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Written by Yahaya… ?(07055783144?,

it was a friday evening and I was waking home, the ride from school was freer today unlike most days, sometimes its goes with luck to get a free road from traffic. I had removed my ear plugs from my pocket and my phone from my bag; I just can’t imagine what my eyes had seen while in school. I shook my head dismissing the thought and continued to fiddle with my phone searching for the right track to correct my illmood. I walked home as I usually did, ears plugged and my walk in sync with the rhythm of the beat. Sometimes I wondered if everyone was like me, I could run fast , as fast as a car at a low speed. and as a kid, I had the muscle build of an adult, muscular chest and very perky Tips, u couldn’t see it when my clothes where on, only when all were off could u see, admire or even lust over it. Sometimes while I work I would flex my muscles. By carrying heavy things so people that peered would keep peering anytime I come out to work.

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