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7 years ago

ME: ***placed phone on my hear*** hi, who is

CALLER: its me tosin
*** Instantly, I remembered and recognised the

Tosin was
my friend during nysc days. We stayed at the same lodge and
our ppa was in the same area. We first met
when my PPA and his
PPA acquired accommodation for us at the
same house, our
friendship began to grow as we found ourselves in the same CDS

ME: tosin my padi, how you dey?, long time.

TOSIN: I dey jawe.

ME: how did you get my new number?

TOSIN: from one of our friends.

ME: ok,

TOSIN: let’s chat on whatsapp.

ME: ok ***hanged up****.

My mind was cooled as the fears from my
nightmare was
reduced. I took a deep breath of comfort and started chatting with

ME: how far?, where are you now?

TOSIN: I’m in niger state ooo. What about you?

ME: I am in akure. You must be a big boy now
oooo. How is work?

TOSIN: work is fine bro, what about yours?

ME: I’m managing jawe

TOSIN: managing kee? Is it not a big firm?

ME: big firm kee?, its a small delivery and
courier firm.

TOSIN: what do you do there?

ME: home and office deliveries.

TOSIN: eyah. Hope the pay is ok sha?

ME: not really, just 20k. So what about you?,
where are you

TOSIN: hmmmm. I work with an international

ME: big boy.

TOSIN: looool

ME: is it an oil & gas firm?

TOSIN: no, its a branding and consultancy firm own by a british.

ME: chaiii, I dey envy you ooooo. What do you

TOSIN: business developer

ME: what’s the function of business developer.

TOSIN: I serve as an intermediate between our firm and our
clients like banks, oil companies, etc.
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ME: that cool. You must be earning well ooooo.

TOSIN: not really, just 120k monthly?

ME: heeeeee, you call 120k just?. Please I don’t
mind if you hook me up and fix me into such job.

TOSIN: no problem, just send your C.V to my
mail, I will submit it
tommorow. As soon as there is opening Or
vacancy in our
company, I will let you know.

ME: thanks pal, I’m grateful.

TOSIN: you are welcome. I have a client to
attend too. Let’s chat

ME: ok, bye.
I shouted while sitting on my chair “heeeeee!!!, so I will soon
leave this Akure for a better job!!”.

I couldn’t
wait till I close
before I applied “make-up” to my cv and
credentials and sent
them to tosin’s mail.

I called him to inform him that I have sent
the C.V and he told me that he had seen it.

Suddenly, I became
joyous and happy even without getting the

On getting home, I picked my fone to chat with my guy segun.
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ME: sege, I go soon leave akure for you oooo

SEGE: wetin happen?, you don apply for togo

ME: you no well, sum1 is trying to fix me to a
120k monthly salary job

SEGE: heeeee, at where?,

ME: niger state

SEGE: when are you applying?

ME: I don apply already. I sent my C.V this

SEGE: and u didn’t send mine abi?, may bicycle
crush you to

ME: no vex. I go send yours later

SEGE: better.

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