Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 36

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Bulbul asks Purab why he comes to see her all the time; if someone sees them, it will be a problem.
Purab says he came to tell her be has agreed to marry Aliya.
Bulbul says she already knows and he didn't have to come because of that.
Purab says she doesn't know how difficult it was for him to arrive at the decision.
He says he has another reason for coming.
He returns her pendant and says it will only remind him of her.
She collects it and tells him to leave.
Purab asks for a last hug.
She hugs him then tells him never to come see her again.

Alia, her grandmother and Pragya arrive at Pragya's house and see Purab outside.
Purab says his car broke down.
Grandmother says it broke down at the right place, so he will follow them to see Pragya's family to invite them to his engagement.
Purab asks why he has to be there.
Grandmother says he had to meet them since he wasn't at Abhi's wedding.

Inside the house, Grandmother gives Sarla the invitation card and she asks who Alia is getting engaged to.
Grandmother introduces Purab.
Sarla says she knows him as Abhi's friend who came to the house when Abhi and Pragya came for their post wedding ritual.
She says he was really shy and refused to eat anything.
Grandmother says maybe Purab should stay with her, so she can feed him to fit properly into his wedding outfit.
Sarla says Bulbul will handle him.
She suggests grandmother finds Bulbul a man exactly like Purab to marry.

Bulbul offers tea to Purab and Alia.
She is nervous so it accidentally spills on Alia.
Sarla tells Bulbul to take her to the bathroom to clean up.

In the bathroom, Alia tells Bulbul that she knows she spilled the tea on purpose.
Bulbul denies it and tells her not to worry though, they will get her back for all she's doing and when she least expects it, they will spring a surprise on her.

Pragya says she wants to show Purab around the house.

She takes him to the room to ask what he was doing hanging around her house.
Purab says his car broke down.
Pragya says she knows he came to see Bulbul so why is he marrying Alia?
She says he has to stick to his decision because she doesn't know what Abhi will do if he breaks it now.
Purab says he came to see Bulbul one last time and he is promising not to see her again.
He holds Pragya's hand as he is talking and Alia walks in on them.

Bulbul sees them and Pragya quickly takes her hand away.
Purab says he has important work to do, so he will leave.
Alia frowns and runs after him.

Abhi is scolding a manager for booking him on two shows on the same day, saying when Purab was with him he could have taken care of it.
Pami decides this is her opportunity.
She suggests making Akash his manager.
Akash says it's true, he needs to do something with his life.
Abhi says he will give him till tomorrow to learn what to do and he shouldn't let him down.

Abhi leaves the room and Mitali congratulates Pami.
Pami tells herself that soon, it will all be hers.

Abhi is sitting on his bed, playing his guitar and listening to his music.
Pragya put his coffee beside him.
He doesn't see it and accidentally puts his hand in and screams.
He yells and asks who put the hot coffee there.
Pragya responds but he doesn't hear her because he still has his earphones on.
She takes them out and tells him she did it.
He starts complaining and Pragya gives him an ointment to use for the burn.

Grandmother is organising the decorations.
Pami and Mitali are standing around.
Grandmother tells them to join in.
She sees Akash and tells him to help as well.
Akash says he will help and help Abhi too, as he is his new manager.
Grandmother asks who made him the manager.
Pami says Abhi himself made Akash the manager.

Abhi hugs grandmother from behind.
She tells him to leave her alone.
He says it's Alia's engagement so she shouldn't be like that.
Grandmother tells him to help out with the decorations.

Abhi climbs a ladder and it shakes as he tries to reach for the bowl of flowers.
Pragya tells him to be careful.
She takes the bowl closer to him and they argue over it.
Grandmother tells them to work together.

Pragya climbs the ladder and Abhi takes the bowl away from her.
She begs him to help her, as the ladder shakes.
Abhi says she made him burn his hand yesterday, so he will watch her fall today.
Grandmother sees them and begs Abhi to help Pragya as she is about to fall.
Abhi shakes the ladder and Pragya falls into his arms.
They stare at each other.

Abhi says no, and turns away from her looking at her.
He drops her and she groans in pain.
Grandmother is alarmed, she asks why he did that.
Abhi says she slipped out of his hand.
Grandmother tells him to pick her up.
Abhi pulls her by the hand and she m0ans in more pain.
Grandmother tells him to take her to the room and give her painkillers.
Grandmother offers to call the doctor but Pragya says she will be fine.
He holds her hand and tries to pull her but she m0ans in pain.
Grandmother tells him to carry her
Abhi carries her and then asks if her back is sore.
He tells her to look at the stairs and says if his grandmother wasn't watching, he would have allowed her slip again.

He carries her to the room and dumps her on the bed, making her yell in pain again.
She asks why he dropped her and he says he wanted to know if she was really hurt.
She asks if he enjoys hurting people.
He says he wants her to be heartbroken but she doesn't have a heart.
Pragya says he's not a nice person
Abhi says he's nice to his family.
He gives her an ointment and takes it back when she tries to touch him.
He says he won't fall for her tricks anymore.
She begs him and he throws it.
Pragya wonders what tricks he keeps talking about.

Grandmother calls Abhi and asks if Pragya is okay.
He says he has given her enough medication.
Grandmother says she will go and check.

Alia meets Abhi and he complains that Pragya has won their grandmother over and if they don't stop it, she will control all of them.
Alia tells him not to worry as she has plans to expose Pragya at the engagement.

Sarla tells Bulbul to get ready but Bulbul says she doesn't want to go for the engagement.
Sarla says she has to go because she is a part of Pragya's family.

Abhi finds a shirt on his bed and Andy the designer calls him to ask if he likes the shirt
Abhi says he loves it.
Andy tells Abhi to make sure the shirt is not ironed, otherwise it will be ruined.
Abhi leaves she room and Pragya enters the room.
She sees the shirt and decides to iron it.
Abhi enters the room and sees his shirt ironed. He gets upset.
Pragya enters and says she saw it rumpled and decided to iron it.
Abhi says she has spoilt the designer shirt he wanted to wear for the engagement.
Pragya tells him to hold one end of the shirt and twist while she does same to the other end.
Abhi complains at first then he complies.
When Pragya untwists the shirt, Abhi is surprised it is back to the way it was originally.
He asks how she was able to do it.
Pragya says anyone who used to iron their clothes would know.
Abhi says Andy has used a simple technique to collect a lot of money for the shirt.
Pragya tells him to read more books and that he can get the same shirt in another store for much cheaper.
Abhi is impressed but tries not to show it.

Mitali is getting ready for the wedding. She complains to Raj that she has no new jewellery to wear.
Raj tells her to wear what she has.

Pami enters the room and Mitali starts to sing her praises.
Pami asks what she wants.
Mitali says she wants to borrow a set of jewellery.
Pami tells her to forget it as her jewellery is for a Akash's future bride; now that Akash is working for Abhi, he has fulfilled her wish but Mitali's husband has done nothing for the family.
Raj looks at her, sadly.

Abhi is ready for the engagement.
He enters the room as Pragya is putting on her earrings.
He asks for where he kept Purab's present.
Pragya gives it to him and says she helped him wrapped it as it's not good to give a gift unwrapped, it will seem like he's trying to flash his money
He asks why she keeps relating everything to money.
Pragya asks why he keeps getting things wrong.
Abhi says he doesn't understand her and she could have just told him she wanted to wrap the gift.
He takes it from her and asks if she wanted him to thank her.
Pragya asks who fixed his shirt.
He says he knows and she shouldn't brag.
Pragya says she's not trying to brag, she just wants to help him.
He asks if she wants to help him or fool him.
She tries to touch his shirt but he jumps back, telling her not to touch him.
Pragya tells him to go on looking like a crown then.
Abhi tells her she's the clown and she should look at her clothes.
Pragya looks and sees a large tear in her saree.

Suresh is at home, thinking.
Madvhi asks if he's thinking what she's thinking.
She says they can't let Rachna spend her life alone, when she has the baby, no man will want to marry her and what will their neighbours say when they return to their home.
Rachna enters the room and says they don't have to go back.
She says she won't get married and she will take care of her child alone.
She tells Suresh that she wants to return to the course she was studying, so she can complete it and teach.
Madvhi asks what she will be teaching.
Rachna says she will teach other women not to make the same mistakes she made and she will teach them how to empower themselves.
Suresh says he's proud of her and will talk to the college about getting her admitted.

Abhi goes downstairs complaining about Pragya's clothes.
His grandmother stops him and asks why he's looking like a clown.
He looks confused and she tells him to go and look in the mirror.
Abhi looks in the mirror and sees his collar is funny, so he adjusts it.
Grandmother asks if he was talking badly about Pragya again
Abhi says he loves her.
Grandmother says his cousins are coming and they haven't met Pragya yet, so he needs to be on his best behaviour.
Abhi says he and Pragya tease each other a lot but they love each home other.
Grandmother says love should be visible.

Pragya comes downstairs is a different outfit and Abhi seems impressed.
Pragya sees he has adjusted his collar and thinks to herself that he has done what she wanted.
Abhi says he did what grandmother wanted, so he won't thank her.
Pragya is surprised he knew what she was thinking.

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