Must Read: Witches and Wizards

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This story is a realization, something that has happened at one particular spot not ideology, it seems wisely to me to express the wickedness of this set of organization.

It tells about a war between Witches and Wizards, and a Child.

From the day Satan was sent down to earth and his angels Witches and Wizards started existing and operating wickedly.

Witches and Wizards as we all know they are the most enemy of success about 100% of died people today 75% or above are been killed by Witches and Wizards.

There is this place called Eziato. Eziato community is one of the biggest community in existence having 43 villages with good number of persons the fate about this community is nothing but tragedy likewise poverty and sickness boldly caused by Witches and Wizards.

Uzonta walking sluggishly holding his two hand at his back with his long chewing stick dancing on his rough black month while his eyes moving in different perspective prowling unnoticeable till he got attracted by Afoma’s son who just brought a new motor cycle.

Afoma’s son buying a motor cycle this one that just grew up recently eh! Ehhhh, at 23 his buying a motor cycle when he got to 28 it may be aeroplane i have to do something fast, Uzonta said and left unhappy.

12 mid night Uzonta appeared at Afoma’s front house in p**sycat form dropping some whitish form at the entrance and disappeared 5:57a.m.
Afoma’s son was the first to come out that’s how unlucky he was immediately he crossed the whitish form he fell down and died instantly.

Esther was so excited once she delivered her son for over 18 years she has never been giving birth to a living child if not miscarriage is death before delivering, she has lost 6 child.

by Light

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Witches And Wizards - S01
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