Seducing The ICT Guy (21+) [COMPLETED]

5 years ago

A story written by @MissyErotica

I put a s£duct!on plan in motion some weeks back and it finally came to fruition today! There’s this guy in the ICT Unit at work that I have been eying for sometimes now. I accidentally stumbled on the fact that he is well endowed downstairs. How, you would ask. I had gone to the ICT section to do some uploading, it should have been done in the safety of my office but there was something wrong with the router linking the group of offices in my wing to the server. It just was not connecting to the internet, so I had no choice but to go finish up in the ICT unit.

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Seducing The ICT Guy (21+) [COMPLETED] Season 1

Seducing The ICT Guy (21+) [COMPLETED] Season 1

1 year ago