Val's Diary Series (Life As An Adult)

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After a very eventful National Youth service, Val returns home to start life as a real man.

What will become of him??

How will his relationship with Adaora who finally travelled out of the country be like?.

Do you remember the twin?? The new girl in the scene. What will be her role in the storyline. Is she working for Tessy or for herself??, will madam Tessy end up winning at the end.. . Hmmm

Find out all these and more in the season3 of our super Diary titled.

Season 1 & 2 comes up after season 3..

1) Val the major character of the series, is the first and only son of a local politician. Having attended a Seminary secondary school, he entered the university a virgin and was left under the care of a family friend’s Child {Frank} who opened his eyes to the real beauty of the World and taught him all he needed to know about women. Val Learnt quickly and soon joined the players league after his first girlfriend Christy *disvirgined *, used and dumped him. He slowly progressed into a professional, moving from one girl to another, until he met a church girl Agatha who almost turned him into a decent guy but the devil in him won in the end. He soon left Agatha and pitched tent with Chinwe whom he snatched from his not too experienced neighbour. Chinwe’s love almost tamed him but unfortunately Adaora got into the game with the support of Val’s family. It became a cat and dog game from that moment but in the end, he was forced to sacrifice Chinwe’s love and move on with the much preferred wealthy Adaora.

Things however never went smoothly for them because Adaora knew all Val’s weak spots and never gave him any breathing space.

He Finally graduates from the University and almost spent an extra year before qualifying for NYSC program which equally never went smoothly because he soon got himself into another mess by starting an unbelievable relationship with a rich society lady who equally was a divorcee. Things got explosive when Val finally tries to pull out of the relationship, resulting in blood shed, crime, blackmail and more passionate scenes. Surprisingly Adaora stood by Val’s side when she learnt of the whole affair but instead of things to get better, a new girl shows up to join the fight……

Frank: Being the only child of his parents and growing up in one of the villages in south eastern part of Nigeria. Frank grew up as a tough fighter and was much more than a controversial and chronic womanizer to friends. He was the type of guy who friends hide their girlfriends from whenever he was in the neighbourhood, because he had no honour when it came to going after anything in skirt.

He became a professor of sex, alcohol and gang life before even stepping foot in the university. However his rough way of life had limits, because he never participated in cultism and always had a way of succeeding in most pranks he played on women who were his major target. He also had a way of hiding his bad character family members.
In 2006 he gained admission in the university and Val became his roommate without knowing his real character.

Unfortunately his friendship with Val almost ended when Val decided to move into another apartment after he almost stole a girl from him. But as guys they soon reconciled but never lived together again.

Frank had quite a sizeable number of girls in his record, both prostitutes, runz girls, underaged girls and so on. He classified every girl as the same and never believed in love until he met Joy who almost cost him his life. Surprisingly Joy only had beauty on her, she wasn’t a graduate, neither did she come from a good nor noble family but yet she captured the obnoxious Frank’s heart.

Lastly Frank graduated and did the mandatory{NYSC} one year national service in Okitipupa south western Nigeria, which reduced his appearance in season2b of the Diary series. But towards the end of the same season he played a major role, when Val’s Lady friend; the popular madam Tessy tried winning him to her side with a job offer….

In season3 we are to find out if Frank is still as controversial as he used to be…

Sneak look @some major characters of our
Diary series…..

Chinwe: A very beautiful lady with a humble
character, made her
first appearance in season1 when she started
having little fights with
her boyfriend who was Val’s neighbour. She
slowly switched allegiance
and soon became Val’s secret room service girl
until the whole affair
turned into an open secret, causing other
members of the lodge
{students hostel} to impose some sanctions on the duo. Chinwe
thereafter had no choice than to totally submit
herself to Val who
then became her only friend and lover. But
unfortunately she soon
discovered that Val wasn’t a guy to trust but
there was nothing much
she could do than to endure it all since she
squarely depended on him
for almost everything. However Adaora’s
overbearing presence soon
broke her away from Val but still the love was
never destroyed even
though the chances of her getting back with
Val remains slim. But we
never can tell what will happen in season3

Adaora: Beautiful, strong, intelligent,
wealthy and proud. She
seems to be the kind of girl that could tame
Val. Her strong character
in season1 and 2 were quite impressive, even
though some of her
actions were controversial in nature. However
she seemed to love Val
with all her heart and there isn’t any doubt
they would make a great
couple, plus her inheritance. Yea she has it all.
Lol :)

The Twin girl:. Nothing was known of the
beautiful, sharp eyed
girl, popularly referred to as twin girl, until the
later part of
season2 when she played a big role of working
for the powerful madam
Tessy as a spy and later playing the love game
with Val. She is a girl
to watch out in season3. Yea she brought in a
whole new energy to the

Madam Tessy: Rich, young and powerful, The beauty queen had everything but love. Having been forced into marriage by her parents very early in life, she knew little or nothing about love. However her husband soon divorces her, settling the pretty queen with lots of money which she invested well and within few years turns herself into a high class affluent society lady. With money, beauty and everything now hers, she yearned for love once again, and her friend Elinor, convinced and urged her to go ahead with it, but she really wasn’t so sure on how to find the ideal man. Being a rich divorcee with two children she knew most guys would only want to take advantage of her but Elinor soon changed her ideology by introducing Val who easily captured her heart. Unfortunately Val soon wanted to opt out of the relationship after having a number of relations with her but she refused letting him go because she was already in love with him which led to so many hot scenes in season2….

Let’s wait and see what happens in season3.

7) Elinor: smart, intelligent, saucy, aggressive and greedy. Elinor was just a woman who will do anything for money. She introduced Val to her friend Tessy not just because she wanted to help her friend find love but to dupe her through Val. Unfortunately Val wasn’t as broke as she thought him to be and refused playing her game, resulting in too many cold fights that could have destroyed both of them. She’s really someone to watch out in Season3…
We are done with the highlights….

Story narrated & written by Valentine


Val's Diary Series (Life As An Adult) Season 1

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