Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 18

3 years ago

Suresh insists he will marry Pragya.
Arvint says by dragging her into a loveless marriage, he is denying her true love because someone somewhere is meant for her.

Aliya meets Abhi playing his guitar.
She says she never expected his stupid songs will become popular.
Abhi says he knew he would make it and that Purab will manage his business and he would have to worry about what happened to her because he would be able to provide anything she needs.
Aliya says he's a rock star and she loves him.

Abhi looks out of the window and points to the poor side of town. He asks if she remembers when they lived there
She says she remembers but doesn't miss it.

Aliya says he has taught her to fight for what you want in life and if anyone tries to take your happiness, you fight for it.

Purab is in bed, he is thinking if he should tell Aliya that he can't marry her.
He decides he that he will have to tell her the truth.

Aliya tells Abhi that she has decided to fight for what she wants.
Her phone starts ringing and it's Purab.
She shows Abhi the phone and says she wants Purab.
Abhi tells her to take the call.

She takes the call and Purab says he wants to see her. She says she's listening but he says it can't be over the phone.

Suresh tells Arvint that not everyone can have everything; some have friendship and love but he has just friendship and he will accept it like that.
He says Pragya is the one for him and he will marry her.

Sweety, who is still listening by the door, vows not to make the marriage happen.

Arvint says he's hungry and Suresh suggests they go and eat at Pragya's.

Sweety hides as they come out. When they leave, she enters the room to drop the cooler and to see if there is anything she can find on the girl Suresh is in love with.
She looks out of the window and sees Dimpi the tailor. She concludes she must be the one.

Suresh and Arvint are at Pragya's house.
Bulbul tells Suresh to tell them whose henna designs are better between her and Pragya.
Suresh says its Pragya's.
Bulbul says he's just saying it because he is marrying Pragya.
Suresh admits that he is marrying Pragya and as such he should choose her.

Purab arives at the office and he is told that there is someone waiting for him inside his personal office.
He is happy, thinking it is Bulbul but he enters his office and sees it's Aliya.

Aliya tells Purab he's a liar and cheat; she never thought he'd go this far.
She asks how he can spend so much time in her office and when will they spend time together.
Purab doesn't respond when she holds him.
She asks why he's so shy.
She brings out a traditional shirt she bought for him and wants him to try it on but he tells her to just stop it.
He says they don't really know themselves since she just got back and he needs time; it's too soon.
She asks what he's trying to say.
He says he can't talk in the office; he will see her later.
She gets upset and tells him to take his time.
She leaves the office.

Purab gets a call from Bulbul. He says he needs to talk to her.
She says she will be at the office soon.

Purab tells himself that he will manage his friendship and his love.
Once he can convince Aliya, he will be able to talk to Abhi.

Grandmother and Abhi are in the car.
She tells him about getting married again.
Abhi is tired.
She sees a temple and tells the driver to stop so she can pray for Abhi.
When she gets down, Abhi prays for God to bless his grandmother with health and forget about him.

Pragya and Purvi are in the market across the road from the Temple.
Abhi's grandmother sees them.

Pragya hears a burger seller shouting at a little boy who does not have enough money to pay for his burger.
She tells the man to stop shouting and pays for the boy's burger.

Abhi s grandmother is impressed and decides it may be God who wanted them to meet today.

She approaches Pragya and says she wants her to meet someone. She begs her to wait.

Abhi is talking to Aliya on the phone about suing the girl who tried to ruin him in front of the press.
Aliya says she will handle it.

Grandmother enters the car and calls Abhi to follow her down, so she can introduce him to someone.
He follows her but as they get inside the market, a crowd mobs Abhi.

Pragya sees him but doesn't see his grandmother because the crowd is covering her.

Purvi tells Pragya that they need to go because it is getting late.
Pragya says she wants to wait for the old lady.
They wait but Purvi keeps insisting they leave.
Pragya reluctantly agrees.

As soon as they leave, Abhi and his grandmother break away from the crowd and she is disappointed when she doesn't see Pragya.

Sweety sees Suresh and Dirbi talking on the street and concludes she's the one he's in love with.

Tanu and Aliya are having drinks at a restaurant.
Tanu asks Aliya why she looks worried.
Aliya says she believes Purab has a girlfriend. She says she needs to know because all the while in Australia she never looked at another man.
She says if she finds there is a girl, she won't spare Purab.
Tanu asks if she has checked his office.
Aliya says his aunt doesn't say anything and she just protects him. She says she doesn't want to tell Abhi yet because he will kill Purab but if she finds out he's really seeing someone then she will tell Abhi.

Purab goes to look out the window but Bulbul hasn't arrived. He's thinking of calling her when she enters.
He says he wants to discuss something important.
Bulbul says she wants to introduce him to someone.
She brings Pragya in and introduces her as her sister, then she tells him that Pragya wants to talk to him a bit.

Bulbul leaves them and goes outside to the parking lot.

Suresh calls Bulbul and asks if Pragya is with her.
Bulbul says Pragya is fine and she's busy.

A car arrives and hits Bulbul's scooter.
Bulbul shouts at the driver for hitting her scooter.
Aliya comes out of the car and hands her money for the damage.
Bulbul says she not a beggar.
Aliya puts the money in her hand and tells her to fix it and get a new outfit.
When Aliya walks away, Bulbul puts the money on the windshield of her car.

Purab tells Pragya that he's been through hardships and he's in love with Bulbul.
Pragya says she is happy they met and she is protective of Bulbul.

Aliya enters and overhears Pragya saying that she will give him her consent for the wedding.

Aliya thinks she was right; Purab is seeing someone.
She tells herself that Pragya looks familiar but can't remember where she knows her from. She takes a photo of Pragya.
She doesn't allow them see her and she quietly sneaks away.

Bulbul comes back to the office and asks Pragya if she spoke to Purab and how it went.
Pragya pretends to be upset at first then she tells Bulbul that she loves Purab and she sees him as an honest man.
Bulbul asks if he's better than Suresh.
Pragya says he's better than anyone except Suresh.

Bulbul rushes to the office and hugs Purab. She tells him that he passed the test.
Purab says she needs to listen.
Bulbul says she has to go because Pragya gave her only 2 minutes to come and talk to him.

Aliya gets home and asks Akash's mother for Abhi.
She says she doesn't know; he might be with some clients.
Aliya looks at the photo again and recognises Pragya as the lady who spoke to the press about Abhi.
She says he's friends with their family's biggest enemy.
She tries to call Abhi but doesn't get through.
She vows to show Pragya and teach her a hard lesson.

At home Pragya sees Bulbul daydreaming and she tries to get her attention.
Bulbul says she was just looking at the stars.
Pragya says there are no rules and if she wants to get married first she should say and she will tell mother.
Bulbul tells her to keep the secret from their mother.
Sarla enters the room and asks what secret Bulbul is keeping from her.
Bulbul says there is no secret.
Pragya says the secret is that Pragya has given up her Europe tour.
Sarla asks if Bulbul is feeling well.

Pragya tells Sarla to relax on the bed so she can give her a foot massage.
Pragya begs her mother to take better care of herself as she works too hard.
Sarla says shen she has her own daughters, she will understand.
Bulbul and Pragya cuddle with their mother in bed.

In the morning, Sweety looks out of the door to the street and sees Suresh walking behind Dimpi.
Dimpi's scarf is dragging on the floor and Suresh calls her attention to it.

Sweety concludes for sure that Dimpi is the one Suresh is in love with.
Kabir asks her who she is spying on now.
Sweety says she discovered something, Suresh is is love with a beautiful woman. She says Kabir will not understand.
Kabir warns her not to meddle in any one's life.
He leaves and Sweety tells herself that she has to find a way to let everyone know that Suresh and Dimpi are in love.

Aliya is worried. She knows if she tells Abhi the truth, she will lose Purab forever so she decides it's best to talk to Purab.

Purab comes to see Aliya.
She brings the shirt she got for him again and starts to talk about how it will look good on him.
Purab tells her to stop because he needs to tell her something.
She asks if what he wants to say is that he is in love with someone else and wants to get married to the person.
Purab asks how she knows.
She says he's always fidgety around her and he avoids the situation; she's not a fool and understands long distance relationships can create problems but she is back now and he has to throw the girl he had a fling with, out of his life.
Purab says it's not a fling, he's madly in love with the girl and can't throw her out of his life.

Pragya goes to a jewelry shop. Sarla calls her on the phone and tells her to pick a nice bracelet.
Pragya complains everything is expensive.
Sarla says it's been paid for.

Abhi enters the same shop and he's on the phone with grandmother who says she already ordered something and he should pick it up.
he wonders if he should get Aliya a bracelet.
Grandmother says he seems to be ready for marriage because it looks like he now understands women and she can't wait to buy a bracelet for his future wife.

Pragya is at the opposite end of the store. She asks for the wedding necklace her mother ordered.
An attendant in the middle of the store says she should come for the wedding necklace.
Pragya turns to go and Abhi thinks it's the necklace his grandmother ordered so he also turns to go.
The necklace falls from the attendant, t the floor.
Pragya and Abhi bothe bend down to pick it up.
Abhi picks it and places it in her hand.
She is about to thank him when they look at each other with recognition.
They both try to move at the same time and bump heads.
Abhi asks if she an't see him.
Pragya says she can ask him the same thing.

Some customers see them together and conclude that all the things Pragya said about him on TV was a mere publicity stunt.

Abhi tells her that she is being associated with him and he wonders why he keeps running into her.
Pragya says maybe it's fate punishing her for something she must have done.
He tells him to always announce where he is going to be next so she can avoid the place because she is not interested.
Abhi says now he is interested in changing her destiny.
He turns around and walks out of the store.

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