Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 17

3 years ago

Purab arrives at Abhi's and he tells him to go upstairs to the room; he has a present for him.

Purab goes up to the bedroom and he sees Aliya.
Aliya and Purab are shocked to see one another.
She says she wanted to surprise him but she's been calling and he's not answering.

Abhi enters the room and says he wanted to surprise them both.
He says it's been as year and Purab has to take care of Aliya because he can't take care of her anymore.

There is a flashback of the day Aliya left for Australia one year ago. Purab was fighting with her about the kind of clothes she was packing.
Abhi enters the room and asks Purab if he will marry his sister
Purab and Aliya protest but in the end, Purab agrees.
Aliya too agrees to marry him when she returns from Australia.

In the present, Aliya complains to Abhi that Purab hasn't been taking her calls and she's sure he's been hooking up with other girls.
Abhi says he trusts his friend and if Purab promised to marry her, he won't go back on his word.

Grandmother enters the room and Abhi tells her that it should be Aliya and Purab getting married.

Aliya hugs Purab and says she missed him a lot.
His phone starts to ring and it's Bulbul.
He answers the call and Bulbul says she's missing him.
Purab tells her that he will call her back.

Sarla is crying and the room is being turned upside down.
Pragya arrives home and Sarla says her jewellery and money are gone.
She says all the jewellery she bought for Pragya and Bulbul have been stolen along with 150 Thousand she has been saving for Bulbul.

Suresh arrives and says the wardrobe wasn't broken into, so it means someone in the house did it.
Sweety says it was Madvhi who locked the door, so she was careless about it. She keeps going on and on about the pain Madvhi's mistake has cost the family.
Pragya tells her it's okay.

Bulbul suggests the police but Sarla says she does not want to involve the police.
Pragya and Suresh convince her that it is best to involve the police.

Pragya and Suresh get outside and Pragya says they saved all that money and now she can't let Bulbul become her mother's responsibility.
Suresh assures her that they will fix it.

Inside the house,Sweety says it's a sign that Suresh and Pragya shouldn't get married; all their savings are gone and they don't have any more money for the wedding, so they should just call it off.
Kabir berates her and tells her to be quiet.

Grandmother asks Aliya about having her wedding in the village.
Aliya says she wants a palace wedding.
Grandmother says Purab is a simple man and wouldn't want that type of wedding.
Purab enters the room and Grandmother suggests they ask him.
Abhi says there is no need, Purab made him a promise 10 years ago. He says he will make is sister's wedding the grandest one ever; it will be in Mumbai and all his friends will attend.

Purab is listening without saying a word. He doesn't want to hurt Abhi.

In the middle of the night, Sweety is still planning how to make more things go wrong so that the wedding doesn't take place.
She goes to her box and all the jewelry and money is hidden inside.
She plans go take the jewelry to a dealer who will change the designs.
She wakes her son up and orders him to take the parcel to their house.
The boy complains it's a late hour but she insists it's urgent.
He says he will do it in the morning.

Next day, Suresh takes his bank statements to Pragya and says half of the savings is in Rachna's name and the other is in Bulbul's name.
Pragya protests but Suresh insists he wants to do it, to relieve her and Sarla of the burden..

Tanu and Aliya enter the house.
Aliya begins to make plans for her wedding to Purab.
She begs tanu to agree to something and Tanu agrees she will do it.
Aliya is very excited and says she knew she could count on her friend.
Abhi is in the room, playing his guitar.

Bulbul sneaks into a room and calls Purab. He says he wants to see her.
Sarla enters the room and Bulbul hides the phone.
Afterwards, she returns the call.

Aliya looks for Purab and sees him on the phone. She asks Abhi if Purab is talking to another woman.
Abhi says he's probably talking to one of his own fans or he's working.
Tanu gets jealous when Abhi mentions his fans and Abhi assures her that he is crazy about her otherwise, she would be talking to Purab too instead of being with him.

Pragya takes the phone from Bulbul.

Abhi takes the phone from Purab.

Abhi says hello and Pragya says her name is Pragya.
Abhi says Purab is busy and will give her a call later.

Pragya tells Bulbul that the person said her boss is busy and will talk to her later.

Purab takes the phone back from Abhi and Abhi says he likes the name Pragya.

The wedding vendors are at Sarla's house. They are making plans for Suresh and Praya's wedding.
The caterer and florist are taking instructions from Sarla and Grandmother.

A tailor also arrives to take measurements.
Sarla tells her to take Pragya's measurements first, since she's the bride.
The tailor gets upset when Bulbul and Purvi call her Aunty. She lets them know she is not much older than them and they tease her.

Kabir goes into the room to get the wedding bangles that Grandmother asked him for.
He sees the bag of jewelry that Sweety hid in her box.
She rushes in and takes the bag from him and he asks why she stole from his sister.
Sweety says Suresh took the hall from them and as such, he will be punished.
Kabir says he can't allow her punish his niece.

They turn and sees Suresh watching them.
Kabir gives him the jewelry and tells him to return everything and tell everyone what Sweety had done.
Suresh says it won't be good to just humiliate Sweety and upset everyone.
He suggests they keep it a secret and find a way to put everything back later.

He leaves the room and sees Pragya.
She overheard everything so she thanks him for being to thoughtful.
He says she gave up her job for him so what he is doing is nothing compared to what she has done.

Pragya and Rachna are in a taxi, in traffic.
A little girl sells a red heart balloon to Pragya.

The balloon flies out of the taxi and lands in front of Abhi's car.
He takes it and wonders whose it is. He decides to keep it.

Purab holds Bulbul's pendant and remembers his love for her and the promise he made to Abhi that he will marry Aliya.
He brings out a pendant Abhi gave hi and remembers the day Abhi gave it to him 10 years ago. Abhi made his first money from a record deal and he gave Purab the money to start his own business. He also gave took the pendant from his neck and gave it to Purab.

Purab is now confused as to what to do. He loves Bulbul but he made a promise to Abhi.
He looks at both hands, one with the pendant from Bulbul and the other from Abhi.
He asks himself what is more important to him, love or friendship? Who does he choose?

The henna artist is working on Pragya.
Sarla enters the room and says she needs to send dinner to Suresh.
Bulbul says she will take it.

Bulbul runs into Sweety in the living room and begs her to take the dinner to Suresh because she needs to get her henna tattoo done.
Sweety tries to protest but Bulbul gives her the cooler and runs off.
Sweety tries to give it to Purvi's mother but she is busy.

Pragya sees a message arrive on Bulbul's phone saying 'I love you'. She wonders who the message is from and sees it's from Purab.

Bulbul enters the room and Pragya says it seems the wish she made the other day made her dream come true.
She asks if Bulbul is hiding something from her.
Bulbul says it's true,what she wished for has come true, it started at work....
She says they are in love.
Pragya says it's her turn to tease Bulbul the way Bulbul has been teasing her.

Pragya tells Bulbul to be careful as not everyman can be like Suresh.
Bulbul says she likes Purab and no man can be like Sureh but he's a nice guy.
Pragya says she wants to meet him.
Bulbul says being in love is such a nice feeling.
Pragya hugs her and says all their dreams are coming true.

Arvint sees Suresh looking worried.
He tells him that what he's doing is not right and if Pragya finds out later that he doesn't love her, it won't be fair.
He urges him to tell Pragya that he doesn't love her.

Sweety who has just arrived with the dinner, overhears them from outside the door and the cooler falls from her hand.
She picks it up and hides.

Suresh and Arvint rush to the door and they don't see anyone, so they go back inside.

Suresh tells Arvint that he loves Pragya.
Arvint asks why he transferred money to Bulbul's account then.

He tells him not to make such a mistake as to marry Pragya when he's in love with someone else. He asks why he is making such a sacrifice; she will be heartbroken when she finds out he doesn't love her.

Sweety tells herself that she now has something on Suresh.

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