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7 years ago

****** 3 weeks later **********

I was in my office on tuesday afternoon, piling
up the parcel I
was about to deliver that day when I got a
customised message
on my phone. ” You have been invited for test and interview on
friday and saturday at DOLPHIN CONSULTING,
at minna, niger
state, come along with your original
documents, recent
passports, an attestation letter from your last place of work and a
copy of your C.V.
Interview comes up on
saturday for successful
applicants from friday’s test. Call 080***** for
further enquiries”

I was happy and joyous, I began to say it within myself that
“atlast, I’m porting to the realm of 120k per
month.”, I began to
soliloquies on how I would save up to buy a car,
how I would
save up to buy a land and how I would be planning to settle
down even without getting the job yet.

While I
was rejoicing
within me. My phone rang and it was tosin.

ME: hi padi mi

TOSIN: hi onihaxy,

ME: how are you?

TOSIN: I’m fine. I just hears that some people
were invited for
test and interview, are u among the people

ME: yes, I just got the message not quite long, I was about to call
you sef.

TOSIN: that’s cool. Just prepare well and read
hard. I will do all
it takes to make sure you get job. Infact, I’m
assuring you that you would be employed.

ME: ok pal, thanks so much. how does the test
questions looked
like? And what are the areas I should practice

TOSIN: we will talk about that later on whatsapp.

ME: ok.
I couldn’t hide my happiness even without
getting the job yet. I
was so happy throughout that day. Even at
work, my colleague observed it that something is really happening
to me.

I didn’t bother to make any background check
on the so called
company. All my mind was just on the 120k

I stopped at segun’s house after the work to break the
news of my interview
message to him. He was so happy about it and
he helped me
with few interview tips from his interview

On Wednesday, I made an enquires on how
much it would cost
me to get to niger state and return to akure.
>>Story from =>

was told I would
need like 15,000 minus transportation because
I would get to abuja first before getting to niger state. I
checked everything on
me and all I had was 5,000. I went to meet
segun for assistance
and he also helped me with 5k because he was
broke at that moment.

The problem now is how to get the
remaining 5k.

I called tosin to inform him about my financial
constraint and he
told me that he just sent the last 65k on him
to his parents. He told me to find a means of getting the money
to come down there
and he assured me that he would make sure he
helped me in
getting the job. I then remembered I have a
friend in abuja named samson.

The first and the last time I visited
abuja was during my
400level at the university when samson’s
sister was getting
married. Samson was my neighbour and also a
friend then so I attended the wedding.

I tried dialling Samson’s number but the
number was not
available. I couldn’t reach samson through
phone but I could still
remember the road to his family house in abuja where we lodged
during his sister’s wedding 4 years ago.

I converse with segun about how my trip will
look like as it is my
first time visiting niger state and also I don’t
have sufficient money. He told me to leave akure on thursday
and board a bus to
abuja and then to niger state from abuja. And
after the test, I
should return to abuja and trace my friend I
told him about and get some money from him.
>>More Story @

And to be on the
safer side, he said he
will find a means of getting money and send
to me latest on
saturday incase I couldn’t get any help in abuja.

I shook hands with him and hugged him. Segun is really a
brother from another

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