Adebimpe The Facebook Girl

6 years ago

I pinched myself and I felt the pains, it was
then that I realised
that I wasn’t dreaming. My brain went dead
and I couldn’t think
of anything.
“I have to go to Ado in 2 days time” “What do I do?”
“Could it be bimpe?”
“How can I reach her when I don’t have
“Could it had spilled off the road during the
accident?”. I began to ask myself rethorical questions and
there was no one
to provide answers. After few minutes of
been restless and
unstable, the only person I could think of was
segun. I picked my phone, dialled his number

ME: hello sege

SEGE: how far onihaxy

ME: I dey. Abeg, you help me see my

SEGE: which credentials?

ME: my, NYSC, Oracle and Java certificates.

SEGE: sebi na you dey keep your things by

ME: I couldn’t find it in the file.

SEGE: haaaa. How you take do am?

ME: I don’t even know. I remembered vividly that I left niger state
with the credentials because I brought them
out at the GNLD
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SEGE: and did you return them inside the file?

ME: offcourse I did. Everything was intact till I reached abuja.

SEGE: have you ever checked the file since you
left bimpe’s

ME: not at all, I didn’t, because I didn’t have
any cause to use them until now.

SEGE: this must be bimpe’s handwork

ME: our thoughts are the same. I am also
suspecting her.

SEGE: have you found her contacts?

ME: no I haven’t.

SEGE: then call the doctor and enquire about
what happened to
the file during your stay in the hospital.

ME: ok pal..
I hanged up on segun. I then scrolled through
the numbers on my phone to search for the doctor’s contact. I
eventually found it and
I dialled but the response from the phone was
“the number you
are trying to call is switched off, please try
again later”. I screamed and began to murmur to myself in
my room. “Is this
how I’m going to loose this offer?”.
I continued trying the doctor’s number
repeatedly until 12am and
I was hearing the same “switched off” response. I cried and cried
like a baby. “If truly this is adebimpe’s
handwork, then its so
unfair. What did I do to deserve this?”.

I opened my facebook account and began to
search for her names again. I combined so many names like
“adebimpe nurse”,
“adebimpe portharcout”, “adebimpe abuja”
and I couldn’t find her
account. I couldn’t sleep over the night as my
eyes were widely opened and soaked with tears. The next morning. I managed to go to work
with a sad mood and
a frowned face, even my neighbours noticed
my mood and began
to ask me questions which I ignored. I even
transferred aggression to the cab driver that took me off
from my street to
work by shouting on him and insulted him when
he was playing a
fuji music on his car stereo.

I got to work and my face was still sad and looking scary. My
colleague also asked me about what happened
and I ignored
them also. I brought out my phone and
continued to try the
doctor’s number till it went through at around 10am.

ME: hello doctor

DOC: hello, who am I speaking with?

ME: onihaxy ***i introduced myself and he

DOC: ooook, how are you today?

ME: I’m fine sir, I tried calling you yesterday
evening but it was
switched off

DOC: that’s true, I was in the theatre then

ME: ok sir, please sir, I have a problem

DOC: what’s that?

ME: its about my credentials. I couldn’t find
them since I left your

DOC: which credentials is that?

ME: my Bsc, NYSC and some other credentials.

DOC: I remembered I handled over a file and a bag to you when
you were discharged. So which one are you
talking about?.

ME: that’s true sir. But the credentials were
missing. other
credentials like my waec, neco, and some others were intact.
Just the four are missing.

DOC: I don’t know anything about credentials.
All I knew was
that I gave you everything that was brought
here with you.

ME: sir, please. Apart from you, who also had
access or
accessed the file.

DOC: nobody except one of my nurses whom I
gave the file to
and I told her to look through them maybe we could see a contact
or number of someone closed to you to call
since your mobile
phone wasn’t brought here with you. And
immediately she was
through with it and couldn’t find anything, she returned it to me
and I kept them in my office.

ME** scared*** which of your nurses sir?

DOC: and why are you asking.

ME: I just wanted to know sir, who knows, she
might have misplaced it somewhere in the hospital.

DOC: well, its nurse bimpe,

ME: ***screamed!!!!*****,
I’m doomed!!!!!!

DOC: what happened?

ME: adebimpe had killed me sir. She was the one who took my

DOC: what are you talking about?, did you know
her somewhere
before you came to my hospital?

ME: yes sir, very well sir.

DOC: but I was asking you the other time that
“have you guys
met somewhere before?” And I could
remember that your
response was “NO”.

ME: that’s true sir, but I knew her too well sir. She was my ex-
girlfriend sir.

DOC: really?

ME: yes sir, she took my results. I’m so sure of
that sir.

DOC: the nurse who was so nice to you all through your stay in
this clinic?, who fed you and stood by you all
through the
nights?. I’m not sure she can do something of

ME: please help me with her contacts sir. Please sir, also help
me with her address in abuja sir. I will be in
abuja tomorrow
morning sir.

DOC: unfortunately, bimpe doesn’t work here
anymore, her number which I used to have is no longer
reachable, and the
information I heard was that she no longer
stays in abuja
anymore. So I’m sorry.
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ME: **heart broken***. I’m doomed sir. Please sir, you are my
last hope sir. Please help me in anyway you can
sir. Please I’m
begging sir ****crying on call*****

DOC: ok, call me back in an hours time, let me
enquire from other nurses who were are friends maybe they would
have the idea
about her whereabouts and contacts.

Me: ok sir

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