Sharon - Season 2 - Episode 32

1 year ago

When I got to the gate, those that had returned were all been attended to by the Medicals, only the male Games prefect was still on his feet walking on and about, the same couldn’t be said of the others, one of our housemates that’d returned was having a serious muscle pull, dude couldn’t stop shouting, the others were panting seriously trying to catch their breath in fact the female games had somehow fainted and they had to pour her a lot of water and glucose before she woke up. What they were all going through scared me and I prayed it wouldn’t be so for my Cherry.

“House B female silver approaching”. The games Master announced through his microphone and then I turned to see Sharon running towards the finishing line. Her house officials were at a corner cheering her on.
“Come on! you’re almost there”. The Games prefect encouraged. I ran to the front of the line and stood there with that Encouraging boyfriend’s kind of smile. Sharon hadn’t seen me yet, she was sprinkling the bottle water she was holding all over her head, then she looked up and saw me smiling at her. She smiled too, threw the bottle water away and ran quickly past the line and threw herself at me and I scooped her off the ground immediately, everybody applauded her. I could feel the heavy pounding of her heart on my chest, her body was so warm, sweaty and wet at the same time. The Medical team came to attend to her but didn’t answer them as she buried her face in my shoulder.

“At least have some Energy drink”. Their house mistress pleaded.
“I’ll give it to her if you don’t mind”. I offered and she gave it to me and left. It took a while before someone else returned, I lifted her up as if she was my bride and headed towards our class. People didn’t stop murmuring, when I carried and walked out of the field, the shocked look on the teachers faces are worth remembering now but, then I wasn’t interested in their looks or thoughts. All I wanted was to carry my girlfriend out of there to a calm place. Sharon didn’t say a word nor lift her face till we got into our class. Everybody started asking if she was okay, Smith came to help me carry her but, I turned him down.

“What happened to her?”. Chidimma asked as she helped me lay her on our form mistress’s desk.
“Nothing is wrong with me”. Sharon replied and sat up immediately and our classmates gave out a sigh of relief and went back to what they were doing.
“Well I guess am going to hang on to this then”. I joked then opened the Energy drink to sip and Chidimma dragged it from me.
“Give it back you glutton”. She barked and we all laughed. We joked for a while then became quiet, Sharon kept staring at me so, I guess Chidimma figured we needed to be alone so she excused herself.
“Well I was reading something before you both came in”. She said and gave me back the drink.
“So I’m to going to drink it after all”. I said to her and she smiled.
“You always get to”. She said and went back to her seat. Sharon sat properly and asked me to come sit with her on the desk and I obliged quickly.
“She would kill us, if she meets us sitting on her desk”. I said referring to the form mistress and Sharon smiled.
“Well it’s a good thing we’re still in sports week and moreover if Her files was here then I wouldn’t be sitting on it. You know that”. She said and I shrugged. We both kept quiet again watching the few people in class and what they were up to.
“Did I make it?”. She asked and I gave her a confused stare.

“The race did I make it?”. She asked.
“Of course you did, you were the second girl to return and eighth overall”. I broadcasted and she sighed.

“So I won silver?”. She asked and I nodded but she said nothing else, she didn’t seem satisfied with that so, I added.

“And you did beat Jenny too”. She smiled wildly when I said that.
“Thanks for carrying me out of there”. She said and I shrugged.

“I figured that’s what you wanted”. I said then gave her the Energy drink, she collected it and gulped down then fed me with the remaining. I no longer resist when she offers to feed me with anything because I already knew her not to take No for an answer. The class was now scanty, it was just me, her and Chidimma. Our classmates had left to watch the tug of war, Bully,Kelvin and Ignatius were all amongst those representing their various houses. She la!d her head on my shoulder, and I could tell she was still exhausted.
“Are you sure you’re okay Sharon?”. I asked her and she sat up and smiled at me.
“Yea, and what about you?”. She asked and I giggled.

“Me? I’m not the one that just ran half of the state capital”. I said and she laughed.
“Well it’s not really half of the capital really”. She protested.
“You’d know if it was?”. I asked and she shrugged.

“No, but I’m sure this city is not that small”. She insisted and both laughed.
“You’re really brave you know? Much more brave than I ever thought you to be”. I Confessed and she smiled.

“I really wish I was in the marathon race with you”. I added.

“I wished you came with me too”. She said and I scoffed.

“But, I couldn’t. I was a coward”.
“No you weren’t”. She protested.
“Yes I was and maybe I am still one, I couldn’t ask my house captain to enlist my name”. I insisted.

“I didn’t ask to be enlisted too, I was asked and I accepted”. She sat up properly to look me in the eyes.
“Well I wish it was different, I wish I ran those races too and you’d stand at the finishing line to welcome me with a hug. I’m not jealous that you’re winning, believe me Cherry am just filled with regrets that I am not as good as you are and I can’t make you as much proud as you…”. I was yet to stop talking when she hugged me, she Hugged me for a while and then cupped my cheeks in her hands and stared into my eyes.

“You’re the bravest person I know in this school, one of the bravest I’ve ever known outside of it. We can’t always be good in everything, you’re not good in sports and you are sincere to yourself about it doesn’t make you a coward. My mum uncle always say that it takes a Brave person to be sincere even to themselves. You don’t have to win races to make me proud, I knew my boyfriend isn’t a human flash by the way. And mind you I’ve been winning, so you’ve been winning too. We’re in this together remember?”. She tendered calmly and I smiled.

“You’re good you know? Better than our G/C “. I joked and we both laughed. We both couldn’t stop staring at ourselves, I don’t know what was going on in her mind but, I wasn’t sure what I was thinking either. Somehow our face started getting closer to each other, I was so nervous deep down, I couldn’t think. My heart jumped when I felt the hot air off her nostrils on mine.
“Sharon!!”. Chidimma’s voice startled us both and interrupted whatever was about to happen between us.
“Could you come help with something?” She asked and Sharon sighed deeply and turned to me. The look on Chidimma’s face when she called Sharon made me know her real reason for calling her was to stop what was about to happen. And some part of me was happy she did whilst the other part wasn’t.

“I have to go hail my cousin in the tug of war, see you two later”. I excused myself and left. With a lot of thoughts in my mind.
That was the first time Sharon and I nearly kissed but it wasn’t the only time.

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