Love, Lust And Lost (STORY)

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This work of literature is supposed to be a non-fiction {true life story} but due to the use of language, diction, exaggeration and other literary devices to make it look real and natural, I would call it a faction. So the characters/names in this Novel(Story) had not been extensively modified except those that have some flaws to their characters had been modified. Any individual, families, relatives or friends who in one way or the other the story might relate to, should take no offense.

Originally written/penned in Lagos Nigeria
by George Adefemi Finnian.
Copyright (c) 2015 by George Adefemi


You see, my people! This word called ‘love’ had been given different definitions and expressed in ways we won’t delve into right now. It is not certain we could pick up a dictionary to know what love is. Love is feeling and so those who wrote or compiled the dictionary would have had diverse feelings to give their various definitions.
To you reading this piece, what does love means to you? Do not try to deceive yourself of the ‘lust’ you are into right now; many girlfriends, sugar mummies; many boyfriends, sugar daddies. Nah! Love is more than that, more than just mere lust or playing on others’ feelings.

The caresses of the water spurting out from the rock, the pressure of it against the rock and the coolness it gives to the rock are often amiable and could be seen as the love between the rock and the water.

The love of mother-nature towards its (most specifically) human inhabitant are also laudable. The sun shining brightly but with intended belligerence in its own stupidity on the human skin to dazzle it, hurt it or keep it warm is also one meaning of love.
The love between a mother and a child cannot be overemphasized. As the mother, no matter how angry she might be during the difficult upbringing of a child, would always love her child even when he/she steps on her most delicate nerve.

In the beginning of the world, after the first six days or so, God in his infinite goodness and total love made Adam and removed Eve from his ribs – to give man a love that would never depart from him. Though, God knowing fully well he was not like man in every nature, - might not have satisfied man to always be his love, even when he’ll never stop loving his own creations.
Perhaps, he knew his supremacy-of-love to be above what man would require as a close mate, - and gave him a man of his kind, which they could both share whatever nature of love (deceit) with each other.

The type of love exhibited by Adam and Eve, might have been genuine as the very second varying type of love after God’s love but if I were permitted to say it, - was a silly love (may God forgive me), because Adam being the first to be created out of them two and the first to receive instructions against the forbidden fruit of the tree of bad and evil; - should not have collected the fruit from his wife Eve (women sha!). But out of the genuine love shown in plain ‘mumuciousness’ by Adam, they were both cursed forever and lost the privilege of God’s love, even as he hasn’t stop loving them.

If that type of love still exist in the world today, the world would have been a better haven of love. The prevalent case is the opposite, -lust- filled in the world around us today, full of deceit.
Many young people now interchange or misinterpret love with lust. The world has drifted far from the world of true love. I remember vividly how our parents talked continuously about the way love was, in their own time, - though we were not present then and could not assert how true their stories might be, but could do nothing than to accept and believe the world has really changed. Romeo and Juliet case of love would be a more clarified and true meaning of what love should be as compiled in history and told today. It would be very rare to see a true and genuine love of such these days.
The type of love clamoured for is that which, when Boye is about to run bankrupt, Bioye would stand by him till the very end, - not one that sees her boyfriend/husband running into empty ‘can’ (pun not intended), and leave for another man reigning in affluence at the spur of that moment.

Adefemi, Zainab, Fatimah, Izuchukwu, Lazarus, Bola, Kazeem, and other colleagues the story would bring forth their characterization seemed to be overwhelmed by their last day in the Junior Secondary School not knowing what the future holds for them (particularly in their Senior School); their changing feelings from ordinary friendship into relationships would threaten not only their performances in academics but also their life in all facet.

Miss Funmi, and Miss Yemisi, the youth corps’ love for a boy of 14; - Femi, who was young in mind and didn’t know what love by these teachers’ meant.
Mr. John and his colleague, NYSC student-teachers, would never forget in their life their experience/s in the Business study class.

These and many other characters and themes are set on edge if you, my readers would permit me in my amateurish style of writing to present them to you as they come into mind and through inspiration, words of encouragement, comments, corrections and constructive criticism (the 3 C’s) as I’m just learning the trade of being a better and informed writer. This would also be the first story I would tell in the eyes-of-god/God narrative technique or as famously called the omniscient point of view/narration, so it might be a bit new to me but I would try to adjust the little I can in this technique as I learn more.

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