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The alpha’s omega mate [Completed]

Story 1 week ago

The alpha’s omega mate [Completed]

❇❇The Alpha's Omega Mate❇❇




Dearest Of Desires… }



In a wolf pack, Alpha is the highest rank and also the king.

They are the strongest and they have every other pack members below them, their wolves are the biggest and also the strongest.

On the opposite side is the Omega,

Omega is the lowest position in a werewolves pack, they are the weakest and the most timid werewolves, they are mostly hated by every wolves in their whole pack, hence, they are taken and treated like slaves who work and serve the other wolves.

GENRES: Werewolves /Romance/ Erotica

TAGS: Packs, Supernatural, Speeds, Shape shifting, Dark Powers, Mates, Witches, Deaths, Wars, Emotional, Slaves, Ranks.

THEME; A Moonlight Path.

Written By: Summer Gold R.

The alpha’s omega mate - S01
Story | 1 week ago

The alpha’s omega mate - S01