Tejumola - Season 1 - Episode 21

2 years ago


I winced silently as I felt something pinch
my wrist, I must have had a long night, I

“Yes Doctor, this is the fifteenth bag of

I heard a female voice say.
“hmn, her pulse? Still normal?”a familiar
male voice asked her.

“no, its a bit faster Doctor.”the female voice

“Lemme check her heart beat.”
where the eff was I? Who did they give drip?
Whose pulse was a bit faster?

I felt something cold on my chest, I resisted
all temptations to open my eyes, I was to
lazy to do that.

“Yikes! Her heart beat is too fast!”the male
voice exclaimed.

Just then my eyes flew open, I took a quick
glance round me, I was on a hospital bed,
doing what? How did I get here?

A smallish woman was standing at my feet
in a white uniform, maybe she’s a nurse.
“Doctor?”she gasped pointing at me.
She looked visibly scared.
But why? Am i a ghost.
“oh my God!”a male voice exclaimed.
I turned to the direction, Dr Raymond was
standing there.

“What happened to ‘your God'”I snapped. I
was getting irritated by the way they were
staring at me like they’ve seen a ghost.
They didn’t reply, I made to sit up.
“Ouch!”drip needle got pulled away.
“What happened to…”

“We need to conduct some checks on her
quickly”Dr Raymond said trying to hold me.
“Take your hands off me jor!”I pushed his
hands away.

“What am I doing here?”I shrieked at them.
“Ask Mr David to come in.”Raymond told
the nurse.
“Oh Jeez!”David exclaimed as he marched
towards me.

“She’s awake? Oh my God!”he told the
doctor before hugging me.

“We thank God”he laughed looking me all
over, like what I don’t know.

“What happened?”I frowned at him.

“Baby we need not talk about that now…”
“I insist.”I snapped

“You’ve been unconcious for 7 day
now…”Dr Raymond began to explain.
“uhm?”I was getting more confused.
“You had a shock, convulsed, became
unconscious and…”he shrugged.
“I had a shock, convulsed, became
unconscious and…”I mimicked him.

David shook his head
“Mummy!”Eniola squealed rushing towards

“Lil’ cutie..”I hugged and kissed her.
“Mummy, I thought you won’t come back
again…I’ve been crying since o”she
snuggled at me.

“Mummy, don’t fall again you hear? Don’t
sleep that kind of sleep again, you
hear?”she rattled on.

“Kpele- sorry”I heard Maria’s voice.
How did she get here?

Just then, different episodes began to
dipslay before my mind’s eye.
I remembered been told my father was dead,
and…maybe that was how I got here.
“Maami…”I whispered as I hugged her, she
looked worn-out and lean. She shook as
she wept on my shoulders.

“I don’t think she’s strong enough to bear
such emotions.”Dr Raymond cautioned

“I’m sorry.”She pulled herself away from my

My head began to ache badly. So it’s true?
Very true that my father was gone! I now a
complete orphan.

My only asset was gone. I ran my fingers
through my cornrows.

“Don’t cry.”David dabbed some tears of my

I didn’t stand a chance to apologise to my
father for all the wrongs I did.
“young lady, due to your health condition,
you are not supposed to be …”Dr Raymond
began to say.

“Hold your peace!”I raised a hand
interrupting him.

“Do you know what it means to lose
someone dear to you?”I asked him slowly.
“I’m the reason why he died. He couldn’t
bear my absence. My Father loved me but I
failed him, now here am I…all alone…”
“Stop casting blames on yourself
please.”Maami patted my back.

“I wish.. I wish…”I sobbed as I hugged her.
“You are not alone, I’m here, as your
mother.”Maria told me slowly.

So she forgave me, after all I did to her..,.
“I’m here too..”David whispered
“mummy, me too!”Eniola sniffed, she’d been
crying too.
I shook my head slowly, I wished my father
would just appear and tell me he’s there for
me too…only his presence counts more
than anything…

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