Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 21

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Pragya picks up her things from the road and puts them in her bag then, she runs off the road.
Abhi doesn't get a chance to see her face.

He gets to where Raj and the kids are.
Raj says a woman tried to kidnap them.
Abhi asks why he allowed her get away.
A crowd of fans gather and Abhi says they have to go.
In the car, Abhi asks his nephew to describe what the woman looked like.
The nephew describes her as a monster with long hands and huge ears.
Abhi asks his niece if she knows the woman's name.
The niece gives a funny name.

The matchmaker tells Abhi's grandmother that the priest called her and says the woman whose birth chart matches with Abhi's wedding has been called off.
Grandmother says it's a sign.
The matchmaker says the girl wears glasses and that's why so many families rejected her.
Grandmother says it's a silly reason to reject someone over.
She asks for the name and the matchmaker says its Pragya.
Grandmother says it seems she knows her and it must be fate.
She tells the matchmaker to get her a photo of Pragya.

Bulbul is crying by the side of the road.
She gets a call from Purab and asks him why he said he loved her when his marriage has already been arranged to someone else.
Puran wonders how she knew.
Bulbul says she came to his house and overheard him and the woman talking.
Purab asks for a chance to explain but Bulbul says she never wants to see or hear from him again.
She ends the call.

Aliya is driving home and remembering all the hurtful things Purab told her about loving someone else.

The matchmaker is in Pragya's house.
She tells the family that she found someone for Pragya to marry and she can't tell them much till they accept the proposal but all she can say is that Pragya will have a wealthy life.
Pragya's grandmother says they don't care about wealth, they care more about moral values.
The matchmaker says the family requested for Pragya's photograph.

Rachna comes to the house and says she came to pick up a few things.

Pragya takes her inside and asks if they are leaving town.
Rachna says they've decided to stay in the town. They will stay with Suresh for a while till the can find a bigger place.

Pragya's grandmother gives the matchmaker Pragya's photograph.
The matchmaker asks for Bulbul's birth chart so she can also find her a match.

Bulbul arrives just then.

Grandmother says Bulbul will never agree to an arranged marriage as she believes in marrying someone she loves.
Bulbul says she doesn't love anyone and she will agree to whomever her mother chooses for her.
Sarla tells Purvi to get Bulbul's birth chart.

The matchmaker takes the photo to Abhi's grandmother
Abhi's grandmother is very happy that it is the same Pragya.
She starts to wonder how she will convince Abhi to marry her.
Aliya is walking past the room.
Grandmother calls her to come and see the girl she is choosing for Abhi to marry.
Aliya says she's not interested in seeing who Abhi wants to marry.
Grandmother shows her the photo anyways.
Aliya is shocked to see it's Pragya.
She says Grandmother can't be serious about such a girl who tried to cause trouble for their family.
Grandmother says she knows and Pragya was right about what she said because Akash was wrong.

Aliya goes to her room, upset about what she just discovered.
She vows to teach Pragya a lesson.

Pragya's grandmother tells Purvi to make a list of all the men Pragya must have liked.

Pragya enters the living room and Grandmother tells Purvi to hide the list.

Pragya tells Purvi to take some papers to Suresh.
She tells grandmother that the list contains the documents Suresh used to transfer money in Bulbul's name.
Grandmother tells her to send the papers back because they don't need anything from Suresh.

Raj's wife goes to her mother in law to ask if she has heard from Raj and the children.
Pami asks why she doesn't call to find out.
She says she ran out of call credit.

The children arrive and Pami berates Raj for allowing the children go missing.
Abhi assures her the children are safe now.
Pami tells Raj that she can't believe how useless he is.
He walks away.

Bulbul is in the kitchen, lost in her thoughts as she is trying to cook.
Pragya sees her and says she looks like she caught Purab with another woman.
Bulbul starts to cry and Pragya says she was only joking.
Bulbul says Purab was really flirting with another woman. She caught him when she went to his house.
Pragya says when she met him, he seemed genuine.
Bulbul says he's not.
Pragya begs to see his messages.
Bulbul shows her and in the messages, Purab is begging for a chance to explain what happened.
Pragya tells Bulbul to give him a chance to explain because sometimes, things are not what they seem.
She says she doesn't want her to go through the same pain she went through.

Abhi meets Aliya crying in her room. He asks what the problem is.
Aliya says Purab cheated on her and is having an affair with another woman. She shows him the photo of Purab and Pragya.

Abhi says the woman in the photograph is the one who keeps troubling him.
Aliya says the woman is having an affair with Purab but still sending out marriage proposals.
Abhi says he doesn't understand.
Aliya says Pragya is the person their grandmother wants him to marry.
She breaks down and Abhi consoles her.

Purab is at home, when he gets a phone call.
He picks and it's Abhi.
Abhi orders him to come to his place right away.
Purab is worried about the tone of Abhi' voice but tells himself it is good thing Aliya must have told him because he was bound to tell Abhi at a point.

Purab walks into Abhi's house.
Aliya begs Abhi to take it easy as she still loves Purab.
They come down the stairs and see Purab.

Abhi tells Purab that Aliya is begging for him because she loves him.
He says she just told him something and he doesn't want to believe it because he trusts Purab more than his own brothers and entrusts all his finances in his care.
Purab says something has indeed happened.

The entire family is gathered and watching.

Abhi urges Purab to tell Aliya that she's mistaken and he loves her.
He tells Purab to tell her she's wrong.
Purab says she's telling the truth.
The entire family is shocked.
Pami is watching and smiling.

Abhi turns to look at him.
Purab says he's sorry, he didn't meant to hurt Aliya and he doesn't know when he fell in love with the other woman.

Abhi turns and gives Purab a slap which sends him to the ground.
He picks him up and gives his another slap.
Abhi asks why he saved him from other boys as child? why did he do his homework for him? Why did he abandon his own business to help him out?
With each question, he gives Purab a slap.

He says if Purab hasn't helped him so much in the past, he would have done to him, what he does to traitors.
He holds Purab by the throat and says he knows he only trusts 3 people in his life, Grandmother, Alia and Purab so why did he now go and betray his sister.
Raj and Aliya go to Abhi to stop him from choking Purab.
Aliya stands in from of Purab so Abhi can't touch him.
She says she loves him.
Purab tells her to leave Abhi, as he deserves what Abhi is doing to him.
Abhi holds him by the throat again and starts to choke him.
Aliya and Raj pull him away.

Aliya sees Purab is bleeding, so she rushes to get cotton wool to clean it.
She tells Purab that he is free to make his own decisions; she wasn't in love when Abhi made the decision that they should get married but during the past year, she fell in love and will always love him.

Abhi goes to Purab and says he was his best friend and he's doing this to his sister.
He asks if he even knows the girl he is in love with because she just wants his money.
Purab says they can say whatever they want to him but they shouldn't say anything about the girl.
Aliya tells Purab that his girlfriend has sent a marriage proposal to every single man.
Abhi says Purab used to be the one who shielded him from girls who wanted just his money and now Purab is marrying one of such women.
Purab says it's not true, the girl is not like that.

Abhi tells Purab it's over.
He drags him outside and warns him to stay away from Aliya and his family.

Aliya comes outside to plead with Abhi but Abhi drags her back inside with him.

Pami asks the servant to get her some juice and to get for everyone too because she is very happy today.

As the servant walks away, a canned drink he has hidden, falls from him pocket.

Pami picks it up and tells him to have it and another if he wants
Her husband asks if she's okay, since she didn't scold the servant for stealing.
Pami says she's very happy because Abhi finally threw Purab out of his life and now they can have all they want.
She says Abhi refused to employ Raj as his secretary but now that Purab is out of the way, Raj will work with Abhi and they will have access to anything they want.

Pragya tells Sarla to lie down in bed then she gives her some drugs.
Sarla looks very ill and weak.
Pragya tries to tell her a funny story but Sarla looks sad and uninterested.
Pragya reminds her that the priest said she will get married soon, so she shouldn't still be worried.

Bulbul comes in and Pragya tells her to give their mother her juice.

Pragya runs out of the room to cry.

Bulbul offers Sarla juice.
Sarla doesn't respond.
Bulbul lies down next to her on the bed and cries.

Pragya prays to God to help her mother.
Bulbul's phone rings and Pragya answers it.
Purab tells her to listen.
Pragya says she is not Bulbul and she wants him never to bother her sister again.

Purab begs her and says he needs one last chance to talk to Bulbul, to explain things and she doesn't know what he has gone through this last week.
He says he really loves Bulbul and wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

Pragya agrees to convince Bulbul to hear him out.

Aliya goes to Abhi and asks why he hit Purab like that.
Abhi says he trusted Purab more than anyone in the world but he betrayed him.
Aliya says it's not Purab's fault but the woman's fault; she has s£duced Purab and manipulated their grandmother.
She says they can't allow the woman ruin them; Abhi has to do something to please their grandmother and also make it possible for her to be able to marry Purab.
She shocks Abhi by saying he will have to marry the woman.
Abhi says he can't do it; the same woman who hurt his family.
He says he can't forgive her and instead he wants to kill her.
Aliya says if he kills her, Purab will hate her and she will not forgive him for it.

She reminds him that he was the one who made her fall in love with Purab and he assured her that Purab will marry her.
She starts crying and says she listened to him but now look at what his best friend has done to her.
Abhi begs her to stop crying, saying he will find someone who is 10 times better than Purab.
Aliya says she can't love anyone else. She loves Purab and he's her first love.
Abhi gets upset and punches the door asking her what she wants him to do.

Aliya says she wants Purab back in her life and it will only be possible if the woman leaves him alone and the woman will only leave him if she finds someone wealthier than Purab and that person is Abhi.

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