Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 38

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Purab wants to search Pragya's bag.
Grandmother says only Abhi will Check Pragya's bag and he should do it in private.

Abhi and Pragya move aside.
Abhi takes out a photo from the bag and asks who the old man in the photo is.
Pragya says he's her guru and he shows her the right path.
Abhi says people love to keep his own photograph.
He sees some cash and makes fun of how little it is.
Pragya says she only carries what she needs.
He takes out a card and asks if it's a credit card.
She says it's a debit card, she doesn't have a credit card as it makes one spend more.
Abhi asks if her lovers didn't give her a credit card and he's supposed to do that since he's married to her but he won't.
He takes out a ring and announces to everyone that he has the ring.

Everyone looks in shock as he raises the ring up.
He asks Pragya why she did it; did she want money or to ruin Alia's day?
He takes the ring to his grandmother.
Akash looks at the ring and asks if he's sure it's Alia's ring because it's an ordinary ring and it's not even gold.
Abhi asks Alia why she would buy such a ring.
Alia says it's not her ring.
Pragya says it's her own ring.
Abhi turns to his grandmother and says he was right that Pragya is innocent.
He tells Pragya that she should have just said it was her ring; he's emotional because it's Alia's day and he's sorry.
He tells her that she should wear the ring instead of carrying it in her purse.
He slips it on her finger and they stare into each other's eyes.

Mitali tells Alia that she put the ring in Pragya's bag but that's not the bag Pragya has now.
She looks and points the bag out to her and it's Bulbul's bag.

Purab wonders why there is so much fuss over a ring.
He decides to go and talk to Alia about it.

Tanu goes to Alia to complain that the ring wasn't found in Pragya's bag.
Alia tells her to relax, the ring was put in Bulbul's bag by accident but they can still expose Bulbul to embarrass Pragya.

Purab overhears their plan.

Alia sees Purab and tells him to please help her find her ring.

Grandmother tells Abhi that he should go and apologise to Pragya because he hurt her.
Abhi says he won't, as he already did.
Grandmother threatens that if he doesn't, she will leave the house on a long vacation.

Abhi goes to Pragya and tells her to smile.
Pragya doesn't smile.
He tells her that his grandmother wants him to make her smile, so she should make his task easy.
She is about to walk away but he holds her back and tells her to smile. He says once he exposes her, she will never smile again.
He rubs and cheeks and calls her cutie pie.
Pragya sees grandmother watching them and smiles.

A servant wants to check Bulbul's bag but Purab stops him and says he wants to check her purse as she is a family member.

He searches and finds the ring.
Bulbul says she doesn't know how it got in there.
Alia is watching from a corner but can't see the content of the purse.
Purab tells Bulbul that he knows who put it there but she shouldn't worry, as he will protect her.

He hides the ring and announces that the ring isn't there.
Alia says it's impossible, she needs to check.
Purab says he already checked and it's not there.
Alia checks and empties the bag but doesn't find the ring.
Tanu says it has to be there.
Bulbul says she sounds confident, as though she put the ring there herself.
Tanu laughs nervously and says it's only because they've checked all other bags so she thought the ring would be with Bulbul.
Pami's husband says they've searched everyone and can't find the ring.
Pami says Tanu's purse has not been searched.

Tanu says she's Alia's best friend, so why would they want to search her bag?
Grandmother says if they don't search her, the guests will say they are being partial, which were Tanu's words earlier.
Abhi tells them not to search Tanu, he will get another ring for Alia.
Grandmother tells him no to interfere.
Purab searches Tanu's bag and a bundle of money falls out.

Abhi tells Pragya to look at all the money and if she has any shame, she would stop carrying a bag.
A lot or credit cards fall out as well and Abhi rubs it in Pragya's face.

The ring falls out.
Tanu, Alia and Abhi are shocked.

Grandmother says she stole the ring, yet the she created such a big scene and insulted all the guests. She asks if she's not ashamed to call herself Alia's best friend.

Grandmother goes to Abhi and says he was supporting her and now he's not saying anything when he should be asking her why she did it.

Alia says she's so sorry, she forgot that she showed Alia the ring and she was holding her purse at the time, she forgot she put it in Alia's purse and she's so sorry.
Abhi asks how she could forget such a thing.
He tells her to apologise to her friend.
Alia hugs Tanu and apologises to her.
She whispers in her ear that she knows Pragya did it and they will make her pay.

She apologises to her grandmother and grandmother says they should continue with the ceremony.

The ceremony continues and Abhi gives Purab's ring to Pragya to give to him.
Pragya sees Bulbul almost in tears and it breaks her heart but she still gives him the ring.
She gives Alia her own ring as well.
The engagement is done.

Purab looks at Bulbul who is shedding tears.

Purab meets Tanu where she is standing by alone and asks what she was planning.
Tanu asks what he's talking about.
He says she knows what he's talking about and he knows what she was planning.
He says he's glad Abhi isn't married to her because she doesn't deserve him and Abhi is married to someone else, so she should stay away.
Tanu says she will get married to the one she loves but he can't say the same because the one he loves will never be his.

Bulbul and Pragya over hear her.

Purab and Bulbul stare at each other sadly.

Andy the designer is with Abhi. He tells him the shirt looks good on him.

He sees Pragya and gushes over her, saying the dress looks good on her.
Tanu joins them and he tells her that the society has grown to the extent that people can remain friends even after a relationship is over.
He looks around and realises his blunder, so he excuses himself.

Tanu holds Abhi by the arm and says she wants to talk to him.

Pragya says she needs to get grandmother's pills.

Tanu tells Abhi that he has changed, he hasn't spent time with her at all today.
Abhi says it's an engagement party and there are guests.
She tells him to come with her so they can leave.
He says grandmother's cousins and Pragya's family are around so he can't leave.
Tanu says she just knew it.
She walks away.

Grandmother's cousins see her downstairs and say from the look on her face, it is evident that she fought with her boyfriend.
Tanu says it's true and it's over between them.
They say she fought with her boyfriend and is now punishing Alia for it by stealing her ring.
They tell her to talk to Pragya and maybe Pragya will help her find a boyfriend because Pragya is a decent girl and has some tips.

Tanu walks away in anger and bumps into Pragya.
She tears into Pragya asking if she really thinks she can give her tips on how to deal with her boyfriend.
Pragya is confused.
Tanu says Pragya has brainwashed the old women and they have talked to Abhi that's why he's so ignorant.
She tells Pragya that she was lucky because the ring was supposed to have been found in her bag, that was the plan and next time, she won't be so lucky.
She threatens that the marriage will soon fall apart.
Pragya asks what marriage she's referring to because her marriage is nothing but a cruel joke, the foundation is based on lies and the only reason they got married was because Abhi wanted to hurt someone else.
She asks what Tanu is jealous of because this is a loveless marriage and Abhi didn't even spend his wedding night at home.
Tanu asks if it hurts.
Pragya says it doesn't hurt and she could care less where Abhi is, all she cares about is her family and she's only in the marriage because of them.
She asks what Tanu's problem is and why did she allow Abhi marry her?
Tanu tells her to shut up and that the little money she has in her purse is what she's worth.
She asks if Pragya even knows what makeup is and if she's ever seen a mascara. She says Pragya will never be like her.
Pragya says she has no desire to be like her, she's content in who she is though Tanu is beautiful and has more money and expensive clothes.
Tanu says it's a good thing Pragya knows.
Pragya says Tanu can also never be like her.
Tanu is shocked.
Pragya says Tanu is a super model and needs to know about makeup and eyelash but says she's a teacher and all that knowledge is useless to her. She teaches young people and helps them become honest members of society, she doesn't plot against anyone, she teaches children things that inspire them.
She says maybe Tanu wakes up in the morning and the first thing is to look at her face but she looks up to the Lord and remembers she has a family to take care of, she looks out for everyone in the house.
She says she may be a liar and greedy like Tanu thinks but she's not stupid, she knows the truth about herself, she's not anything like Tanu and she doesn't engage in illegitimate relationships with married men.
Tanu is shocked.

Pragya walks away.

The grandmothers are eating.
Abhi goes to them and gives his grandmother and Pragya's grandmother a kiss.
Grandmother thanks her cousins for coming and says she wishes they will visit often.
They say they will visit often to see Pragya.
One of them asks Abhi to get Pragya.
He tells her to just enjoy her food.

She sees Pragya and calls her over.
She asks if Pragya has eaten anything.
Pragya says she will eat something soon.
Grandaunt says Abhi must feed Pragya.
Abhi says she can help herself.
The aunt says he must feed his wife.
Abhi says he won't do it, what if she bites his hand
Grandmother tells him to go ahead and feed Pragya.
Abhi thanks to himself that Tanu will murder him.

Abhi goes to get the food. He sees hot chilli and dips the dessert in it.
He comes back to join the women and calls Pragya 4 eyes.
Grandmother eyes him and he says "Doe eyes."
He feeds her the dessert and Pragya eats.
He asks if it was good.
She says it is.
He is surprised.
He asks if there's nothing wrong.
Pragya says there's nothing.
Abhi is surprised she can eat chilli.

The aunt says it's now Pragya's turn to feed Abhi.
Abhi says he just ate and he's full.
They tell him to eat.
Pragya feeds him and he takes a bite.
He starts making faces.
Grandmother says he's acting as if there is chilli in the sweet.
Abhi nods.
They say they already had some and there was no chilli in it.
They tell Pragya to give him some more.
Pragya gives him more and Abhi almost passes out.
The grandmothers walk away and Abhi asks for water.
Pragya gives him water and asks what's wrong.
He tells her to get out.

Mitali is talking to someone when she sees Alia. She decides to hide so Alia doesn't insult her in public.
Alia sees her and calls her back
Mitali says it wasn't her fault.
Alia says she should have known she would mess it up.
Mitali says she put it in Pragya's purse.
Alia tells her she has just one more chance and she is to find out who actually put the ring in Tanu's bag.

Pragya sees Abhi drinking alcohol with his friends.
She goes to him and takes him aside to speak to him.
She begs him not to drink alcohol when her mother is around
Abhi says her grandmother drinks.
Pragya says her grandmother knows how to be discreet about it but Abhi gets somehow when he's drunk.
Abhi says he has to drink to forget her ugly face and presence.
Pragya says he can go ahead but he shouldn't come anywhere near her or her family when he's drunk.
She walks away.

Abhi goes to the alcohol corner and takes a bottle. He lifts it to his mouth but he's unable to drink.
He dips his finger in and rubs some alcohol on his mouth and his clothes.
Tanu sees him and asks what he's doing.
Abhi says Pragya warned him not to drink in front of her family but he's going to insult her just the way she insulted Tanu.
He walks towards Pragya's family and Tanu smiles.

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