The legend of the dragon king - Season 1 - Episode 57

2 years ago

(Birthing Life)
Tang Wulin looked up to see the large hammer on the sign, before taking large strides into the Blacksmith’s Association. Although he had only been here once before, he was already fond of this place.

After arriving in Eastsea City, this was the only place that felt familiar to him. This was also the place that gave him confidence.

Yun Xiaoling stood behind the front desk and saw Tang Wulin as soon as he entered. In reality, she had been ordered by her superiors to specially wait for Tang Wulin.
“Tang Wulin, you’ve finally arrived.” Yun Xiaoling briskly walked to Tang Wulin’s side with a smile and inquisitive eyes.

How could she possibly not be curious towards this guy?

At the age of nine, he became a second rank blacksmith! How did he accomplish this feat?
Reportedly, he had already broken the headquarters record.

The record for the youngest first rank blacksmith in the Blacksmith’s Association was held by their current president with a record of eight years old. However, the president had become a second rank blacksmith at eleven years old. The president was slower than Tang Wulin by two years!
The Association highly valued this child and had ordered the employees to immediately bring him up the tower as soon as he arrived.
“Hello, Big Sister Xiao Ling.” Tang Wulin’s memory was exceptional, and he clearly remembered the name of this big sister.
Yun Xiaoling smiled. “You really are formidable. I heard you passed the second rank blacksmith test.” As Yun Xiaoling spoke, she bent down and looked straight into Tang Wulin’s two beautiful eyes.

Tang Wulin’s face grew red in embarrassment. “No way. I was just lucky.”
Yun Xiaoling giggled. “You’re so young yet you’re so modest? Come on now, I’ll bring you up.”

“Thank you big sister.”
After getting onto the soul elevator, Tang Wulin was shocked to see Yun Xiaoling pressing the button for the highest floor. “Big sister Xiao Ling, where are we going?”

Yun Xiaoling smiled. “We’re going to go get your rank badge.”

The elevator ascended quickly and when it reached the top floor, Tang Wulin’s ears hadn’t managed to adjust yet. However, he simply shook his head a few times and was able to recover.

Tang Wulin was greeted by a wide view of the horizon the moment he stepped out of the elevator.

The walls were all made of glass, and at this height, he was able to see nearly half of Eastsea City. A great number of skyscrapers littered the city, just like a steel forest. On the other side, was a great number of plant cover, bringing vitality to the city.

Yun Xiaoling found a staff member. “I’ll have to trouble you to inform the president that Tang Wulin is here.”

“Wulin, wait here for a moment.” Yun Xiaoling brought him to a sofa and sat him down.

Not too long after, a crowd of footsteps approached.

Mu Chen was at the forefront. Mu Chen had arrived very early that day but hadn’t even stepped foot into his workshop yet, all for the sake of waiting for the boy who was able to bring him such a great surprise.

Cen Yue was also in his office and was following right behind him. If the others in the Blacksmith’s Association knew that these two figures had waited a whole day for a child, they wouldn’t even know what to think.

Right behind these two figures, was precisely Mu Xi.

“President!” Yun Xiaoling stood up and greeted Mu Chen respectfully.

Mu Chen smiled and nodded. The next moment, his gaze fell on Tang Wulin.
When Tang Wulin heard Yun Xiaoling call him the President, he had stood up and looked at Cen Yue.

Cen Yue walked over to his side and said with a smile, “Wulin, this is the President of the Blacksmith’s Association, Mu Chen. He is also the most famous Saint Craftsman ranked blacksmith in the continent.”

Saint Craftsman? Tang Wulin’s eyes began to sparkle. Mang Tian had mentioned Saint Craftsman to him before. Only seventh and eighth rank blacksmiths could earn the title of a Saint Craftsman! He had never expected to meet one so fast.

This president didn’t even look much older than his own teacher. He truly was formidable. ‘ Is that a Saint Craftsman’s badge he’s wearing on his stomach? Eight stars? An eight star Saint Craftsman!’
“Hello, President.” Tang Wulin hastily stepped forward and bowed.

“It’s you?” An astonished voice came from Mu Xi, who was at Mu Chen’s side. To Mu Xi, this was the guy who had stolen all of the limelight from her. In fact, this was the guy who stole the limelight from all the blacksmiths of his generation.

Tang Wulin was slightly stunned was he saw Mu Xi. ‘What is this rich girl doing here?’

Mu Chen looked at his daughter in surprise. “Xi Xi, are you acquainted with each other?”

Mu Xi looked at Tang Wulin and said, “We’re not acquainted. But it seems we attend the same academy.”

Mu Chen smiled. “Tang Wulin, what grade are you in at Eastsea Academy?”

Tang Wulin said, “I entered the academy as a new student this year. I’m in the first grade, class five.”

When she heard the two words ‘class five’, Mu Xi’s expression immediately revealed a trace of disdain. Naturally, she knew what class five represented. It was a class full of good-for-nothings who could never become a Soul Grandmaster.
However, Mu Chen’s attitude didn’t change when he heard what class Tang Wulin was in. “I heard from Cen Yue that you passed the second rank test. That’s truly a wonderful achievement. You should know that you’ve set a new record in the Blacksmith’s Association. We truly feel that you are worthy of being our successor!”
Tang Wulin’s small face grew red in embarrassment. He had no clue as to how he should respond when faced with praise from others.

He took a moment to think before saying, “Uncle President, can I get a badge now and begin taking forging tasks?”
Mu Chen laughed. “Of course you can.”
Cen Yue smiled. “The President waited for you the whole day in order to personally give you your badge.”

Yun Xiaoling had already walked over from the side, carrying a silver tray with a red cloth on top. And on top of the cloth, was a badge.
The badge was in the shape of a hexagon, with a blue background, a protruding hammer and two white stars embedded into it.

Regardless of whether it was a mecha craftsmen, a blacksmith, or even a technician, their rank badges all looked about the same. First and second rank badges all had blue backgrounds and white stars. It was only at the third rank that there would be change.
Mu Chen personally placed the badge on Tang Wulin’s right b----t. His smile vanished and he turned solemn. “From henceforth, you are a member of the Blacksmith’s Association. As a blacksmith, I hope that you will earnestly complete all your forging work. Use your soul to perceive, and your life to gain enlightenment. A true blacksmith doesn’t just forge metal, rather, they will birth life to it.
Birthing life? These two words were simple, but they could rouse even the apathetic. Combined with his understanding of Thousand Refinements, Tang Wulin felt as if a great door had opened by a small crack for him.

Tang Wulin gently touched his badge and the simple coldness causing an unprecedented sense of accomplishment to ignite within him. At last, he had officially become a blacksmith.
“I want to compete with you!” Mu Xi suddenly interrupted from Mu Chen’s side. A face that was unconvinced looked at Tang Wulin. It was only now that Tang Wulin noticed that on her stomach, there was an identical badge.

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