Adebimpe The Facebook Girl

6 years ago

7th month into our relationship, I was at my
house on a sunday evening and lolade visited
me as usual, she sat down on the bed with me
and we began to gist on random matters,
moments later, she lied on her back and placed
her head on my laps as I sat on the bed and resting against the wall.

She was reading a
novel while I was playing a game on my phone.

10minutes into the game, my eye glanced at
lolade’s cleavage and I lost interest in the
I switched over to tickling and romancing her till my hand find its way into her b0s0m. I was
playing with the tip and lolade was m0an!ng
gradually with the novel still on her hand.

As I
tickled the Tips the more, her m0ans was
increasing. She dropped her novel and
reciprocated the romance as she bend my head downwards and kissed me. >>Story From =>

Moments later, we
found ourselves Unclad in a 69 position.

lied ontop of me and I was under her. I was
manipulation and licking her cl!ts as she was
giving me a wonderful BJ. In the process, I
removed my condom underneath my bed. I pushed her forward, wore the condom and
mount on her from the back. I held her a$$
together and introduced my extension into her
sU-Cked. She was m0an!ng “ooooh,
haaaauuuuuoooch, sir!!!!!!!!!” As as was
pounding in and out of her punany in a hot dogggie style.

I lasted for about 25minutes
before I cummed and I noticed that she was so
weak at the end of the process.

She was about lieing down to rest when her
phone rang and the ringing stopped 2 seconds
later. “Ohhh, who is this person flashing me?” Lolade
grumbled as she unlocked her phone to view
the “missed caller”. She dropped it there after
and lied down unclad facing the wall as I lied
behind her.

I looked straight at the phone and I
noticed that it was unlocked. “Hurrayyy!!!” Time for me to see lolade’s hidden secret.
I was cuddling her to a light sleep as I pressed
button on the phone to prevent it from

When I observed that she had partially slept off,
I picked the phone to look at the call list,
behold, I saw several call logs between her and
my manager.
“What could be between my girl and the
manager?” I was curious and I decided to check the
message folder. I saw Intimate message
conversation between my manager and her. I
couldn’t believe my eyes as I scrolled down the
more. I saw a text where my manager was
hailing her for how sweet she was on bed.

And I
saw a sent message where she was
appreciating my manager for giving her 10k
“chaiiiii, no wonder that she was my
favourite of recent”. I looked out for more messages and I discovered that lolade was
dating another undergraduate of EKSU.
“””Chaiiii, this girl don use my head fa!!”.

wanted to confront her but I had a second
thought of ignoring the situation and continued to Bleep her till. She gains admission.

I dropped her phone and pretended as if
nothing happened. She woke at around 5pm
and she decided to leave and I saw her off to
where she board a bike, I returned home and
began to think of how to get a replacement ASAP.


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