The Pastor’s Daughter – Church Member Narrates S*xual Encounter

4 years ago

A sizzling tale of s*xual experience by a member of a church with his pastor’s daughter well narrated to entertain and satisfy. (This article is rated 18+)

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I had noticed her in the church for a while now, She always sat in the front seat in preppy white or grey dresses.
Her dresses, while not very tight or revealing, seemed to always give subtle hints of her curves underneath. Often times, she would pass by me and I would catch a glimpse of her curvy ass as the dress swayed when she walked. I knew I should not be lusting after my pastor’s daughter, but this was not the first inappropriate urges I have had for inappropriate people.
She could not be more than 18 or 19 and her features were beautiful, yet innocent. Her lips were full, causing me to imagine them sliding up and down my cock. My d*ck was usually achingly erect whenever I saw her and her innocence seemed to call to me.
I knew better than to stroll on over and ask for her number while her father stood at the pulpit preaching hell and damnation for fornicators so I simply bided my time. Every Sunday, I would try and come up with ideas on how to get to her but was unsuccessful.
Finally, my chance came. The youths were organising a beach outing and although, I did not consider myself as part of the “youths,” knowing that she would be there made the trip more appealing. I signed up and one Saturday afternoon, a bunch of us were on the beach trying to party with only pure intentions.
During the party, whenever I saw her, she was almost always with a group of girls. Finally, I was able to catch her standing alone with a bottle of soft drink in hand. I walked over to where she stood and introduced myself. She stood stiffly as I talked, then after a few moments, she quickly collected my phone and typed in her number.
“I cannot be seen talking to you. It could get to my father. Just call me.” She whispered in a rush and hurried off. I left the gathering almost immediately as I had already gotten what I needed.
Two weeks later, I was sitting on the sofa, watching a TV show with Angela (that was her name) beside me. She had arrived a few minutes earlier and I was still trying to determine how best to get her where I needed her. She was wearing a blue dress today.
The hem stopped just above her thigh but the upper part was a bit tight so the outline of her boobs was visible. She wore a cardigan to cover up on her way here but removed it a few seconds after she entered my home.
She sat by me with her legs crossed causing her dress to hike up a bit. I put my arm around her then suddenly, she turned to me. “Are we just going to sit here or are we going to f*ck?”

I swallowed my gasp of surprise as I turned to her. But before I could speak, she said, “I have only an hour till I have to get back. My father thinks I am at a Bible study. Can we get this over with?”
Hey, who was I to question her anticipation? I pulled her off the sofa and led her to my bedroom. She immediately took off her clothes while I took off mine. Her body was absolutely banging underneath. I immediately pulled her closer to me and began kissing her neck. I groaned when she wrapped my cock with her hand and began to make back and forth motions. She leant away from my body and squatted, taking my cock in her mouth.
She wasted no time because she swiftly dipped my whole cock in her hot mouth and began to sU-Ck hungrily. She was m0an!ng as she f*cked me with her mouth. She looked up at me, maintaining eye contact as she bobbed back and forth on my cock. Soon, it was glistening with her saliva and her tongue moved underneath my shaft. She wrapped her wet mouth around my balls and my hand quickly went to grab her head.
“F*ck me,” she said. She opened her mouth wide and I could see the path to her throat. She waited expectantly then I shoved my cock into her sweet little mouth and began to do as she said. I held her head still as I followed the path into her throat and fu-Cked away. She let me do that over and over again then pushed my hips and removed her mouth.
She walked on over to the bed. She bent on all fours, showing me the beauty that was her waiting ass and c*nt. I knelt between her legs and guided my cock to the entrance of her p*ssy.
“Are you kidding me?!” She asked loudly. I pulled back. “What?” “I am a virgin, you idiot. F*ck my asshole.”
This time around, I did gasp in shock. She reached back, grabbed my c*ck, led it to her asshole then pushed back so her anus was covering the head of my c*ck. I lost myself at that moment and pushed into her.
She m0aned out loud. “Oh f*ck. Oh Lord Jesus! F*ck me! Yes.” She said between m0ans and squeals. I did f*ck her. My shaft sliding in and out of her tight asshole. My cock got so deep that the entrance of her hole was wrapped snugly against the base of my d*ck. I pulled out, almost completely then shoved back in again. Each time I entered her, she cried out.
I held her by the waist to keep her still because she kept trying to push back to meet my thrusts. I wanted to savour what she was offering and I needed the control. She bent her torso so I could enter deeper and I pressed down on her hips while I f*cked away.
She would m0an, groan, shriek and cry out each time I thrust into her. I could not believe that this proper young girl was letting me fu-Ck her asshole. I rubbed my palm against her ass, wanting to fully enjoy what was being offered as I thrust into her harder and harder.

I felt my climax building and took a second to imagine what it would be like, shooting hot cum up her ass but Angela had other plans.
She squirmed out from under me and turned around to swallow my c*ck. She wrapped those full lips around it and began to sU-Ck, calling forth my climax. I held her head again, tightly, this time, making sure she does not move as my cum began to escape in spurts.
I needn’t have bothered. She swallowed each spurt expertly and waited patiently for me to be empty, then she licked off some of the remnants that dripped down her mouth and around my cock-head.
She got out of my bed, took a shower and left almost immediately. The last thing I thought about before I dozed off was that church would never be the same for me, not when I now know what the pastor’s daughter gets up to.

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