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(The Trio)
This match couldn’t even have been considered as a steamrolling, since there wasn’t any steamrolling at all. The entire match had proceeded in a relaxed manner, in such a way that Tang Wulin and Gu Yue didn’t even need to use their soul power to defeat their opponents.

It was like what Wu Zhangkong had once told Tang Wulin: the sheer force of his strength alone was sufficient to defeat most of his peers.

Wu Zhangkong didn’t spare a glance at class four’s class teacher Kong Hanwen when he announced in an icy tone, “Class dismissed.”

Xie Xie and Tang Wulin stood so close that their shoulders rubbed against each other. “I’m actually really happy that the Class Promotion Tournament is being held. We’re freed from the evening’s special training.”In order to maintain their physical condition and energy, the competitors were given permission to be absent from their special training classes. That was the cause of Xie Xie’s exclamation.

Long Hengxu walked down the stage at this time and looked towards the trio with a somewhat shocked expression. He had arranged for Xie Xie’s allocation to the first grade’s class five in view of the previous fight that had occurred. With Xie Xie’s talent, there shouldn’t have been any doubt to his allocation into class one. However, his family had sought out Long Hengxu’s help. They had hoped to give Xie Xie more opportunities to hone himself, so he was eventually allocated to class five.

At that moment, Long Hengxu had many thoughts running through in his mind. Class five was the worst class in the academy, and was under the greatest amount of pressure within the first grade classes. Moreover, Wu Zhangkong had been transferred to their class. Despite the fact that this Icily Arrogant Prince Charming was not well-liked by the academy administration, it was undeniable that he was possessed both strength and excellent teaching ability.

He took his analysis one step further. With the gifted Xie Xie in class five, all the other classes were under even more pressure in the Class Promotion Tournament. With the situation like this, the entire first grade was much more motivated to learn and improve.
This action had many benefits, and was why a talent like Xie Xie was allocated to class five.
It seemed now, however, that class five’s competitiveness had far exceeded what he had previously expected. He was curious as to why Wu Zhangkong had chosen Tang Wulin to participate in this Class Promotion Tournament. He distinctly remembered that Tang Wulin’s martial soul was Bluesilver Grass!

As for the girl, she was probably the student whom Wu Zhangkong was willing to admit his mistakes for. Though he hadn’t had a chance to witness her true abilities, her possession of a hundred-year soul ring provided enough explanation.
This combination of class five participants was simply one that went against heaven’s will! Even the competitors of first grade’s class one would be hard pressed to defeat them.

If during the Class Promotion Tournament a lower class in the grade won consecutively, then it would be bad news, especially for Long Hengxu who was in-charge of the allocation of new students. It meant that his allocation of new students was done on unfair grounds. He felt regretful for agreeing to Wu Zhangkong’s request to let Gu Yue enter class five.

“Let’s go out and play, how about that?” Xie Xie whispered into Tang Wulin’s ear.
Tang Wulin shook his head. “I don’t feel like it. Meal time in the dining hall is starting.”
Xie Xie gave a blank look. “The only thought in your brain is eating.”

Tang Wulin answered somewhat angrily, “If I don’t eat, I’ll be hungry!”
Xie Xie replied, “Alright, I’ll treat you if you accompany me out. How does that sound? All these days trapped within the academy grounds are killing me.”
Eastsea Academy’s adminstration was not very strict as Eastsea City was a prosperous city with good security.
“Alright.” Hearing that Xie Xie would treat him to food, Tang Wulin readily agreed to his request. In reality, he wanted to go complete the task that he had collected from the Blacksmith’s Association a week ago.
A second rank forging task could fetch Tang Wulin a remuneration of 10,000 to 30,000 federation coins. Within the last few months, he had collected a total of 100,000 federation coins. To him, this was a huge amount of money. If he were to proceed at this pace, he was confident that by the time he needed a second ring, he would’ve collected enough coins for a hundred-year spirit soul.

A hundred-year spirit soul could provide two soul skills, and it also meant that he could provide two soul rings. This alone was very important to Tang Wulin.

“I’m going too!” Gu Yue had unknowingly appeared beside them.

Xie Xie spoke with a face of distaste, “I don’t bring girls out to play!”

Gu Yue gave a cold hum and looked towards Tang Wulin. “Are you going with him, or with me?”

Xie Xie answered arrogantly, “Isn’t that obvious? We’re roommates and buddies, what about you?”

Gu Yue nodded her head, then turned suddenly towards Wu Zhangkong’s direction and left, shouting, “Teacher Wu, I think that our team’s coordination isn’t strong enough yet. We should train more.”
“Hey!” With a flash, Xie Xie appeared in front of her. He raised his hand to cover her mouth. Gu Yue’s body glowered with a silver light as she shifted two meters sideways to Tang Wulin’s side. With a cold laugh she said, “Are you starting a fight with me?”
Xie Xie answered with a face of defeat, “Alright, alright. If you want to, then come along then.”

He really didn’t hold a grudge towards Gu Yue. She was stronger than him, and that alone kept him on his toes when against Gu Yue.
During their long hours training together, he had never once won against Gu Yue in a one-on-one match. Only on rare occasions when he partnered with Tang Wulin would Gu Yue be defeated.
It seemed weird to speak of it, but while she was nice to Tang Wulin, Gu Yue had always picked on him. The three of them had this strange but special relationship where Xie Xie and Gu Yue were both on good terms with Tang Wulin, but not with each other. That was one of the reasons why Tang Wulin had been picked to participate in class five’s team. With Tang Wulin’s constant control, the three of them were able to fully display their power.

The trio changed back into their own clothes and walked out of the academy.
“Where should we go?” Tang Wuling asked Xie Xie, who was the one who purposed this outing.

Xie Xie answered, “Let’s eat first. Isn’t that what you were looking forward to? I know of a food street so let’s head there for some nice food.”

Tang Wulin affirmed, “You’ll be treating, right?”

Xie Xie replied sarcastically, “They’re merely street snacks, can they be something this young master can’t manage?”
Gu Yue said, “A body exuding the stench of coins.” As she spoke, she moved towards Tang Wulin’s other side on purpose.
Xie Xie was furious. “If you have a problem with that then you don’t have to eat.”

Gu Yue answered back arrogantly, “I hadn’t thought of accepting your treat at all. Tang Wulin, a man should act gentlemanly. You shall treat me then.”

Tang Wulin tapped his forehead. “The both of you, can’t you stop arguing? We’re here to relax, are we not?”

Gu Yue lifted up her head and looked seriously at Tang Wulin. “Are you not treating me then?”

“I am.” Tang Wulin could only reply with that.

Gu Yue, after getting an affirmation from Tang Wulin, looked proudly towards Xie Xie. “Rest assured, miser! I would never take you up on your offer. Your treats reek like…” As she spoke, she did a waving motion before her nose with a contemptuous gesture.
Xie Xie s----d in a deep breath. He wasn’t her match in an argument or in a fight. That was the reason why he wasn’t keen on bringing Gu Yue out with them.

The food street was some distance from Eastsea Academy, and the three of them walked a full 30 minutes to get there.
It wasn’t a wide street, and stores sprouted upwards on both sides. As soon as they reached the mouth of the street, their noses were assaulted with the fragrance of a variety of different snacks and appetizing scents.

“Let’s eat that skewered beef first. It’s boiled to tenderness. Having it with some rice is simply heavenly.” As a landlord of Eastsea City, Xie Xie volunteered the introduction.

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