The legend of the dragon king - Season 1 - Episode 73

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(The First Match of the Class Promotion Tournament!)

First grade’s class four teacher, Kong Hanwen, almost crooked his nose out of anger. ‘ This fellow’s level of arrogance is extraordinary!’

‘That’s right, so you’re strong. But what’s the big deal about the class of trash you’re teaching? Can their strength lead anywhere?’

“Seems like Teacher Wu is full of confidence! We shall see what happens on the stage then.” With sarcasm-laced words, Kong Hanwen beckoned to his own class and moved towards them.

Wu Zhangkong’s lips moved slightly, and Tang Wulin, who stood beside him, vaguely caught his words; Teacher Wu seemed to have spoken something unpleasant…
At this moment, Director Long Hengxu walked towards the tournament platform.
“Today’s Class Promotion Tournament has started. We begin with the match between the first grade’s class five and the first grade’s class four. Teacher Wu Zhangkong, have you confirmed the number of participants from your class?”

The Class Promotion Tournament for lower grades were normally not as popular. As the presiding referee, Long Hengxu had only one point of interest, which was the disciples Wu Zhangkong had trained within the last three months. Especially since Wu Zhangkong had approached him previously in order to seek his forgiveness.

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “We have three participants from our class.”
Long Hengxu turned towards the direction of class four’s teacher, Kong Hanwen. “Class five has three participants. Teacher Kong, you have five minutes to select your participants.”

Kong Hanwen had changed from the previously grinning face he’d shown in front of Wu Zhangkong and commented disdainfully, “To compete with class five, anyone from our class four is good enough. Jia Long, Lin Zunyuan, Mo Si—you three compete. Remember, you are representing class four’s glory. You must show off the might of class four.”

Wu Zhangkong merely waved his hand. Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue moved up to the tournament stage.

Long Hengxu looked towards Wu Zhangkong with a strange expression. Generally speaking, class five as a whole was weak in power, and should’ve put forth the minimum number of participants possible. While he had picked two of his best students, he’d selected a total of three to compete. Could it be that class five’s power as a whole had strengthened under Wu Zhangkong’s training?

Among class four’s three participants, Jia Long was at the forefront position. He wasn’t particularly tall, but he was stout and looking sturdy.

Lin Zunyuan was a stringy-framed, weak-looking teenager. Mo Si had a medium build and had an eager look on his face.

Tang Wulin was at the forefront position on his end. That was right, it was him. Standing in this position made him feel as if he were the chief commander.

“Ready!” The two teams were 50 meters apart. Long Hengxu had his right hand raised.
“New academic year’s Class Promotion Tournament Round 1, first grade’s class four versus first grade’s class five. Begin!”
Together with Long Hengxu’s words, the three participants of the first grade’s class four released their soul rings.

Three white soul ring appeared underneath each of the three participants. Standing at the forefront, Jia Long took a huge step forward, his body seemingly expanded a few centimeters. He howled deeply as his originally brown eyes turning yellow and his arms grew visibly stronger. With huge strides, he rushed forward.

Lin Zunyuan murmured something incomprehensible, and a long staff appeared in his hand. As the soul ring blinked beneath his feet, a ray of red light shone out from the top of his staff and fell onto Jia Long’s body.
A blood-red streak appeared within Jia Long’s yellow eyes, and his body expanded once more, bringing with it an imposing aura as he rushed towards Tang Wulin.
Mo Si, who stood positioned on the other side, disappeared shortly behind Jia Long.
From their fast and nimble coordination, it could be seen that they had trained for a long period of time. Unlike what Kong Hanwen had said, they were not students randomly chosen to compete.

Jia Long was an Assault System Battle Soul Master and his martial soul was probably a wolf. Mo Si was an Agility System Battle Soul Master, but it wasn’t clear what his martial soul was. Lin Zunyuan, however, was a support-type soul master, and his first soul skill was of the amplification type.
One was from the Assault System, one was from the Agility System, and one could use an amplification type skill. This was a good combination.

Looking back at class five, Tang Wulin and the others didn’t release their soul rings at the first instance, but they all sped in the direction of their opponents. Xie Xie merely flashed once and appeared near Jia Long the very next instant, yet he didn’t attack. With another flash to the side, he headed for Lin Zunyuan who stood behind Jia Long.
“Mo Si!” Jia Long shouted. Mo Si, who hid behind him, immediately appeared and shot towards Xie Xie.

If a support-type soul master was being attacked by an Agility System Battle Soul Master, the support-type soul master would be defeated instantaneously.

With regards to the other two, Jia Long was confident in fending them off.
It was a pity that this confidence didn’t last for long.

Although Jia Long’s build had increased somewhat under the amplification effect on his martial soul, his build was still dwarfed by Tang Wulin. As the distance between both participants shortened, Jia Long felt something strange inside him, ‘Why hasn’t he released his martial soul?’
At this moment, he caught a view of Tang Wulin’s fist.

Tang Wulin’s fist was plain, void of any soul skills behind it, not even lacked traces of soul power fluctuations.

As an Assault System Battle Soul Master, Jia Long was highly confident in his strength. He swept out his right hand, hoping to catch Tang Wulin’s incoming fist.
A shadow flashed behind Tang Wulin, and Jia Long felt his foot slip as he almost fell. His protruding hand was no longer in the same direction as it was before. Tang Wulin’s fist flew directly towards his chest.
Zhou Zhangxi, who watched the tournament from below the stage, shut his eyes immediately. The sight of Jia Long being punched reminded him of his first meeting with Tang Wulin—when he was punched out of the window.

Peng! Jia Long flew back seven or eight meters upon receiving Tang Wulin’s punch.
A blue vine finally crept out at this late stage, but vanished the next instant.
That was because the battle at the other end had already ended.

After Xie Xie looped around Jia Long, his steps quickened. Mo Si belonged to the Agility System as well, yet he was clearly not on the same level as Xie Xie in terms of speed.
As the Light Dragon Dagger Xie Xie held knocked against Lin Zunyuan’s forehead, Lin Zunyuan was immediately ordered out of the tournament by Long Hengxu.

Next, with a twist of his body, Xie Xie stood before Mo Si.

Mo Si’s martial soul was a short sword, similar to Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger, except that his soul power was only at rank 13. This was a match with no element of suspense.

Their weapons had only collided once before Xie Xie appeared behind Mo Si, his Light Dragon Dagger threatening Mo Si’s neck.
It wasn’t until then that the three participants from the first grade class five release their martial souls.
White, Yellow, Yellow!

One ten year soul ring, and two, hundred! Year! Soul! Rings!

Kong Hanwen was awestruck as he witnessed the match. It had only lasted 10 seconds from start to end. Was it even 10 seconds?

He was inclined to ask Long Hengxu, who was on the stage, if the team he faced was really from first grade’s class five, and not instead from first grade’s class one?

Xie Xie sneered a little, his expression showed that he was unsatisfied as he returned to Tang Wulin’s side and they high-fived each other.

It was then that the people on the first grade class five’s end started cheering. Oh. No—they were now the first grade’s class four.
“First grade’s class five wins, but before the end of this tournament, they will remain as class five. Class re-organization will proceed at the end of the Class Promotion Tournament. Tomorrow, you will be competing against first grade’s class three.”

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