Heart of a lucifer - Season 1 - Episode 3

1 year ago

“You are always online to welcome new comers, would you like to be admin?” I send a private chat to her.

“No, the wahala is too much, don’t have the time” she replied.

“But you are even more regular in the group than our admin, so how come you don’t want it?” I ask.

“Too much commitment, I saw the admin rules and I can’t stand it, maybe another time but not now when am preparing for my jamb” she said.
“Oh okay then, I wish you goodluck” I said.

“Thank you, but you too you are always online Na” she said.

“Yeah, being online limit me to type new stories” I said.

“Okay then, after my exam then” she said.

The next day, there was commotion in the group because of their competition but she settled it amicably even more than the admins so from there on they started calling her Mrs Ozila,
She became more popular than the admin and everybody want to chat with her, me seeing that if I can keep her by my side she can improve the group because she’s very jovial and friendly so I device a plan to befriend her more than our friendship.

“Hello Mrs Ozila” I send her a message.

I send her the message around twelve in the afternoon and she replied around six, seems like she was busy and she confirm it when she said her parents took her to Lagos for verification.

“Ha, abeg no let your wife catch me” she replied.

“Ha, and who told you am married?” I said.

“Nobody, I just assume” she said.

“Abeg no kill me, am a single guy” I said.

“Single? Like no girlfriend?”

“Yeah, am singuuuuular” i said drawing the word.

“Why Na, wetin happen? Fine bobo like you suppose get girlfriend Na” she said.

“Oh well, my girlfriend left me after” I said.

“According to her she said I don’t have her time again” I said.

“And is it true?”
“Yes, I guess” I said.

“Why don’t you have her time again?” She continue her question.

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