In That Moment (18+) - Season 1 Episode 22

6 years ago

Me that was feeling like Lionel Messi against Boateng with all the dribbling skills and lies forming sharpness was now feeling like Tom cleverly devoid of Ideas or any reasoning capacity,

I didn’t just know what to know?
I was confused, finally something said go after her. I moved towards the door then I remembered I was in my boxers so I got into my clothes and carried my back pack..

In the hall way I met Jenny rushing down from the stairs, I heard the exit door slam so I knew it was Ella.

Me and Jenny walked briskly in other to meet up with Ella but we didn’t say a thing to each other…

We met Ella in her car but then it was useless as both of us ( me n Jenny) as we got to her presence, we acted like kids who were caught by their parents doing something they were told not to..

We stood with our heads bowed in shamed, I couldn’t say a thing neither did Jenny.

Finally I opened my mouth to speak but I remembered all the lies I told Ella back in the room and I felt foolish..

Me: I am sorry…

Ella: for Sleeping with my best friend, my sister? For being caught, for lying to me? Or for being in love with her? I loved you, I was willing to be the good girl for you, I imagined our lives together forever,.. as she sobs n looked up to me.. well its over now….. and she drove towards the gate…

I stood there watching as the security man opens the gate.. and then the gate closes behind her…

I wondered why she felt I was in love with Jenny? I wondered why Jenny felt I was in love with her…. just be cos of that small talk wey I talk?

I started feeling guilty but I snapped out of it after all girls too dey lie, no be them dey tell guys you be my one and only yet still them get like three more boyfriends?

But then I felt bad for everything, I have brought animosity between two good friends.. I realised Ella loved me but one thing I didn’t understand was why some one who cheated on me was this angry…

I was brought back to consciousness when I heard footsteps moving I turned and it was Jenny going back inside..

After sunday service, I dashed out of the house, my mind wasn’t at rest as Ella wouldn’t pick up my calls nor reply my SMS..

I had to meet up with my niggers to get ideas on how to resolve this conflicts so we convened at our spot.

They said before anything me need Buy em drink say I bin they form busy give em… women will come and go but we will always be…..
can we say Amen to that….We all laughed and chorused Amen.

At the end of the day my friends made me believed that since she loved me and based on her reaction it means she still loves me therefore I should apologise personally on monday and forget phone matter.

That evening I enter barbing saloon had my hair arranged, I looked at the mirror and smiled..

Monday morning na so I put on my best outfit enter mumsi room use her body spray and perfume (be cos that one dey expensive na).. took one glance at my script.. I rehearsed it..

All the lines were perfect na so my confidence sky rocket..

During the first lecture which started at about 9 :00 AM,
I swear I no hear anything my mind no dey there, I kept looking at time..

Finally it was over the lecturer walked out..
Me and my niggers met and I did a lil demo for em to judge and corrections were made finally we picked three boys to join me meet Ella.

We got to Ella department but lectures were on going so we waited as I arranged myself..
Soon the lecturer began rounding off,

it seemed time was fast, my heart beat skipped as the lecturer bid fare well.
To go in was now the problem.

Ella wanted going out but spotted me outside our eyes met she went back in and sat with her friends.

I waited for like 10mins my niggers started getting angry saying dem go begin go o, say me no serious and besides any lecturer fit come in again..

I wasn’t myself, my mouth dried up.. I wasn’t sure anymore, if not for the fact that I was with my niggers I for go back but the yabbing go too much..

I decided to move in..
My friends em joined me..
Ella was sitting with four girls talking as the whole class was generally noisy

Me: good morning angels
They all looked up and answered with a smile morning handsome Devil..
I felt awkward but decided to ignore and talk only to Ella..

Me: hey pretty can I talk to you privately for a few minute?
Silent finally she spoke
Ella: no
Me: baby please..just a few minute..
Ella: I am not your baby
Me: ok just hear me out okay..
Ella: like I said no cos I am busy
Me: baby please ok just two minutes
Ella: I am not your baby I have told you, whatever you have to say please say it and leave…
Me: here? Common please just hear me out…. blah blah

As we kept negotiating finally she decided we shift to the back of the class..
We got to the end of the class and I began..

Me: baby
Ella: please don’t call me that please

Me: ok.. I know I messed up and I don’t have any excuse for that but believe me I wish I could go back in time and correct it, blah blah blah blah.. I feel the pains you feeling for I didn’t only hurt you but I did hurt myself… I am truly sorry… baby I love you..

Kpaaaaaaaaa aaahhhhhhhhh ………

Ella gave me a thunderous slap, everywhere come quiet
Ella: God punish you, who do you love? I hate you.. I regret knowing how could you? not with anybody else but with Jenny…

To Be Continued…

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