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God Of Fishing - S01 E1627

Story 3 months ago

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Remnants of Divine Son

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Hearing what the old turtle said, Han Fei was stunned for a long time and then laughed.

It turned out that Old Yuan was still scared! Now was the best time for him to cozy up to Han Fei. Old Yuan, such a smart turtle, finally knew to seize the moment.

In the old turtle’s opinion, it was extremely uncomfortable to sign a master-servant contract with Han Fei. However, Xue Fan’s tribulation proved Han Fei’s luck again.

If the Blood Sea Divine Wood didn’t know Han Fei, if Han Fei didn’t send his men to the Blood Sea Divine Wood City, if Han Fei didn’t obtain the Earth Vein Spring by chance, if the Divine Son didn’t sacrifice himself to protect Han Fei, if Han Fei didn’t have the Nine Death Soul Splitting Octopus… All these

ifs were the reason why Han Fei could survive such a heavenly tribulation!

Poor Xue Fan. He was definitely a legend of an era. He was probably one of the most cunning people he had ever seen. However, he was still killed by Han Fei.

Xue Fan had probably considered the backlash of the Blood Sea Divine Wood, but he didn’t expect Han Fei’s influence on his tribulation.

He believed that he could withstand the backlash from the Blood Sea Divine Wood. In fact, the moment the Blood Sea Divine Wood revealed its soul was the best time for him to devour it.

However, Han Fei had mastered the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique and sacrificed ten thousand years of his vitality to help the Divine Son purify evil. This resulted in the failure of Xue Fan’s Parasitic Technique, so he could only avoid the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique.

In fact, from this matter, it could also be seen that the Great Dao of Heaven Enlightenment was stronger than the Great Dao of Parasitism. At least, it was stronger than the Great Dao of Parasitism that Xue Fan had mastered now.

At this moment, Han Fei chuckled. “Old Yuan, you should have done this a long time ago. A master-servant contract is not shameful. I won’t really treat you as an old servant. In the future, maybe I can find your body for you. If I become an emperor or even a god one day, you’ll be in for a treat.”

The old turtle was lost for words. “Stop dreaming… Since I’ve already decided, let’s sign the contract… You’ve used up all the things you can use to temper your body. In this area, your body tempering has reached the limit. It’s very difficult for you to further improve your body. You need a truly powerful

body tempering technique now.”

Han Fei looked at his body that was full of cracks and took a deep breath. “Is my body refining technique not enough?”

The old turtle snorted. “The two heavenly tribulations tempered your bones to the limit that a Venerable can bear. But you can still become stronger… This shows that your Indestructible Golden Body is still far from your limit in a sense. Although your bones can continue to become stronger, your body

can’t withstand it. As you transcend the tribulation, the problem will only become more and more serious… Do you want your flesh and blood to disappear when you become a king, leaving nothing but bones?”

Han Fei said, “My body is already sturdier than most people. Then what about others?”

The old turtle said, “Their bodies may not be strong, but their coordination is good! Although your body is strong, it’s not coordinated enough. Besides, aren’t you walking the mediocre path like most ordinary kings?”

Han Fei shook his head and narrowed his eyes. “Then how can I get a good body refining technique?”

The old turtle said, “It’s time for you to leave this place. The Water-Wood World and the Yin-Yang World are a bigger cage. Except for the three kings, there’s basically nothing else that can improve your strength. Although I have a body-tempering technique, it’s a great technique of my Turtle clan that

you can’t use. You need to go to the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds to find a stronger body-tempering technique. Besides, from now on, you need to use all your strength to temper your body.”

Han Fei perked up and smiled. “Before I leave, I have something to do.”

All contracts were a binding force based on the rules of the Great Dao.

It was said that in ancient times, many things could be bound by a contract… It was like borrowing money from someone and letting the heavens vouch for him, If that person refused to return the money, the heavens would strike him to death with lightning.

This was the restriction of the contract.

There was nothing special about the master-servant contract, except that it was more binding on the servants.

In other words, the old turtle had his own independent thoughts and actions, but he couldn’t bite his master, attack his master, hate him, or secretly push his master into danger.

If the master died, the servant died. If the servant died, the master was fine.

That was all the content of the contract.

In fact, if Han Fei and the old turtle only regarded the contract as a bond of cooperation, like a contract, the old turtle could accept it.

From the very beginning, what the old turtle found most unacceptable was that he, a dignified emperor, became someone else’s servant.

If the old turtle had met someone like Emperor Sparrow in the beginning, the old turtle would have immediately agreed with a smile.

But now, Han Fei’s strength and luck proved his extraordinary strength.

As Han Fei said, if he became a king, he wouldn’t be of much use to Han Fei. Once Han Fei entered the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds, what he saw would be different.

A moment later, when Han Fei felt that the contract was complete and he could even control the old turtle’s life and death

At that moment, the Demon Purification Pot suddenly disappeared from the depths of Han Fei’s sea of consciousness. After leaving Han Fei’s sea of consciousness, the Demon Purification Pot returned to Han Fei’s soul and seemed to be able to extend out between his eyebrows.

Han Fei asked in surprise, “Old Yuan, do you want to come out for a walk?”

The old turtle shook his head. “No, I’m just a soul body. When you leave this place or return to the Yin-Yang World, release Gui Sanging, and I can parasitize him.”

One day passed.

It had been three and a half months since the battle that day. Han Fei spent the rest of the month refining his body in Forge the Universe.

At this moment, Han Fei’s face, which wasn’t handsome to start with, was full of cracks and looked even a bit scary.

Han Fei grabbed a piece of Blood Sea Divine Wood and a mass of spiritual fire appeared in his hand. In less than 50 seconds, a red mask appeared in his hand.

This red mask only had two holes in its eyes, and its nose slightly bulged. Han Fei casually covered the mask on his face.

To be honest, it was not that Han Fei couldn’t change, but that he happened to see the Blood Sea Divine Wood and wanted to use it. After all, wearing a mask was quite cool.

Besides, it was better not to be recognized.

At this time, Han Fei sighed slightly. “What a pity. The divine son sacrificed his life to save me, but I can’t return this favor!”

The old turtle said, “Actually, he’s not necessarily dead.”


Han Fei’s face changed slightly. “What do you mean?”

The old turtle said, “Demon plants, just like your other teacher… the Water Immortal. When a demon plant dies, it will very likely leave behind a seed. Even if it won’t be the original him after the seed grows up again, they want to live on. This is the instinct of demon plants… You can find it with the Vast

Ocean Navigator.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows. Really? Are demonic plants really so powerful?

Just now, when the old turtle was speaking halfway, Han Fei’s eyes lit up. At this time, the Vast Ocean Navigator appeared in his hand and began to spin.

As long as it was spinning, there was hope.

The old turtle said, “You can also look for that Xue Fan.”

After the baptism of the final terrifying explosion, Xue Fan’s Big Red Trunk body couldn’t be found at all. The divine son’s Blood Sea Divine Wood trunk and branches were all crushed, and some of them might become treasures.

Only the part from the bottom of the sea to the surface of the whole tree was left, which was also seriously damaged. But even so, Han Fei couldn’t put it into Forge the Universe.

The Blood Sea Divine Wood Body, in theory, was comparable to the Cloud Sea Divine Wood, but the divine son didn’t develop it that much. Finally, about 800 meters from the bottom of the sea, Han Fei entered a tree and came to a strange dark space.

“Eh! This is…”

Han Fei couldn’t help being puzzled. A strange space collapsed inside the body of the divine son… No power was shown, but it couldn’t be detected?

The old turtle said, “This is his Origin Sea.”

Han Fei’s heart stirred. He extended his hand and disappeared into the tree.

When Han Fei returned to the land of the Grand Myriad Mountains, he couldn’t help but sigh. It turned out that the entrance to the Origin Sea was like this, collapsing into such a state.

Han Fei scanned around with his perception and saw a small red branch growing on the mountain where he came out last time.


Han Fei let out a sigh of relief and said, “It seems that divine son still left a trump card. However, wasn’t he afraid that I couldn’t find it…”

The old turtle said, “At least, it’s better to keep it in his Origin Sea than outside. If it’s possessed again, he’ll be completely annihilated.”

Han Fei appeared on the top of the mountain with a swish, carefully dug out this small tree, and put it into the Sea Quelling Painting.

It was stored in the Sea Quelling Painting instead of Forge the Universe because this small tree couldn’t enter the latter at all. Han Fei felt great resistance. Unlike when he brought the Water Immortal with him, Han Fei wasn’t sure if the divinity of the divine son had been completely burned up. Anyway,

the price to place it in Forge the Universe was too high.

After finding the divine son, Han Fei looked at the land of the Grand Myriad Mountains, which was also the Origin Sea of divine son, and said, “Old Yuan, is such a big space just wasted like this?”

The old turtle asked, “Do you want to take it away?”

Han Fei asked, “Can I?”

Pondering for a moment, the old turtle said, “No.”

Han Fei was lost for words. “Isn’t that the same as not saying anything?”

‘The old turtle said, “Now that divine son has just died, his soul is dead, but his body isn’t completely dead. This Origins Sea will slowly absorb the remaining power of his body. In the end, when there is no power to use, he will return to the world.”

Han Fei frowned. “How long will it take?”

The old turtle: “I’m not sure. It depends on the time when the Origin Sea collapses. But no matter how fast it is, it’ll take at least hundreds of years.”

Han Fei said, “Is the Origin Sea useless after its master dies?”

The old turtle said, “The power of the Origin Sea will return to the world and then the world will feed it to the millions of races in the world. How can it be useless?”

Han Fei curled his lips. “I know, the energy conservation law…”

After finding the remains of the divine son, Han Fei searched in his Origin Sea again. After confirming that there were no traces of Xue Fan, he cut open the void and went out.

When he used the Vast Ocean Navigator for the third time, Han Fei still found the remains of Xue Fan. This guy hid a small vine about an inch long in a remote dilapidated sandland more than 50 kilometers underground with a red seed underneath.

Han Fei crushed the red seed without hesitation, not even leaving any dregs.

Perhaps this red seed would grow into a different Big Red Trunk. However, he couldn’t be merciful now. Otherwise, if he gave Xue Fan a chance, he might be able to turn the world upside down again one day.

To be honest, Han Fei didn’t think Xue Fan was very talented, and at least Xue Fan was not as talented as him… But was talent everything? In terms of strategy, even those who were a few levels more talented than Xue Fan would probably be crushed by him.

Wasn’t the divine son inferior to Xue Fan in terms of talent? Han Fei didn’t believe it. However, even the divine son had fallen for Xue Fan’s trick.

It could be seen that the path of cultivation didn’t rely solely on talent.

After confirming the death of Xue Fan, Han Fei felt much more at ease.

Looking around, Han Fei smiled. “Old Yuan, we should go out..”

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