday After classes me and niggers decided to rendezvous at our point have some nigger time and talk about somethinz….

As we moved closer towards the gate na so one guy push me, I looked at him, but I didn’t say a thing as I kept moving this same guy pushed me again…

I turned and said guy weytin the happen na?
That was it before I know whats up.. I woke up at the hospital..

I was severely beaten up I remembered these four hefty guys attacking me… I was in pains, I saw my mom and Sisi sitting beside me..

I closed my eyes again I just wanted evreything to be in my dreams, but it wasn’t, it was real.

I pondered upon what is it I have done, why the attack? Could it be Ella? Why would some one hate me this much? Was it a wrong identity? The pains was much I swear..

The following day I began to feel better and gradually I was getting stronger. Sunday evening came I was discharged from the hospital and as I expected I was summoned by parents…

They diged deep and begged me to tell them the truth if me I don go blend as in join cultism I chuckled at the allegation and told them I have not…

Dad told me he has reported the case to school security and on monday he will be taking me to their unit for further interrogation and investigation

To my surprise my mum began shedding tears and reminded me that am all she has and so on…
My dad called every one, Sisi and Nene and he and mun admonished all of us..
I reflected on my life and the words of my mum sank deep into me….

To Be Continued…

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