Save Me [completed]

3 years ago

By Doctorlash


“You are nothing but a failure… I am not even sure I am your father. I can’t imagine spending my money on a fool like you. Is this how you will pay me for my labour on you…? Your younger sister has gotten admission already and here you are, still writing jamb, for the second time now. Get out of my room you b-----d!”

Joseph opened his eyes. It was this dream again. Its year 2016. For heaven’s sake this dream had haunted him close to 14years. Was he really a failure? He knew he was a b-----d, at least his mother didn’t deny his father’s accusation when he brought it up, instead she unleashed heavy tears

“Yes what is it?
He barked at the hostess who shook him out of his daydreaming.

“Erhmm… Could you please fasten your seatbelt… We will be landing in few minutes.”
She replied him with a smile and walked away.

D--n it!!! why would she smile and leave him guilt stricken for shouting at her, he said to himself while he hurriedly fastened his seatbelt and almost immediately let out a soft groan, as the devil inside of him said… ”Welcome back to Nigeria…!!”
“Am sorry Jadesola, I can’t do this anymore. Dating you was a mistake I regret for the rest of my life. I can’t continue lying to myself… Am sorry!”

Her eyes flickered, and the first thing she saw was the clock in her office. “Its 4:30pm already!” She exclaimed and lazily stood up to her feet, stretched her body and went over to sit on her office chair.

This is the first time in five years that she is having this dream. Why? At least not when she is finally getting over it. Is she going to relapse again…?

I need to speak to my mentor today, she concluded. Just then she jumped on her feet and almost ran out of her office. She stopped, picked her bag, then hurried out of her office.

Save Me [completed] Season 1

Save Me [completed] Season 1

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