Heart of a lucifer - Season 1 - Episode 2

1 year ago

I work at bitterleaf junction as a lab technician, I go to work every morning and return around four to sell drugs for my elder sister working at Okrika as a nurse, she do return every weekend and return back on Sunday evening. Am always alone selling drugs during the week and to tell you the truth I love it, don’t get over yourself when I say I love it.

The next day I dress up and went to work, when I get there I clean every where and sat down waiting for my colleague to come to work, her name is onyinyeche meaning Godsgift (my real name) she’s over than me so I don’t even think about getting closer. I respect myself and I don’t want to cross any boundary, our Boss Mr John always come to work in the evening after he close from his government work as a laboratory technician.

As I wait for my colleague and customer I on my data and saw some messages, one from Joie.
“So can you be sending me some stories?” She sent it yesterday immediately I went offline.
“I can’t send it personally but I have a group I send stories every morning” I replied even though she wasn’t online, but immediately the two line show then I know her data is on, after few minutes she came online and replied.
“Okay please add me to the group” she replied and our chat continue simultaneously.
“Okay, which one do you want, quiet or noisy one?”

“Add me to all of them?”
“No, you can only be added to one group” I said.

“Okay add me to the noisy one please” she replied.

“Okay, but when I add you get ready to introduce yourself and answer the questions they will ask you” I said.
“No wahala”

I add her to the group and then my admin started initiating her, she said she’s from Edo state and from owan east but base in Ibadan. I immediately quote her inside the group.
“So you are from the my local government?” I said.

“Oh cool, didn’t know you are from that side too” she quoted.

Our chat continue to flow like that, she had not even step inside her local government, she’s just know she’s from Afuze my own place.
From there on she continue to flow on the group and she always online to reply new comers, I fell for her confidence and high morale, and also I feel physically attach to anybody from my community.

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