Fire God Of The Fire Island [completed]

3 years ago

Written By Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke
Wattsapp Contact:08135580048
Instagram page: @Omaisabella
Kate is known as the peace keeper on an Island known as Fire Island. It is her duty to quell the volcano’s fury should it erupt- by giving up her life as a sarcifice. She is resigned to her fate- until she meets an unusual unknown man called Loki, who came in disguise.

Legend has it that the Fire God of the Fire Island would come down and choose a wife: Princess Kira (A wicked, and ruthless Fire Princess), and also Kate cousin…. But the Fire God has his own plans……

Fire God Of The Fire Island [completed] Season 1

Fire God Of The Fire Island [completed] Season 1

1 year ago