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God Of Fishing - S01 E1629

Story 3 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1629

The Birth of A King

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

With the Vast Ocean Navigator, as long as there was a weak spot in the void storm, Han Fei could drill through it.

After coming out, Han Fei wanted to leave.

However, on second thought, the destruction of the Blood Sea Divine Wood City should be accompanied by the destruction of the Millennium Snapper race.

This was something that Han Fei had thought of earlier. Therefore, when he found the Fish Dragon King and Yang Ruoyun, their fate was already decided.

He came back at this moment just because he was curious.

Han Fei had anticipated Yang Ruoyun’s death.

She had always resorted to petty tricks, but they were useless against an old monster like Zhang Xiaotian. This was the disadvantage of petty tricks. The strong relied on their strength after all. Of course, it was better to have brains.

The old turtle said, “The Sun-Moon Shells have a lot of resources. Do you want them?”

Han Fei’s face immediately darkened. “Who are you looking down upon? I, Han Fei, will not rob these petty things! The Zhang family of the Thousand Star City is my first choice.”

Han Fei didn’t try to sneak into the White Shell Royal City.

Instead of sneaking in now… and taking the risk, why not go to the Yin-Yang World first? Sweeping the big clans first was the most important thing.

And to go to the Yin-Yang World, he could only go to the Cloud Sea Divine Tree.

However, before he went, Han Fei specifically used the Vast Ocean Navigator to search for the Fish Dragon King. This brother, from the arrogance he showed in the beginning to the endurance he showed now, could actually have become a great talent

However, the Vast Ocean Navigator didn’t turn, which meant that this guy might have died.

Han Fei shrugged and said casually, “I wanted to send you off, but it’s a pity,

Half a day later.

On the top of the tree in the Fiery Sea.

Han Fei arrived quietly. He looked at the little bald guy who was absorbing the heavenly fire on the top of the tree and smiled. “Golden Crow, long time no see.”


At this moment, the Golden Crow’s strength was completely different from before.

‘When he saw the Golden Crow last time, he was still a child and was very weak.

Now it seemed that in just a few years, he was already a peak-level law enforcer.

This speed made Han Fei speechless. Although he was fast back then, he wasn’t as fast as the Golden Crow. How could he become a peak-level law enforcer just by sitting here?

The flames on the Golden Crow jumped and he looked at Han Fei in shock. “Who are you? How did you get here? Teacher, teacher…”

Han Fei really didn’t look like a good person. He was wearing a red mask and pretending to be a big shot. Besides, Han Fei could pass the perception of the Venerables and appear directly on the top of the Fire Tree… Few people in the entire Cloud Sea Divine Tree had such strength.


The Golden Crow cried, and three insect queens arrived.

“Who are you?”

“Why have you come to the Cloud Sea Divine Tree?”

“Tweet ~”

An insect queen was about to summon people when the void trembled, and an elegant rose-red robe appeared. Queen Life slowly walked out of the void and looked at Han Fei.

The three insect queens were relieved to see Queen Life. Since the queen had come, even the White Armored Emperor wouldn’t be able to threaten them now.

Queen Life was a little surprised. She nodded at the three insect queens. “You can leave now! I’ll take care of this.”

‘The three insect queens were all surprised. The queen wanted to deal with this person personally? Was this person a king?

That’s not right!

The aura on him was clearly that of an advanced Venerable. However, the three of them didn’t ask much. Since the queen had given the order, they could retreat.

At this moment, Bai Suzhen came over from the void too.

Bai Suzhen was very calm when she saw Han Fei. She wasn’t surprised by Han Fei’s weird appearance.

Han Fei looked at Bai Suzhen and asked in surprise, “A Half-Venerable? You’re growing fast. Is there a problem?”

Queen Life: “No problem. Her cultivation speed should be so fast.”

Bai Suzhen was surprised to hear Han Fei asking about her. “Who are you?”

Han Fei lifted the mask, revealing a cracked face that looked like cracked china.

“Hiss ~”

“Han Fei

The Golden Crow looked at Han Fei in shock. “How did you become like this?”

Bai Suzhen also looked at Han Fei in surprise. “Your face… No, there’s something wrong with your body?”

Only then did Bai Suzhen notice that Han Fei’s hand was also full of cracks too. Obviously, Han Fei was seriously injured.

After a long silence, Queen Life said, “I didn’t expect… that you actually survived that situation.”

Han Fei smiled. “Maybe I’m lucky… Everyone else has died. I’m here to borrow the channel.”

Queen Life asked curiously, “Then how did you get here? Is there another passage leading to this place in the Yin-Yang World?”

Han Fei shook his head. “I came from the Wall of Death.”

Queen Life narrowed her eyes and said to Bai Suzhen, “Suzhen, take the Golden Crow back to the Heavenly Palace.”

The Golden Crow didn’t want to leave yet and immediately said, “Teacher, Han Fei and I still have something to talk about…”

Queen Life glanced at the Golden Crow. “You can talk to him when you become a Venerable.”

Bai Suzhen gave Han Fei a deep look, pulled the Golden Crow, and entered the void passage.

After the two of them left, Queen Life said, “I tried to enter the Wall of Death, but I found that I couldn’t break it. Can you?”

Han Fei said,

“s easiest for a new Venerable or a Half-Venerable to enter it. The stronger you are, the harder it is to enter.”

Queen Life said, “Many people from the Cloud Sea Divine Tree have entered it, but none of them have come out. Are you saying that you came directly from the Yin-Yang World?”

Han Fei smiled and said, “You can say that, but the Yin-Yang World is not directly connected to the Water-Wood World. Inside the Wall of Death is an extremely huge cage. This cage sealed the Yin-Yang World and the Water-Wood World inside. Inside the cage, there are Venerables everywhere, as many

explorers as the army of insects. All the explorers in the Cloud Sea Divine Tree and the White Shell Royal City added up can’t even compare to one-tenth in the cage.”


Han Fei clearly saw that Queen Life’s face trembled. She seemed to be thinking, How is it possible?

However, knowing Han Fei’s identity, Queen Life knew that Han Fei had no reason to lie to her.

Queen Life: “Is there a king there?”

Han Fei shook his head and said, “A crazy master of the Dragon Subduing Heavenly Palace. He’s very strong but is sealed by an array. Also, there are a few fake kings inside. Their strength is about three times that of a Half-King, or greater.”

“Dragon Subduing Heavenly Palace Lord?”

Queen Life was obviously stunned by Han Fei.

To be honest, she wasn’t familiar with the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds either. When she inherited the Water-Wood World, she inherited some knowledge, which only briefly introduced the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds.

But obviously, Han Fei knew the related knowledge.

Queen Life asked, “Is he a friend or an enemy?”

Han Fei said, “He’s a lunatic now, so it can’t be sure whether he is a friend or an enemy. His story… is quite complicated. If you meet him in the future, he shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t mention the dragon race to him.”

“Dragon race?”

Queen Life was a little confused. What did Han Fei know? Why was there a dragon race here? Were they legendary dragons?

Han Fei said, “I’m just telling you that the cage seal can’t be broken now. No matter how you fight the White Armored Emperor in the future, don’t break the cage seal.”

Queen Life said indifferently, “That seal can’t be broken, right? It seems to have exceeded the power of a king.”

Han Fei shook his head and said, “There are some problems with it now. Perhaps it will only take a few years, decades, or hundreds of years for the seal to break… As time goes by, there will only be more problems. There may even be some cracks, and some explorers might come out in advance. But

people from the Cloud Sea Divine Tree, don’t enter it.”

Queen Life nodded. “Okay, I see. Your body…”

Han Fei asked, “Do you have any treasures that can strengthen the body?”

Queen Life nodded. “Yes. How about Immeasurable Fruits?”

Han Fei looked at Queen Life for a moment and said leisurely, “Then forget it!”

Queen Life: “..”

This was the first time she had been despised by others. Immeasurable Fruit! Other people were scrambling to get it, but you actually despised it?

Queen Life said, “You can tell me… what’s wrong with your body exactly? My spring water might be able to heal you.”

Han Fei’s eyes lit up. “My Indestructible Body is too strong, so my flesh and blood are not tough enough. I need to temper my body and balance them.”

Queen Life: “…”

Queen Life couldn’t have felt worse. Thinking of Han Fei and Xue Fan’s performance in the Heavenly Tribulation that day… Forget it, he couldn’t be measured by human standards.

Queen Life said, “Then you’d better keep looking for… Perhaps, Yin-Yang World has such an opportunity? I… I think you should go back to Yin-Yang World first.”

Han Fei’s face changed slightly. “What’s wrong with the Yin-Yang World?”

Queen Life: “Jing’er sent a message that a king has been born on your side?”


Han Fei vomited a mouthful of blood. “What?”

Han Fei was dumbfounded. “Impossible… A king? Which one?”

Queen Life: “It might be the fake king you mentioned. Because that person hunted Jing’er but she escaped.”


Han Fei patted his chest. “Junior Sister, don’t speak this way next time… It’s really scary…”

However, as soon as Han Fei said so, Queen Life’s cold voice rang. “What did you call me?”

Han Fei said, “…I… Uh, I need to go back as soon as possible. The fake king is causing trouble. Yin-Yang World needs me now.”

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