A Bae Slapped Me For Failing To satify Her [completed]

1 year ago

by keissy fidmpa.

Babes are dsperately seaching for and praying for men to service them to satisfication.the ratio is like 100 belles of all ages to one man.so my bros dont joke around as i did to john’s wife and she ended up slapping me.if you arent interested on a bae,dont raise her temperature becoz she will not only curse u but also tell others that u are a time waster.i did that mistake last year. For a while,i had been seeing john’s wife and each time i bumped into her,we would briefly lock our eye.we would then exchange ‘hullo or hi’.from a distance john’s wife looks like tv star Tina.being i warm blooded brother i wanted to eat her but her humble character forced me to hold back my desire.there was nothing in her side to make me think that Mrs john had feelings for anyother man let alone your truly.but one day as i chilled wth my pal juma,mrs john walked by…

A Bae Slapped Me For Failing To satify Her [completed] Season 1
6 months ago