Adebimpe The Facebook Girl

6 years ago

I got home after work on that friday. I was
so filled with joy of
catching a new fish. At a point, my thoughts
began to divide
“Could lolade be sent by bimpe?”
” I don’t think so jaree” “Afterall, bimpe didn’t know where I am
” Hmmmm!!! Onihaxy!!!”
” Make Kitty-Cat no kill you one day ooo”
I was so lost in this thought until I heard a
message alert on my phone.

I checked it and it was a message from
whatsapp. I
looked at the message and it was from segun.

SEGE: onihaxy, how far?

ME: I dey jaree

SEGE: I don follow your wife talk oo

ME: which of them?

SEGE: you no well, you get two wives?

ME: **

SEGE : its bimpe

ME:** my heart beat faster all of a sudden**
what did you guys discussed?

SEGE: well, I told her that your monthly salary
was 18k which
she knew about, I told her that there is no way
you can get the
amount she demanded for.

ME: hmmm, did you call her?

SEGE: no, we chat via the facebook I’d she used
to send the

ME: ok, what was her response?

SEGE: she said that is none of her business.

ME: haaaa!!!,

SEGE: then I told her that the sad news was
that you just lost
your job and you are even struggling for

ME: hmmmmm. Sege!!!!!,

SEGE: she still insisted that its none of her

ME: haa.

SEGE: then I told her to punish me instead of
punishing you.
Because I caused everything. I was the one who pushed her out
of the house and not you. I made her realized
that you still loved
her and you have never stopped thinking about
her everyday.
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ME: hmmmmmmmmmm.

SEGE: so I made an agreement with her on my

ME: which agreement?

SEGE: I told her that I will pay her 100k for her
to forget
everything and delete whatever she has in her phone.

ME: really?,

SEGE: yes

ME: so when are you paying it?

SEGE: me kee?, pay wetin?

ME: I thought you said you are paying her money?.

SEGE: yeah. I told her to give me like a month
or two to source
for the money.

ME: hmmmmmmm

SEGE: yes, I only used that to buy time for you to make enough
research on how to get her contact or
location. I’m also doing my
own research here

ME: that my guy.

SEGE: I hope you have started working on it sha?

ME: yes I have.

SEGE: that’s cool. Just get closer to the mutual
friend, or her
friends at the hospital, or the doctor, or
anyone. Even if it is her phone number that you are able get, its ok.

ME: what do we want to do with her phone

SEGE: I have a means of using it to get her
address and location,

ME: how?

SeGE: leave that to me.

ME: and after getting the address, what next?

SEGE: I will arrange boys to visit her and rob
her of every gadget
found in her house. Be it phone, laptop of flash

ME: hmmmmmm, sege!!!!!

SEGE: that’s it my nigga. We have to end all
this once and for all.
Because if not, she would keep on making
demands till jesus
>>More Story @

ME: ok, I will update you on any discovery.

SEGE: no wahala now. Hope that side dey bam

ME: sure na. I dey cope.

SEGE: no wahala. I wan blog small, we go talk

ME: ok.

I fell back on my bed with a deep sigh of
relieve that my friend is
working things out for me.

Few minutes later,
I got a call from
my manager


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