The legend of the dragon king - Season 1 - Episode 56

4 years ago

(Mu Xi’s Depression)
Tang Wulin gently sighed. “Does your face still hurt?”

The arrogant expression present on Xie Xie’s face hardened in response as he clenched his fists tight.

Tang Wulin patted his shoulder. “I have something to do tonight. How about tomorrow night, I’ll spar with you then.”
After having been through a few matches against Xie Xie, Tang Wulin was no longer against battling. During these few matches, he had progressed and greatly improved his combat abilities. The stress that Xie Xie exerted onto him didn’t go unrecognized.

As the morning class ended earlier than usual, Tang Wulin didn’t return to his dorm. Instead, he went off to the advanced academy.

When the bell rang to signify the end of class, Tang Wulin spotted Liu Yuxin walking out of the classroom together with a few female students.

“Senior Sister Yuxin.” Tang Wulin waved in her direction.

Liu Yuxin spotted him easily and, together with her group of classmates, walked quickly in his direction.

“Wow, Yuxin, I didn’t realise you have a soft spot for cute little boys. This little brother of yours is so handsome. He’ll grow up into a nice-looking hunk.” A girl with red phoenix eyes from the advanced academy said as she gave Liu Yuxin a dubious smile.

Liu Yuxin snapped back, “Stop speaking nonsense. This is Tang Wulin, our junior from the intermediate academy’s first grade. Wulin, what’s the matter?”

Tang Wulin took out the soul camera he’d brought with him.

“Senior Sister, I took some photos for you. But, I don’t feel good about this. Please take back the camera.”

Liu Yuxin blushed slightly and rolled her eyes at him. “Alright, alright. So be it. Thanks for your help, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Tang Wulin shook his head immediately. “There’s no need for that. I can have my meal back at the intermediate academy.” He obviously had some self-awareness. There was no such thing as a free lunch from the third window. A free meal would, at least, come from the second window. With his enormous appetite, he was afraid to eat Liu Yuxin into bankruptcy. That would be very awkward.

Looking at Tang Wulin’s retreating figure, the phoenix-eyed girl asked with complete doubt, “Yuxin, what did you get him to take photographs of?”

Liu Yuxin answered with an air of mystery, “Wulin is in Teacher Wu Zhangkong’s class.”

“Wow! The Icily Arrogant Prince Charming! Let’s look at the pictures!”

As the camera was switched on, the tiny screen displayed Wu Zhangkong’s figure. There were a series of continuous shots taken of Wu Zhangkong unlatching his belt, then removing it.

The few female students widened their eyes, then their cheeks flushed. They were nearly drooling.

“A meal from the first window. Yuxin, please sell me these photos for that. These are exclusives! I will never allow anyone to view these images of my prince charming, not of him removing his belt.”

“Two meals! That’s only reasonable!”

Tang Wulin didn’t know about the intense competition his photographs had roused between the few seniors. After finishing his lunch, he continued with the afternoon class.

The meditation method that Wu Zhangkong taught was obviously much more complicated than the meditation method that was taught at the elementary academy. However, the results had proven to be far better. Legends have it that this method originated from the continent’s legendary Shrek Academy, and was a simplified version of their great meditation technique.

Under the pressured stare of Wu Zhangkong, the students’ learning speed increased. They were able to grasp the basics of how to revolve their soul power within one afternoon.

After class, Tang Wulin was the first to enter the dining hall and fill his stomach with dinner before speeding out.

He had an important task tonight. Currently, he was on his way towards the Blacksmith’s Association to collect his blacksmith’s badge. He would also collect some tasks from the Association.

Savings were of the utmost importance to him, especially when he was saving it for a hundred year martial soul which cost a million federation coins. If he was wealthy enough in the future, he would like to buy himself a meal from the first window.

Tang Wulin felt distinct differences in his body when he’d eaten a meal from the first window that morning. If he could afford to have it daily, how nice would that be?
Excitedly, he walked out of the Academy’s main gates. As he moved a bit away from the gates, a black soul car sped in Tang Wulin’s direction. Shocked, he froze on the spot immediately.

“Out of the way!” A crisp voice came from behind.

Tang Wulin turned his head to find a long, golden-haired teenage girl staring back at him.

Involuntarily, he stepped aside. The teenage girl moved past him and, at that moment, a chauffeur stepped out from the car and opened the door for her.

Shortly after the teenage girl boarded the car, the chauffeur closed the door gently before returning to the driver’s seat and driving off. Only dust was left in the wake of the car.

Another child from a wealthy family!

To say that he was not envious was a lie. However, Tang Wulin wasn’t completely jealous. He believed that wealthy people were once poor and worked very hard to get where they were now. He believed that if others could do it, he could too.

With a smile on his face, he took long strides towards the Blacksmith’s Association.

Mu Xi was in a bad mood recently. It should’ve been her most glorious day two days ago. However, it was ruined by a sudden change in circumstances.

Just as she completed her forging and refining and had passed all the assessments, thus gaining herself the title of second-rank blacksmith, she was informed that during her assessment, a nine-year-old kid succeeded in the second-rank blacksmith’s test.

Nine years old? Was that even possible?

This was simply unbelievable!

Since the time not long after she was born, her favourite pastime had been to observe her father as he forged. Her father had mentioned that this rough and weight-laden process of forging was not suitable for girls, but was for men.However, the stubborness in her kicked in and she stood by her choice to become a blacksmith. She started training at the mere age of five, and started crafting small hammers. Her father thought that it was a joke at first. However, after seeing her persistence for two years, and mimicking his every action, it finally moved the heart of the Eastsea City’s Blacksmith’s Association President, Mu Chen.

Mu Xi inherited her father’s martial soul. That alone made it suitable for her to become a blacksmith. In addition, she was willing to put in the extra effort. Mu Chen couldn’t help but search for some rare herbs in order to try maintaining his daughter’s figure. While she was training to gain the adequate strength to become a blacksmith, her figure had taken the toll and turned stockier in the process.

Mu Xi’s passion for forging came from the bottom of her heart. She was officially a first-rank blacksmith at the age of eleven. Her progression grew at an exhilarating speed under Mu Chen’s tutelage. Not long after her thirteenth birthday, she took the rank promotion test and passed immediately.

She had remembered clearly that her father mentioned that she had progressed faster than others her age. That she was worthy of being called a child prodigy in the world of blacksmithing.

However, how could she share this title of second-rank blacksmith with a nine-year-old boy? Second-rank blacksmith? He’d also been held in high esteem by the surveyor. In fact, although the surveyor didn’t mention it, her gaze alone revealed her feelings. In her eyes, the boy was obviously stronger than her.

Mu Xi heard that this boy would be at the Blacksmith’s Association sometime today in order to collect his badge. She was keen to see who this boy was. Did he have three heads and six arms?

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