Must Read: BLIND PACT (completed)

3 years ago

by Bukola


Banke and Lolu arrive at their destination without difficulty. Lolu surveys the environment as they approach the door to an apartment.
“Are you sure about this?” He asks Banke for the umpteenth time.

Banke ignores his question as she approaches the door. She had explained everything to him on the way to their destination and she wondered why he was still bent on making her change her mind.

She takes a deep breath as she knocks on the door. She knows she should not be here but there was no turning back. She needed to know.

The door opens and the sight before her shocks her to the marrow. She staggers backward and Lolu catches her before she hits the ground.

Who is Lolu?
What did she see?
Why did she fell down?
*****Catch the answers to these riddles in this story****


Must Read: BLIND PACT (completed) Season 1
8 months ago