The Unseen World [completed]

2 years ago

By Gabriel Akilozi


In the heart of the small Watford city lies a big lab, a lab with a conducive and captivating atmosphere. The houses surrounding the lab were neatly arranged in a way that the lab was in their centre. Although the lab looked quiet and peaceful but no one would comprehend what was going on inside it.

” Just hold on for some minutes, it will soon be done. ” a young man who was operating a laptop and wearing a white lab coat and a hand glove shouted to other group of men who were struggling hard to lock a struggling man into a transparent glass like cylinder. ” Holy s--t ” another scientist whose right cheek had been scratched by the long nails of the struggling man cursed as blood gushed out from the spot. ” Hey James be fast ” the injured man shouted to the one who was operating the laptop. ” Am trying, am trying . ” he shouted back. ” This beast is going to kill us here ” the injured man shouted again as the struggling man pushed down another scientist. ” The virus is very active at this particular time” the man operating the laptop shouted again and almost immediately the whole light in the lab went off. ” Done ” the guy operating the laptop breathed out as everywhere became still, the struggling man had stop struggling and the scientists were relieved as they breathed out.
The light soon came back on, and the scientists carried the man who was now lying helpless on the floor, they successfully put him in the opened, transparent cylinder which was connected to a source of energy. Almost immediately the man started struggling again as he pushed vigorously but he couldn’t come out as the cylinder prevented him. ” Behold Charles, the once best scientist of Watford city. ” The man whose cheeks had been scratched earlier said pointing at the cylinder but looking at the other scientists who shakes their heads In pity.

The man who had been operating the laptop earlier stood up as he walked to where to where the cylinder was kept, ” Indeed everything as they say is vanity.” He said looking at the man, ” who would believe this is our own Charles? ” he asked, he asked no one in particular.

The Unseen World [completed] Season 1
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