Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 16

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Akash's mum wakes Aliya up saying the journalists are around and they want to see Abhi and who is refusing to go and see them.

Aliya goes to meet Abhi.
She meets him feeding their grandmother and complains that he is ignoring the reporters who are outside waiting for him.
Abhi says Grandmother needs him.
Aliya says Grandmother is fine. She asks Grandmother if she is fine.
Grandmother looks tired but agrees she's fine.
Abhi gives tells her to take her juice first, then he will go and meet the reporters.

Abhi gets outside and the reporters ask if he really covered up his brother's deceit.
Aliya doesn't allow Abhi speaks. She does so on his behalf, saying the issue is not with Abhi but with Akash and the girl. She says the girl just involved Abhi because he's a rockstar and she is sure that if they give the girl money, she will change her tune.

The reporters accept Aliya's statement and leave.

Aliya tells Abhi that he can't spare the middle class girl for what she did to him in the media.

Abhi's grandmother's friend comes to visit.
Grandmother tells her to help find a wife for Abhi; she wants Abhi to get married to a nice girl from a decent family and she doesn't care if she's rich or poor.
The friend agrees to help look for a girl,
Grandmother tells her not to mention that it's Abhi to the family of the girl because the girls will jump at the opportunity to marry Abhi.
She tells her to say the person is Abhishek, which is his real name.

Akash's mother and Abhi's sister in law overhear what Grandmother's is telling her friend.
Akash's mother vows not to allow it happen and plans to find a girl she can control for Abhi to marry.

Sarla's brother, Kabir, comes to visit with his family.
They give everyone gifts.
Sarla informs them that they are planning a wedding.
Kabir's wife, Sweety, says she thought Sarla was still upset with them over the issue of the wedding hall because they weren't invited to Pragya's engagement.
Sarla says she informed Kabir but he said he wouldn't be able to make it.
Kabir looks uncomfortable.

Sweety asks Pragya who she will be marrying.
Suresh enters and Sweety remembers him as the guy who spoilt their plans to get the wedding hall.
Sarla introduces him as Pragya's husband to be and Sweety is not happy.

Sweety is in the room, packing up her bag.
Kabir asks what's wrong.
Sweety says she can't believe Suresh is the man Pragya is marrying and bringing into the family and she won't be attending the wedding.
Kabir gets upset and says he has always listened and pandered to her way, she made him move away from his family to go and live near her family but he won't allow her spoil Pragya's plans. He says this is his own family and Sweety will support whoever pragya wants to marry. t

Rachna and Madvhi go to see a priest with Pragya and Suresh's birthcharts.
The priest informs them that Pragya and Suresh are not a good match and Suresh will have problems with his health and career, if he marries her.
Rachna is not bothered by what he said but Madvhi looks very worried.
Rachna asks what a good day will be for the wedding.
The priest says in 5 days but he won't advise them to go ahead with the wedding.

Rachna and Madvhi walk home and Rachna says they forgot Pragya's birthchart with the priest.
They get home and stand outside, discussing what the priest said.
Sweety overhears them.
Rachna still wants the wedding to go on but Madvhi is worried.

Grandmother's friend calls the same priest that Rachna and Madvhi visited.
She tells him to help her find a good girl and match her birthchart with Abhi's birthchart.

The priest sends his assistant to go and bring Abhi's birthchart and also any of the female birth charts that are available.

The assistant picks Pragya's birth chart and tells the priest that he found a perfect match. The match is 35 out of 36 for Abhi and Pragya.
The priest asks him why he brought Pragya's chart.
The assistant says the chart was close to Abhi's and they match.
The priest says Pragya is already getting married to someone even though she is not a match for that person.

Sweety goes to inform Sarla and the family that Rachna and Madvhi are keeping a secret from them about Pragya and Suresh's birth charts. She says Suresh will face a lot of problems in his career and health if they get married.

Sarla is almost in tears.
Madvhi comes home and says the priest has given them a date 5 days from now for the wedding.

Sarla asks her if the priest really said Pragya and Suresh shouldn't get married.
Madvhi is shocked.

Pragya asks if she is scared that Suresh will have problems if he marries her.
Madvhi says Pragya has done too much for them and they can't call off the wedding.
Pragya says she can't marry someone just to thank them and if Madvhi really feels worried about Suresh, she should let her know.
Madvhi says she's worried about Suresh's career and his health but she wants the wedding to go on.
Pragya says she can't marry Suresh in that kind of situation.
Sarla gasps.

Pragya goes to her mother and tells her that if marrying Suresh is going to cause problems for him, it wouldn't be right to still go ahead with it.
She says she loves Suresh and wouldn't want anything to happen to him in the future.
Pragya tells Madvhi that she will accept whatever she decides.

They turn to see Suresh standing there.
Suresh says Pragya has said her bit and it's now his mother's turn. He urges Madvhi to tell Pragya that she wants her as a daughter in law and wouldn't want to lose her to some superstition.
He says he knows his mother wants him to marry a good woman and if she changes her mind now, she will be no different from Akash's mother.
Madvhi says the birth charts are important and they help.
Suresh says in Rachna's case they didn't consider birth charts and now in his case, she is bringing it up.
He says he and Pragya will face their problems as a couple.
Madvhi apologises.
Kabir tells Madvhi that if there is a problem in future, they will go and see a priest to fix it.
Everyone is happy.

The priest is now with Abhi's Grandmother and her friend.
He informs them that they found matches for Abhi but one that was perfect for him is marrying someone else and her chart was only used by accident.

Everyone is looking at Sarees in the house.
Kabir says the wedding is in 5 days so they need to start looking at other things.
Suresh enters and Madvhi tells him to take Pragya to go and get Sarees. She tells him to get a yellow one.
Sarla asks Bulbul to go with Pragya.

Sarla brings out sets of jewelries she bought for Pragya and Bulbul. She shows them to Madvhi, Sweety and Kabir.
Afterwards, she suggests they all go to the temple. She puts the jewelry in the wardrobe and her attention is called to the kitchen so she tells Madvhi to lock the wardrobe and join her.
Madvhi locks it up and puts the key under the duvet.

At the market. Abhi's Grandmother is buying Sarees.
They give her a red one and she says she wants the colour of vermillion.

Bulbul Pragya and Suresh arrive at the market.
Bulbul suggests they go into a saree shop.
Suresh says he wants to talk to his friend from the municipality and he will catch up with them later.

Bulbul sees Purab and tells Pragya that she will meet her later at the saree shop.

Abhi's grandmother sees the vermillion coloured saree and says it will look lovely on Abhi's bride.
She looks and sees Pragya. She is happy to see her and asks how Rachna is doing.
Pragya says she's fine.
Grandmother says she is really sorry about everything.
Pragha says it's not her fault.
As Grandmother is about to walk away, her saree hooks on Pragya's bag.
Pragya apologises and wants to unhook it.
Grandmother tells her to keep it.
Pragya says she can't but Grandmother insists and says it may just be fate.

Purab tells Bulbul that he's been trying to reach her.
Bulbul says she left her phone at home.
Purab says he doesn't know what he's doing; he needed to see her, his life has become so complicated.
Bulbul says her life has also become complicated.
Purab says he loves her and doesn't know when it started.
Bulbul says she doesn't love him.
He looks confused and hurt.
She smiles and says she loves him too.

Suresh sees Bulbul talking to Purab.
She sees him and tells Purab that she has to go.

Suresh asks her who Purab was and she lies.

Pragya sees a yellow saree she likes but it is too expensive.
The merchant tries to persuade her to buy it but she remembers that Suresh doesn't like to spend money on expensive things.
She sees him coming and she tells the merchant to take it away.
Suresh asks if she likes anything.
The merchant shows him the yellow saree.
Suresh asks how much it is.
The merchant says its 12000.
Suresh says they will take it.
Pragya is shocked.

Aliya asks grandmother why she called a matchmaker to the house.
Grandmother says she is Abhi's grandmother and she loves him very much.
Aliya says she can't just bring a random girl to marry him off to.
Grandmother tells her to find a girl for Abhi then.
Aliya says grandmother can't do that to Abhi.

Abhi enters the room and tells Aliya not to take to Grandmother like that.
Aliya says their grandmother wants him to marry someone she chooses.
Abhi says he loves Grandmother but he can't do that.
Aliya says she thought he would do anything for Grandmother.
Grandmother asks him if he will marry a girl she chooses for him.
Abhi relents and says okay he will do it.
Aliya is shocked.
Abhi tells her not to worry as he wouldn't do anything to hurt either of them.
He tells her to go and see a present he left for her in her room.
Aliya leaves and Abhi thinks to himself that he will have to do something he should have done a while ago.

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