'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2180 Recap - Aired: Thursday 30 November 2017

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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2180 Recap - Aired: Thursday 30 November 2017

Chuks and Shoshanna are in the studio with Shina.

They can't come up with a new concept for the photo shoot.
Shina says he wants to win the competition.
Shoshanna says she wants the pictures to have a purpose.

Shina and Chuks say they like the sound of that.
Charles tells Vicky to wait for him and he will join her.
Nero tells Charles that he has noted his concerns.

Charles asks if Nero would like a yes man in his position.
Nero tells him not to push it.
Charles says Tony is not worth it.
Nero says Charles wouldn't want to lose his job over that.

Charles says Nero wouldn't go that far.
Nero says Charles doesn't know how far he's willing to go.
Chuks suggests they make the concept about wild animals.

Sho asks if she will apply makeup on animals.
Chuks gets a call from his colleague at work.
He starts fake coughing.
He lies that he's not feeling well.
Dr. Gyang tells Sheila that he's only there because of her.

Sheila says Amaka wants to make amends with Dikibo.
Amaka tells him she's having a surprise party for Dikibo and wants him to help bring Dikibo t the party.

Dr. Gyang says it's just a desperate attempt for Amaka to bring Dikibo back under her wings and he refuses to be a party to it.
He walks out.

Tony is in the meeting room.
Nero comes in with Charles.
Charles tells Tony that he shouldn't have made assumptions about his character and dismissed him.

Nero thanks Charles and Charles leaves.
Tony thanks Nero for standing up for him.
Nero assures him that he has his back.
Dikibo and Dr Gyang are having a meeting.
la!de walks in and asks for a word with Dr. Gyang.

Dikibo excuses them.
la!de tells Gyang that she heard what he did to Amaka and he should forgive her for Dikibo's sake.

Gyang says Dikibo is not a child to be swayed by a party and he's better off without Amaka.
la!de says Amaka loves Dikibo and has owned her mistakes so she should be given a chance.
Dikibo returns and la!de walks out.

Chuks returns to the studio with snacks and drinks for Shina and Shoshanna.
Nnenna comes into the meeting room to ask if Tony has finished sorting the files

He says he's still on it.
She tells him to move aside and she starts to sort them herself.
She yelps and complains that she broke a nail and it's his fault.

He asks how.
Oris and Rhoda walk in.
Nnenna asks Tony if he took Charles' tablet because he has been looking for it.
Tony gives her a once over and walks out.
Rhoda asks Nnenna why she doesn't like Tony.
Nnenna says he's useless.

Oris says she doesn't like him.
Nnenna says she doesn't and she's not hiding the fact.
Dikibo and Gyang are having lunch.
Dr Gyang asks if Dikibo can follow him to a hotel he's interested in.

Dikibo tells him to just let him know when.
Gyang says they can leave right away.
Tessa and Mimi are in Ziggy's.
Tessa gets a phone call.

She tells Mimi that her editor wants her to write a piece on the Sheila Gardia issue but she doesn't want to do it.
Philip and Yaya are ready to leave for the party.

The therapist comes with a lady and she introduces her as Monica's new nurse.
Yaya goes inside to get Monica.
Philip asks the nurse if she has dealt with a
case like Monica's before.

The nurse says it's what she does
Monica comes out and the therapist introduces the nurse as Melissa who will become he new friend.

Monica says she doesn't need her.
Philip tells Monica that he and Yaya are going out and Melissa will take care of her.
Monica leaves for her room.

Philip gives he and Yaya's numbers to Melissa then they leave with the therapist.
Chuks' colleague comes to look for him at home.

He asks Ene how Chuks is feeling now.
Ene is surprised.
The colleague says he wants to see Chuks.
Ene says Chuks has an infection so he won't be able to see him.

Brenda is at the station with Sankey.
She tells Sankey to keep an eye on Serena because Chief is up to something.
Dr Gyang and Dikibo are in the hotel.
Dikibo says he likes it.

Gyang takes him into another room.
Amaka and the other guests are waiting.
The shout 'surprise!'

Dikibo asks what's going on.
Amaka says it's his birthday party.
Dikibo says she must be mistaken because his
birthday is months away.

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