Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 5)

5 years ago

When I was through with segun’s call, I checked the
balance on the phone and it was around 18naira, I
purchased another airtime worth of N100 naira to call

I checked my phone and saw her contact and
then dialled it in the vendor’s phone. It rang for a
while before she finally picked it.

ME: hello bimpe,

BIMPE: *****silent*****

ME: hello oooooooo

BIMPE: hi onihaxy, how are you?.

ME: I’m fine. why aren’t you talking before?

BIMPE: just wanted to be sure that it’s you. shebi you
said there won’t be any communications between us
this period?.

ME: yeah, I said so. but there is a problem.

BIMPE: where are you? and where is betty?

ME: I’m far away from home while Betty is at home.

BIMPE: so what is the problem?.

ME: Betty found your watch in my room?.

BIMPE: she found what?

ME: your watch

BIMPE: oooooooh gosh. onihaxy, what exactly is your
problem?. can’t you just keep things in order for
once?. the last time, it was text message she saw,
now it’s my watch. how on earth did that happen?
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ME: she said she was doing some clean up and she
saw it.

BIMPE: onihaxy, you are just so careless. why will you
keep such item in a place where she would see it.
don’t you have any other safe place in your house?.
honestly I doubt it if you can manage two women
together at a time.

ME: haaaaa.

BIMPE: yes. I have been living with both her brother
and her in this house and I still communicate with you
and no one found out. how come it’s always from you
that mistakes do occur.

ME: I’m sorry about that

BIMPE: so what do we do now?

ME: I have a plan.

BIMPE: what is the plan?

ME: I will show her the medical report you sent to me
and I will tell her that I came to your hospital for
medical examinations from my bank, then I saw the
watch on your hand and I liked it and wanted to get
the same for her, so I collected yours as a sample to
show a watch dealer in order to get the same for her.

BIMPE: ok, so what do you want me to do?

ME: I just wanted you to play along with me. she
might want to call you or ask questions.

BIMPE: I just hope it works out. seriously, you are
annoying onihaxy.

ME: no vex dear

BIMPE: ***hanged up*****

****chai!!!!!!!, BIMPE too dey vex!!!, then it means I
seriously bleeped up******.

I turned around to return
the phone back to the vendor and I noticed she was
shaking her head. ” chai, and I wan collect this girl
number ooo. but as she don’t hear my conversations,
na Bleep up be that”. I paid for the card and left the place.

I checked my phone and I found out the battery
was at 48%.
“what excuse will I give Betty for the unavailability of
my phone?”. then I thought of draining the battery, I
opened multiple application, started playing games
and also playing music all at the same time.

I board bus back to my house. on getting to my street, i
stopped at a cafe to print out another copy of the
medical result. i got to the front of my house and my
battery level was 18%, I decided to spend more time
standing outside and operating my phone until it
shows ” battery too low for radio to use”.
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I entered my room and Betty welcomed me with a hug
and kiss. I sent her to get me a cup in the kitchen and
i stylishly drop the report inside the bag I do carry to
work before she returned from the kitchen.

she helped me in removing my shirt and dropped it in
the wardrobe.

BETTY: what happened to your line?, I have been
trying to reach you but it wasn’t available

ME: so sorry about that dear. my battery was low for
radio to use ***showed her the phone*****

BETTY: eeeyah. so sorry dear. how was work today?

ME: fine dear.

BETTY: alright. I was asking a question the other time,
you didn’t reply

ME: what was that?

BETTY: I said I saw aunty bimpe’s wristwatch. how did
it get here?

ME: ****acted as planned by segun and I showed her
the report*******.

BETTY: ***smiled****. I never knew you loved me this
much to the extent that you planned getting a watch
of 35k for me out of your little salary. ****kissed

ME: *****smiled*****

“chai!!!!!, it worked*****

BETTY: well, aunty BIMPE called me few minutes back
and she told me similar thing. she said I should bring
her watch along while coming.
ME: hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 5)

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