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6 years ago

Immediately after calling the doctor. I was so
sad and almost ran
mad. I hated myself so much and for that
moment, I also hated
segun for pushing me into hurting bimpe in the
first place. “If I hadn’t involved segun during her first
visit, she wouldn’t
have stole my credentials”
“But how can bimpe be wicked to this extent?”
“How do I go for this interview without my
credentials?” ” What do I do next?”.

I was so pained within me and I began to cry
as different
thoughts were running through my mind.

colleagues at work
were asking me what went wrong, I just ignored everyone and
was caged in my mood. I was crying as if I lost
someone close to
me. I couldn’t call segun anymore because I just
hate him at that
moment. “Segun was the one who initiated the assault, now I’m
the one suffering for it”.
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About 30minutes later, I went out to recharge
my phone because
I wasn’t having sufficient airtime on my
phone. I returned back to the office and dialled the
doctor’s number.

ME: hello sir,

DOC: hi my friend.

ME: please sir, how far with adebimpe sir?,
have you been able to reach her?.

DOC: yeah. One of her friends who also is a
nurse here gave me
an alternative number which I used to call her

ME: ***re-adjust sitting position.*** what did she say sir?

DOC: she said she knew nothing about the
credentials and she
denied ever knowing you.

ME: ***yeeee!!!, I’m doomed. Adebimpe was my
Ex-girlfriend sir. We knew each other very well sir.

DOC: well, that’s what she told me, she said
she had never met
you before the accident and that she knew
nothing about your
missing credentials.

ME: haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!. Please sir. Can you
please help me with
the number you used in calling her please.

DOC: ok, are you with a pen?

ME: yes sir

DOC: 08033**********

ME: thank you sir

DOC: you are welcome

ME: one more thing sir

DOC: what is it?

ME: please sir, where is her current location sir?

DOC: she said she is in lagos.

ME: where in lagos sir?

DOC: I didn’t ask. Maybe you should ask her by
yourself when
you call her.

ME: ok sir. Thanks.

DOC: ok ***hanged up*****, I tried calling the number that the doctor gave
me but it wasn’t
going through. I called the doctor back and he
wasn’t picking up.

I was so sad, depressed and confused. The
world and everything seemed to be crumbling infront of me. Infact,
I have started
thinking of committing suicide.

Segun was calling me few minutes later but I
didn’t pick up the
call. After his 3rd missed call, I switched off my phone.

I closed for work and went home with the
same sad mood. I
couldn’t eat anything throughout the day as I
lost appetite
completely. I locked myself inside my room, I opened my bible
and I went straight to the book of psalms and
began to read. I
started praying to God and expecting a
miracle to return my
credentials back into my room, but yet, nothing happened.
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At 8:23pm, I switched on my phone to try
adebimpe’s number
again. On switching on the phone, I got a
message and I opened
it to read. What I saw on the text almost shock me to death. It
was a message from the same number that
the doctor gave me.
” Hi, well I got a call from fortlad hospital that
you called to enquire about your missing credentials and you
also claimed that
I was your ex. Well I have dismissed the claims
and I let him
realized that we never met before and I knew
nothing about your missing credentials.

But the truth is that, your
credentials are
with me right now. Remember I told you that
you would pay in a
hard way?, you laughed at it and thought I was
joking?. Well, I have just Equalized and the score is now 1-1.

Don’t bother wasting your time to trace me
because I’m not
traceable. And don’t bother trying to call me
because this line
would never be reachable. I also want to let you know that I
won’t accept a draw, I will definitely score
more goals to win
very soon. Just watchout. Bye for now”.

I was hanged and stiffen on the spot and the
phone slipped down from my ears. I went down straight to the
bed and began to cry

***** THE END *****


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