Dance In The Graveyard [COMPLETED]

6 years ago

A story written by Samuel FAJ (2395CA65)…PREFACE

“Dance in the graveyard” is an oxymoron statement, that is not possible to happen to some extent in the real world.

A graveyard is a quiet and cool place, where mourning and burial is always the order of the day there. Where the nature of the place itself forbids drums. So how can a man dance in a graveyard? But the case of a man, Richard was like this. He was made to dance in a graveyard. #

He didn’t go to a graveyard. He was made to do what he was not suppose to do. Richard will like to tell you his story himself in the chapters of this book.

Story: Dance In The Graveyard [COMPLETED] Season 1

Story: Dance In The Graveyard [COMPLETED] Season 1

2 years ago