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6 years ago

ME: **** pleading***, Adebimpe. Please I’m
begging you In the
name of God. Please don’t inject me to death.
I knew I have
wronged you in so many ways. Adebimpe,
please have mercy on me “bla bla bla”

BIMPE: onihaxy, why all this now?, I have told
you the other that
if I wanted to kill you, I would have done that
since yesterday.
And besides, it was the doctor that prescribed the injection, not

ME: **still scared***, bimpe, are you sure I’m
not going to die?

BIMPE: I swear with my life.

ME: ok. I turned over and bimpe injected me on my
second butt0ckz. She
pampered me when I sq££zed face a gave me
a kiss, few
minutes later, we began to chat.

ME: you haven’t told me how you end up becoming a nurse.

BIMpE: its a long story

ME: please summarise it.

BIMPE: actually, I was in school of nurse,
rumueme in
portharcout when we met.

ME: why did you lie to me that you are in

BIMPE: I’m sorry, I used to feel inferior when I
tell people that I
attend school of nurse. They used to respect
uniport undergraduate than us.

ME: but the respect won’t change the price of
garri, you should
just be yourself. Even this days, the nurses are
better off than
some degree holders interms of respect and job.

BIMPE: I’m sorry.

ME: its ok.

Bimpe leaned forward and rest on my chest. I
was feeling pains
as her weight was on me but konji wouldn’t let me talk.

She began to rub my hair as I placed my hand
on her back. She
caressed my face and began to play with my
lips, my d!ck was
resurrecting gradually and somehow, I wasn’t feeling my pains
like before again. “Chaiii, this must be a sexual
>>Story from =>

Bimpe locked her lips into mine and began to
kiss me. My d!ck
was resurrecting the more as I was busy searching for her zip
while rubbing her back. I finally found the zip
and I was about to
pull it down when a voice came from the
corridors of the ward.

“Nurse bimpe!!!!!, where are you?”. I am in ward 6 “bimpe replied”.
Bimpe repackaged herself instantly and sat
down on the plastic
chair beside the bed. The nurse who brought
food for me the
other time entered. “Nurse bimpe, please come over, I need your
” What is it?”
“Just come please!!”
She held bimpe’s hand and dragged her outside.

Bimpe faced me and said “I would be back soon” as she was
going out of the
room with the other nurse.
I was alone in the room with contradicting
thoughts. I was
thinking on one hand that bimpe appeared to be nice and meant
no harm. On the other side, I was thinking that
bimpe may be
trying to play nice so that I would be relaxed
before she harm

About an hour and 15 minutes later, bimpe
entered the ward
where I was and she locked the door from
behind through the
lock screw. She walked towards me and sat on
the bed.

ME: what happened?, hope no problem?.

BIMPE: not really, a woman was about to
deliver and was rushed
to this hospital few moments ago, so she
called me to assist her
in the delivery as the doctor isn’t around.

ME: where is the doctor?

BiMPE: he had gone home.

ME: ok, has she delivered?

BIMPE: yes, a baby girl

ME: waooh. That’s cool. ****placed my hand on
her laps****. So as I was saying….

BiMpE: what?

ME: why did you settle in abuja and not

BIMPE: hmmmmmmm, after finishing from
nursing school, someone who knows the owner of this
hospital linked me up with
him. That was how I got here.

ME: ok, I guess you don’t want to stay in PH?

BIMPE: not really, abuja hospitals pay higher
than PHC.

ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm

BIMpE: **raised eye brow*** what?

ME: nothing. How is your boyfriend?.

BIMPE: he is fine.

ME: is it the same guy?

BIMPE: who?

ME: swordman

BiMPE: no

ME: so who is he?

BiMPE: forget about that. So how is your new

ME: I haven’t been into another relationship

BIMPE: **hissed*** story for the Gods. You
don’t have to keep
lieing to me. It doesn’t work anymore.

ME: adebimpe, I am serious

BIMPE: **yinmu** clap for yourself.

ME: ok ooooo, I pulled adebimpe closer and I made her head to
rest on my
>>More Story @

Adebimpe began to rub my hairs again
and my d!ck began
to re-resurrect. **chaii, konji is a pure ba$
tard** I wasn’t feeling any pains again at that moment. She took her
hands down to my
ears and its was getting me more exited.

I held her head, twisted it and made it to face
me and then I
arrested her lips with mine and we began to kiss. The kiss began
to get passionate and our hands began
movements. She was
m0an!ng softly and pressing my head toward
her mouth as my
own hands was busy searching for the zip on her white dress.

When I finally found it, I was pulling it down
gradually as the kiss
was getting hotter. I managed to pull it down
to the end of the zip
and my hands discovered that adebimpe was wearing only bra
and a low waist pant. No singlet, no tights.
***chai, na now I believed that nurses can be
sluty atimes, no
wonder their pants lining always appear on
their a$$ at the back of their dress****

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