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Can You See Me - S01 E131

Story 3 months ago

Read Story: Can You See Me On Zeeworld, Wednesday 12th April 2023 Update

We start the episode with Suman walking searching Gulgule and clashes with Babli. Babli warns if something wrong happens during party, she will not spare her and Suchi. Suchi reads Aarav’s message that he wants to make their new year’s eve special for her. She walks into hall where Aarav sings and dances on Ek Baara Aabhi Jaa Yaara…

song and dances holding her. Pihu walks towards Anandita emotionally. He switches off light and kneeling down proposes Suchi, showing her diamond ring. Mansi walks towards Anandita holding knife.

Pihu shouts mamma.. Suchi runs away calling Anandita. Mansi hides. Suchi runs searching Anandita and finds her under table. She gets worried seeing Anandita’s hand injured and bleeding. Subodh and others gather. Suchi says someone has attacked Mansi purposefully. Pihu blames herself that she should not have come in front of mamma.

Babli takes Mansi to her room and scolds why did she attack Anandita, now they are in trouble and will be exposed. Gulgule hears their conversation standing near door and informs Suman. Aarav also hears that. Suman goes and knocks Babli’s door. Aarav also joins. Babli hides Mansi behind cupboard and acts as crying sitting on bed. Aarav asks what she is doing here instead of enjoying party. Babli says missing Mansi. Gulgule says she is lying, he heard her scolding someone. Babli scolds she was not and scolds Gulgule why is he lying and creating doubt in her son’s mind.

Suchi prays god and hopes things will get normalize, but why she is feeling something unforeseen will happen. Gopal thinks everything is in Suchi’s hands now. Mansi in her room reveals that she was acting to escape jail and is mentally well. Babli walks in and explains her what to do. Mansi hears everything, then determines she will not go back easily without accomplishing her goal… Drama continues..

A doctor attends to Anandita’s injury ,when Subodh asks her to take the Tetanus injection as per the doctor’s advice she refuses saying that she can look after herself.

Subodh reminds her that they are still together ,she responds that had he shown this care and concern when Pihu was alive ,their world would have been different.

Subodh ,with a crestfallen face,takes the doc outside.Pihu who is standing there only gets annoyed with Gopal and asks him is this what he wants her to watch…..how her parents fight.Gopal replies ‘yes’and adds that Suchi is right ,if this continues,her parents will be seperated shortly.Pihu says she won’t let that happen as parents should always be together.Gopal takes this opportunity to defend Suchi and says that her friend Suchi also wanted that only and hence told her to write the letter to her mother but she was n’t expecting that attack on her mother.He advises her to go to Sushi and be friends with her again.

Suchi ,not finding Pihu anywhere in the house feels sad and reminisces how she has encouraged Bhootu to write the letter to Anandita and go near her and how Anandita got attaced confirming Bhootu’s belief that a dead person visiting his /her near and dear is inauspicious for them.She fears that Pihu ,out of anger ,has left her.

Just then ,Bhootu comes and embraces Suchi and informs her that she has been to her parents’ house .

Suchi emotionally says that she doesn’t require her affections now as she can go to her parents whenever she feels like.Pihu asks for her forgiveness and adds that like Gopal she too has two mothers.Suchi feels very happy and both go to sleep in each other’scompany arms.

Manasi with a knife in her hand stealthily walks into Suchi’s bedroom and finds her fast asleep.She sits on the bed and stares at her thinking how she is trying to seperate her from her brother,Aarav who at one time used to have lot of affection for her and how Aarav cares more for Suchi .She thinks that if she kills Suchi,there won’t be any problem at all.As she raises the knife and about to stab her,Bhootu gets up and raises alarm .Suchi,on waking up ,gets a shock seeing Manasi there,Manasi gets down,keeps her hand back and throws away the knife.Hearing the commotion ,Aarav comes in and Manasi hugs him pretending to be mad and behaving like a child..Everyone comes in including Babli.She shouts at Manasi and asks her why she has to come out of her room .She takes her daughter out followed by Aarav .After locking Manasi in her room,Aarav confronts his mother ,she explains that on medical grounds and for treatment ,his sister was released on payroll .When Aarav asks why she has n’t told him so far,she taunts that he was busy with Suchi and the party.

When Aarav hugs his mother and expresses happiness ,Suchi who comes there remarks that now she knows who has injured Anandita in the party.Babli defends her daughter saying that without proof ,she should n’t talk non sense and informs her that Manasi came home from the hospital only after the party was over.

Aarav watching their confrontation interferes and pacifies both.

Once they leave ,a terrified Pihu says that she is afraid of Manasi and requests Suchi to make her leave their home.

Suchi comes into fer room and searches for Pihu.She finds her beneath the bed and jokes that she is Bhootu and everyone should be afraid of her but here the reverse is happening.When Pihu confided that she is scared of that strange woman Suchi tells her that she doesn’t have any evidence now but as soon as. She gets proof,Manasi will go back to jail.

Manasi comes into Suchi’s room and looks beneath the cot with a remote in her hand controlling a toy car.Bhootu starts shouting at the top of her voice,when Suchi comes out of the bathroom ,she finds Manasi playing with a car and Bhootu complaining that it is her car.Aarav comes in and takes her out promising her a new car in return.As Manasi goes out She looks at Suchi with such hatred that Suchi gets convinced there is a dangerous criminal behind that

innocent facade.

Suchi goes to Anandita and inquires about her health.She informs her that Nanasi as come back from jail on payroll and she thinks that she was the one who attacked her in the party.Anandita listens to her and says that she hates Subodh more than Manasi because being Pihu’s father ,he never loved her enough and invited Manasi into their life,She confides that she has decided to go to her mother in Kolkota and come to Lucknow only for hearing of the case.As Pihu starts crying ,Suchi reminds her of Subodh but Anandita makes it clear that she can not live with a person who has sold their house to a guy whose sister is Pihu’s killer.She requests Suchi not to try change her decision.In another room ,Subodh with Pihu’s photo in his hand fondly remembers her.Pihu tells Suchi that her father loves her very much and she doesn’t understand why her mother thinks otherwise.

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