Sharon - Season 2 - Episode 33

11 months ago

Through out the day, Sharon never acted like anything happened, well nothing really happened but, she didn’t show any indifference later. Our house won the tug of war thanks to the”Warlord” Ignatius, whom single handedly pulled the whole Red house team over in the finals. The D-day for the Interhouse sports came, there wasn’t much games remaining on that final day, just five; 100 metres final, 100 metres relay finals, high jump senior males finals, football and March past. It was already obvious before that day that Sharon’s house was going to win because they’d succeeded in securing almost all the Golds, whilst my house would take second only if we win three more golds today or Jenny’s house would take it. All the 100 metres races final both senior and junior, male and female were all won by Yellow house including marching, our house won two of the male relays( senior and junior) and blue house won the high jump finals. I was so happy for Sharon that day, she also got gold in the relay. Football match soon started, between our house and Sharon’s house. Smith was the only junior playing for our house whilst the yellow house had no junior at all. It didn’t take long before the yellow house scored, Smith equalized for our house then the game tensed up. Sharon wanted our house to win so, that we’d get the overall silver but for me they could lose for all I care.
“It’s quite weird how you both want your house to lose”. Chidimma said smiling at us.
“Am I wrong for wanting my Boyfriend’s team to win?”. Sharon asked her.

“Am I wrong for wanting my girlfriend’s team to win?”. I asked her too and she shrugged.

“Well for Sharon I understand but, for you Godson. What’s really your reason?”. She asked and they both turned and gave me that spit it out look. We sat together in the same roll at the stands. I smiled at them and turned away my face.

“When a judge starts taking sides, the judiciary is no longer independent”. I quoted what I read in a Civic Education textbook and they both laughed, then Miriam jumped in from nowhere.

“Ice cream anyone?”. She said holding up three Fanvanille ice creams to our face and I collected one immediately.
“So you’d serve your husband first before your sister?”. Sharon asked her and she smiled.

“Well you just called him my husband after all so, of course. Husband before sister, ain’t that so husband?”. Miriam joked then sat on my legs.
“Oh my darling wife!”. I flattered. Then Sharon stood up and pulled Miriam off my legs.
“Get up! You Husband snatcher”. Sharon joked.

“Oh He is married to you too really? Big ups to you Godson. The Husband to two sisters”. Chidimma joined in.

“There’s room for more wives if you want”. I added causing Sharon to hit me repeatedly on my back as we all laughed. We kept goofing around till Miriam remembered what she came for.

“Y’all didn’t think to ask me where I got the ice cream from and you just munching at it”. She said.

“I guess you bought them with your….”.
“Oh no my husband, am not that Selfless” . She cut me short before I could finish.
“Yeah i really thought about that. So whose money is it then?”. Sharon asked her and she smiled.

“Well save your thoughts sis, mom’s in school”. She announced and Sharon sprang up immediately.

“You not messing with me are you?”. She asked Miriam excitedly and Miriam nodded. She ran off and returned immediately to pull me along, but I resisted a little.
“What? Come let’s go say hello to my mum”. She asked.

“Umm do I really have to go with you?”. I asked her too and she frowned.
“Are you now scared of my mum too?”. She asked and I smiled.
“Did I ever tell you I was scared of any…”.
“Goal!!!!”. The yellow House’s goal celebration interrupted our chat as I jumped off my seat and celebrated too. Sharon just watched me with a frown on her face, then I turned and hugged tightly while she pinched me to leave her alone.

“So are we still going to say hello to your mum because am just in the mood to say hello to someone”. I said to her then she hissed and left while I followed.

Sharon can be as matured as anyone but not while her mum is around. You will know how young she really is whenever she’s around her mum, not like me though. Am always trying to be matured to everybody. Sharon sat on her mother’s right leg after they’d hugged for a long time.

“Come on there’s still room for one more”. Her mother beckoned me.
“Am cool ma’am, I’d just stan..d”.
“I wasn’t asking dear. Now come on, my leg won’t bite”. She insisted, with Sharon smiling at me. I walked closer and sat on her left leg facing Sharon.

“Good, So how are you both?”. She asked.
“We’re fine!”. Sharon answered excitedly but I said nothing because I wasn’t fully aware she just asked a question. I wasn’t comfortable sitting on her legs, I never liked that. That was the reason I stopped begging to travel with my parents whenever they do, that possibility that I might be lapped in the bus discourages me. Sharon’s mum didn’t know this and she wouldn’t understand even if I try to explain to her.

“Godson are you okay?”. She asked after she’d asked us two more questions and I hadn’t responded.

“Yes ma. I’m sorry am just keen on the match”. I lied and she smiled.
“Mum can you ask him why he’s so desperate to see his house lose?”. Sharon said to her mum frowning at me.
“Because He wants your house to win”. Her mum said in my defence and I smiled.
“Thank you! Finally someone that supports me”.

“Sharon told me you helped her during the heats, you were more like her coach and personal trainer”. She said to and I shrugged.
“If that’s what she said, but all I did was support her. I remember she said if she won then I won too . The rest she did by herself”. I Confessed and she smiled then cuddled us into her arms.
“Your friendship is a rare one. A lot of people long for it. Keep looking out for each other okay”. She advised and we both nodded, then she freed us to leave but Sharon refused to go, I guess she was expecting to be tipped just like Miriam so, I left them to there thing.

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