Adebimpe The Facebook Girl

6 years ago

My hand finds its way into bimpe’s bra and I
was squeezing the
breasst and tapping the Tips as bimpe was
m0an!ng silently. She
pushed her chest backward a bit to reduce the
weight on me and also give space for her to unbutton my shirt.

She was loosening
the button one after the other from the top
to down as I was
manipulating her b0s0ms and squeezing her
Bottom simultaneously.

This time, I felt zero pain all
over me, it was as if
the pains went on vacation.
We found ourselves lieing side by side beside
each other on the
tiny hospital bed. I was manipulating her b0s0m which I popped
out of her bra as we were still kissing. I was
having only my
boxers left on me and bimpe was having her
bra and her low
waist pants on. Her white dress had travelled to the floor while
her head attire had disappeared to the side of
the bed and her
previously well packed braids had scattered.

Adebimpe began to work her hands downward
on me and I was also doing the same thing on her chest. She
dipped her hands
into my boxers and began to stroke my d!ck
as I also dipped my
hands inside her pants and located her cl!ts
with my finger. She was stroking it hard and my finger was also
going inside and
coming out of her punny hole at the same
time. We were both
m0an!ng silently so as not to alert the
patients and people in other wards.
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At a time, bimpe pause stroking my d!ck stood
up from the bed
and removed her phone from her dress which
was on the floor.

She puts on some foreign “blues” song and increased the volume
a bit while she placed it on the side of the bed.
I instantly got the
message “she wants to m0an louder with no
disturbance”. She
came back to the bed and we both continued from where we
stopped. Adebimpe increased her m0an!ng and
it rhyme with the
tempo of the background music. We continued
this until I felt
some fluid poured on my fingers which flows down to my palm,
“adebimpe don cum”. She let out a heavy m0an
as she kissed me

Adebimpe removed her hand from my boxers,
and turned around to back me in a “spooning style” with her bra
and pants still on
her. She removed my hand from her back and
placed it on her
waist as she stretched her left hand upwards
to cuddle and tickle my hairs.
I was confused for about 2 minutes on what to
do next. I don’t
have a condom on me, bimpe looks tired and
would sleep off any
moment from now, my d!ck was still erect and strong, and my
konji spirit wants to Bleep that night. I was
totally confused.

I just placed my hands on her b0s0m still
popped out of her bra
and started manipulating again. I was just doing it to console
myself but I never knew I was getting bimpe
excited again. She
began to m0an again and was getting
uncomfortable on the bed.

I noticed this and I decided to move the hand down to her
abdomen and insert the hands into her pants
and commenced
finger bleeping again.

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She was m0an!ng as the
music was still
playing in the background. Bimpe stretched her hand to the back
and started manipulating my d!ck from the
boxers. At this time,
the demon of konji had totally possessed me
and all my thoughts
was “Bleep Bleep Bleep!!!”.

The thoughts of condom suddenly
disappeared from my mind.
I removed my hands in her punny from the
front, I took it to the
back of her pants, I shoved the pants
sideways and continued finger fuccking bimpe. She was so much
enjoying it that she
tilted forward a bit a pushed her left lap
forward for easy access.

I was doing this and she was still stroking my
d!ck through the boxers.
Suddenly, she dipped hands into my boxers and
began to pull
and draw my d!ck close to her a$$. At first, I
was confused about
the message. But few moments later when she realised I wasn’t
getting the sermon, she drew nearer to me by
pushing her a$$
backwards and pressing it on my erected d!ck.

This period, the
demon of konji had possessed me 100% and it seems like I
would die the next minute if I didn’t Bleep that
night. Honestly,
bimpe used to be naughty when we first met
back then in akure.
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But during this time in abuja, her naughtiness had increased 80%
from the way I saw her that night. Again, I
believed what people
say that nurses are hotter when it comes to
sex. Where they got
the skills from, only God knows. Instantly, I forgot condom, forgot
about the risks involved, I forgot that I was
suspecting bimpe to
be a silent killer and I pressed her Bottom
forward and gently
slide my d!ck into her punny hole from behind as we are
positioned in a “spooning style”.

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