Tejumola - Season 1 - Episode 20

2 years ago

The room seemed tensed. I felt the earth
stoped revolving in its orbit, the
gravitational pull slacking its grip on me. I
tried not to move, cos I feared I might float.
She too returned my gaze, she tried to
shape out words but there was no sound.

She gave up trying to speak, she let her
tears flow freely instead.

“Maami…”I found my voice after much

As if suddenly drawn by a cord, Maria
rushed at me, locking me in a tight
motherly embrace.

“I’m sorry…”was all she could mutter as she

I swallowed hard. I saw the softness in her
eyes, the motherly love printed all over her
face. I wondered if she actually was my

“I never knew I would ever see you
again.”she whispered looking me all over


I tried to speak, but my tongue cleaved to
the roof of my mouth. I was so
overwhelmed by the love she was bestowing
on me. So I really mean something to her?
Maybe she never hated me, I was just been
naughty while I was younger.

“Thank God you’re alive.”she said softly,
hugging me.

“I’m sorry for what we did to you, please…”
“No..don’t”I stopped her

“Please forgive us.”she persisted.
“I didn’t hold any grudges against you, you
didn’t wrong me.”I wiped her tears.
“I love you my daughter, I really do.”she
hugged me for the tenth time.
“me too.”I forced a wry smile.
“what about Baami? Where’s he?”I asked
looking around.

Maria’s face dropped, she looked away.
“Maami?”I peered at her
she didn’t reply, she just shook her head

I turned to look at David who was watching
us all this while, he looked sad.

“What’s happening?”I whispered to myself.
Why were they all looking sad? I racked my

David took my hands gently squeezing

“You have to take heart.”his voice was low
“What heart should I take?”I was trying my
best to believe all was well.

“Your…I’m..sorry Teju,
he…he..passedaway…few months after you
disappeared.”He stammered.
“Just like that?”I heard myself say
“He suffered a stroke the day you left, and
was bedridden till he passed on two
month’s after.”David explained slowly,
tightening his grip.

I sighed slowly, I wanted to scream, but
couldn’t. How could he die just like that?
Without a word?

“So I’m responsible for his death!”Tears
blurred my vision.

“Teju, don’t talk like that.”Maria said

“He left without a word. Maybe he never
forgave me. Maybe he left full of pains and
hatred for me.”I reeled towards Maria.

She held me tight. I felt sweat trickling
down my face. I felt a pang of pain in my
head, I knew it came from my brain. My
eyes shut gently despite my efforts to keep
them open.

Everything was wrong with my body. I
screamed, my body shook convulsively. I
heard Eniola’s cry, David said something,
but their voices was distant, I was far-gone

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