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God Of Fishing - S01 E1628

Story 3 months ago

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Yang Ruoyun Died

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

‘When Han Fei stood outside the Blood Sea Divine Wood, he saw nothing but devastation.

Even near the Blood Sea Divine Wood, void cracks often appeared.

Above the sky, in all directions, the space cracks gradually formed a void storm. That was not a good place to stay. The slightest carelessness would cause one to sink into an eternal void black hole.

Generally speaking, if you were trapped there, you would probably be killed. If you were lucky enough to survive, where could you go? Or would you be lost in the darkness forever? No one knew the answer.

Seeing the void storm, the old turtle suddenly said, “If you’re willing to cultivate here for ten years, tempering your body at the edge of the void storm might increase your physical strength by ten percent.”

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth twitched. “No! If I want my body to be completely compatible with my Indestructible Golden Body, I need to be at least 50% stronger.”


Han Fei:

Han Fei said, “So, this 10% is too little and too slow for me. I can also refine my flesh and blood with heavenly thunder, which will not only strengthen my body by 10%.”

Han Fei was talking about deducing the seventh level of Void Fishing.

At this time, Han Fei had already felt the power of the heavenly tribulation. The seventh level of the Void Fishing corresponded to the king realm. Therefore, Han Fei wasn’t confident enough and hadn’t deduced it yet.

Han Fei decided that he would use it when he became a peak-level Venerable and was about to break through to become a Half-King… Or, he could try to master the Indestructible Overlord Body first.

As for the cultivation of the Indestructible Overlord Body, he was still lacking the unification of bones, soul, and flesh.

However, none of these were a perfect solution.

Han Fei also knew a place that could help him temper his body, and the tempering might be fast and effective. That was… the Thunder Prison.

Unfortunately, the Thunder Prison was a forbidden-level secret realm in the White Shell Royal City.

It was not impossible to find an opportunity to enter it, or even not difficult. However, to open a forbidden-level secret realm? That would definitely attract a lot of attention.

Therefore, Han Fei could only solve the main problem first before he entered the Thunder Prison again.

As for what the old turtle said, to leave Yin-Yang World and Water-Wood World… it was not the time yet. He didn’t want to leave as an advanced Venerable.

The existence of Xue Fan and the White Armor Emperor made Han Fei see the horror of the strong.

There might not be that many obsessed and evil cultivators like Xue Fan, but there were definitely many ordinary kings like the White Armor Emperor in the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds!

A White-Armored Emperor could resist the Heavenly Tribulation in a short time… If the White Armor Emperor caught him, he would probably be blown up in one second.

Zhao Xianglong was even more terrifying!

That guy had slaughtered countless dragons and hadn’t died yet… He might have fought hundreds of millions of kilometers of the sea alone. But there were countless such strong masters outside.

Han Fei clearly remembered that Zhao Xianglong had searched for helpers everywhere. Although no one helped him, were the people he turned to for help all weaker than him?

Not necessarily!

To the strong, they wouldn’t ask the weak for help! Therefore, although Han Fei hadn’t visited the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds yet, he knew that there must be many strong masters there.

Suddenly, Han Fei felt that only the big clans in the Yin-Yang World were easy to bully!

Of course, although Han Fei had a lot of ideas, he was still sitting cross-legged. Stepping on the Spirit Gathering Array, countless Spirit Gathering Arrays gathered into a large Spirit Gathering Array, and a tremendous amount of spiritual energy was gathered.

He needed to wait a day for the Vast Ocean Navigator to recover

In this sudden battle, the ones who suffered the greatest blow were the Millennium Snapper cultivators in the Blood Sea Divine Wood City.

On that day, tens of millions of Millennium Snappers lost their vitality and died for no reason. Many Millennium Snappers were dumbfounded and didn’t even have the time to cry.

For them, this was the end of the world.

The Big Red Trunks were collapsing, the ground veins were collapsing, the Blood Sea Divine Wood was cracking, and their companions were dying… The only thing they could do was to escape

In fact, these Millennium Snappers didn’t know that they were actually lucky. Those unlucky ones had already been sucked to death by Xue Fan.

But in any case, the Blood Demons were the common enemy of the Cloud Sea Divine Tree and the White Shell Royal City. Now that their king had perished, the other two parties wouldn’t show any mercy to them.

In the past three months, although Han Fei didn’t feel anything, 13 Venerables had actually died.

In the past three months, Yang Ruoyun had the most complicated feelings.

She had turned from a human being into a Millennium Snapper because she didn’t want to be a human being anymore. She felt that it was extremely difficult for her to stand out among the crowd and become a powerhouse. However, she happened to have the opportunity to become a strong master. It

was indeed difficult for ordinary people to refuse.

But now, Yang Ruoyun wasn’t sure.

She knew that the disaster was probably related to Han Fei.

She thought that Han Fei would fulfill his promise, because not only did Han Fei give her a top-level cultivation technique, but he also signed a Great Dao oath with her. After this matter, he would never touch her again. After all, Han Fei was so strong now. He didn’t have to bother with her, right?

Little did Yang Ruoyun know that Han Fei was going to destroy the Blood Sea Divine Wood City!

At this moment, millions of Millennium Snapper were being besieged, and the battle line spread across a million kilometers. The Blood Sea Divine Wood City had become a paradise for adventure in the Water-Wood World.

Neither the White Armor Emperor nor Mu Wuhua was prepared to accept the Blood Demons. After all, Xue Fan’s performance was too weird.

They all knew that these Blood Demons were actually Xue Fan’s blood bank.

If they really accepted these Blood Demons, who would they cry to if something went wrong?

Therefore, they just let their subordinates kill the Blood Demons. This was what they deserved for following an evil king.

At this moment, Yang Ruoyun was fleeing with a hundred people. There were two groups of people chasing her, one was sea demons and the other was insects.

“Ruoyun, I’m afraid we can’t escape. You have a lot of resources on you. Run quickly. Don’t think about avenging us in the future. The Blood Sea Divine Wood City is doomed.”

Someone sighed. “Unfortunately, we are supposed to be human beings.”

Someone turned back. “I want to fight and die like a human… I hope that I will be a human again in my next life.”

Pursing her lips, Yang Ruoyun watched the people following her dwindle. Gritting her teeth, she cried and fought desperately for survival.

In the end, when a bald head blocked her way, Yang Ruoyun knew that she was doomed.

Yang Ruoyun took a deep breath. “Zhang Xiaotian, I want to know why you’re chasing me.”

Zhang Xiaotian looked at Yang Ruoyun casually and said expressionlessly, “Hand over the resources.”

Yang Ruoyun said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. If I had resources, I would’ve long since handed them out to a Venerable in exchange for his protection.”

Zhang Xiaotian shook his head slightly. “Then die!”

“Wait a minute ~”

The desire to survive made Yang Ruoyun activate her instincts. She said, “Wait, I don’t have them with me. I’ll take you to get the resources.”


However, Zhang Xiaotian appeared in front of Yang Ruoyun in the next second and pierced her chest with a spear.

Zhang Xiaotian smiled. “Do you know that I can actually feel your mental waves? You’re lying to me.”

Then, Zhang Xiaotian extended his hand, pierced Yang Ruoyun’s jaw with two fingers, and took out a bloody Sun-Moon Shell.

At this moment, Yang Ruoyun hadn’t died yet, but Zhang Xiaotian had shattered her heart and reached out to suck her power.

Zhang Xiaotian said, “Little girl, I’ve lived more than 6,000 years. How can you trick me? Just rest in peace! In this vast sea, the prosperity or destruction of a race happens every day. It’s just that your race is a little bigger.”

A moment later, when Zhang Xiaotian sucked the last wisp of power from Yang Ruoyun and was about to tear through the void to leave

suddenly, he turned around, only to see a man wearing a red mask standing behind him.

At that moment, Zhang Xiaotian felt a chill down his spine.

“Who are you?”

Han Fei said in a low voice, “I’m… someone you can’t defeat.”

Zhang Xiaotian:


The void shattered, and Zhang Xiaotian made a prompt decision to trigger the surrounding void to get a chance to escape.

Han Fei, on the other hand, didn’t move at all. A suppressing pressure descended, instantly crushing Zhang Xiaotian’s body into pieces.

Zhang Xiaotian turned into a big octopus and looked at Han Fei in shock. “Are you… a Half-King?”

Han Fei blinked and looked at him. Then he waved his hand, and a space crack turned into a knife light, crushing a piece of flesh that splashed out.


When the knife approached, the flesh surged and tried to escape by burning its blood. Unfortunately, it was just wishful thinking.

When Zhang Xiaotian died, Han Fei finally said leisurely, “I am your father.”

The old turtle was lost for words. You killed him just because he once fought you? Look at you, you’re so damn vengeful. You don’t look like a good person at all.

Han Fei grabbed the Sun-Moon Shell and checked Zhang Xiaotian’s own Sun-Moon Shell.

“Humph, a bunch of rubbish.”

Han Fei stomped, and a cave appeared. Yang Ruoyun’s body fell into it.

Han Fei threw the two Sun-Moon Shells in and said casually, “I didn’t kill you, but I’m not obligated to save you, right? I would’ve considered saving you if you were still a human. Unfortunately… you’re not.”

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