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Emperor's domination - S01 E888

Story 3 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 888

Heavenly Annihilation

Many weapons crazily unleashed a barrage of attacks on Li Qiye. An ordinary Godking wouldn’t be able to handle this kind of onslaught. However, the crystal physique was completely untouched. No laws and weapons were able to hurt Li Qiye.

Eventually, the Unbreakable Emperor was the first to stop while the others quickly followed suit. The emperor was considered the person who knew the physique the best besides Immortal Emperor Jing Yu. He understood very well that nothing could harm the crystal physique outside of the suppression of an Immortal Emperor. The only other option was to expel or maintain a gap with the user.

However, even expulsion and suppression couldn’t kill the user until the crystal physique went beyond its time limit.

In the beginning, the emperor had an optimistic mindset and hoped that Li Qiye only knew the elementary basics. However, after attempting to break through with attacks, he knew that Li Qiye had cultivated the complete version and grasped its essence!

“Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique…” Li Qiye sighed with emotion: “Truly worthy of being a secret law comparable to the Indestructible Diamond Physique.”

Fear, anger, envy… all kinds of emotions could be found on the faces of the onlookers right now, including even Li Qiye’s enemies. Countless people wanted the crystal physique from the sea sect, but none had been successful. Very few within the sect itself had the qualifications to learn it.

The Unbreakable Emperor furiously shouted with sparks in his eyes: “Little animal, where did you get the crystal physique from?!”

Outside of himself, no more than three people had the crystal physique manual in his sect. Moreover, the manual itself was hidden in an unknown location that couldn’t be opened by anyone. However, Li Qiye was using it right now — this was truly unbelievable!

Ye Qingcheng was more jealous than anyone. He had dreamed about this physique as he was an unparalleled divine stone. If he had this physique, then he was completely confident that he would be able to cultivate it to the highest level and might even be able to reach the level of Immortal Emperor Jing Yu of the past!

He spent a tremendous amount of effort to please Young Noble Pei Yu back then, but he was ultimately unsuccessful. Now, not only did Li Qiye have it, he had also successfully cultivated it. Ye Qingcheng knew very well that this physique meant that its user could reach an unbeatable state!

Li Qiye glanced at the group and smilingly said: “All of you must be tired, it’s my turn now!”

The Unbreakable Emperor snorted: “So what if you’re going to attack, you are just an ant!” The emperor didn’t care for a junior like him! He also had the crystal physique that would last for nine days and nine nights! No one would be able to kill him.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye chuckled. With that, one fate palace opened and the World Seal flew out from within. This was his true fate weapon.

“Boom!” The World Seal lit up and instantly turned into a bamboo basket that slowly opened.

“Impossible!” The Scorpion God who had been saving his strength was aghast at the sight of this basket. He didn’t have the leisure to care for anything else and instantly teleported to escape. Others were still lost, not know what was going on.

“Bang!” An endless imperial aura came crashing down. In the blink of an eye, this basket seemed to be sucking in the nine heavens as well as the immortal realms.

“Run!” Even powerful existences like the Imperial Grandchild, the Stone-Dragon God, and the Unbreakable Emperor knew that a disaster was about to befall them.

However, no one was able to escape. The moment the basked opened, it sucked everyone in from the outside, including the Unbreakable Emperor, the Stone-Dragon God, the Imperial Grandchild as well as the troops of the ravine, the sea sect, and the eighteen powers. More than ten thousand experts were trapped within.

Ye Qingcheng was the only one who remained untouched. In fact, he couldn’t have escaped either, it was just that Li Qiye didn’t want to seal him! The only escapee was the Scorpion God who managed to run at the perfect time before the Heavenly Annihilation was unleashed!

“Was that, was that a Heavenly Annihilation?” Many cultivators prostrated on the ground from the pressure of the imperial aura that leaked outside of the battlefield.

“Heavenly Annihilation!” Even Mei Aonan was astonished as she murmured: “This is the Heavenly Annihilation of the Alchemy Kingdom’s Dragon Subduing Basket… Immortal Plucking!”

Having said that, she couldn’t help but look over at Ming Yexue.

Ming Yexue only stood there calmly with her transcendent aura as if she had expected all of this.

“So powerful. Legend states that when Immortal Emperor Yao Zu personally unleashed an Immortal Plucking Annihilation from this basket, he could even capture an immortal alive and do as he pleased!” The Allpine Treefather emotionally commented as well.

“Just what is that treasure?” Even Long Jingxian was astonished to see the bamboo basket floating above Li Qiye’s head. Without a doubt, that item was not the actual Dragon Subduing Basket!

The world didn’t know that Li Qiye’s World Seal was the greatest destiny stone in this world, unique across all eons! After it automatically refined itself into the World Seal, it was able to replicate anything.

Whether it was mountains and rivers, birds and beasts, or even invincible techniques, the World Seal was able to copy them all!

This applied to Heavenly Annihilations as well. However, this process was very difficult and required a high level of finesse. This was the reason why Li Qiye made the repenting God-Monarchs back at the Alchemy Kingdom participate.

They worked together to unleash Heavenly Annihilations from their emperor’s true treasures. Li Qiye then spent a lot of effort to imprint these attacks into his seal.

The replicated annihilations were weaker than the real versions. However, an annihilation was still an annihilation after all. Just because it was a bit weaker didn’t mean that it couldn’t massacre powerful existences!

There was also an advantage to his personal versions despite being weaker in power. His World Seal could unleash them practically on end.

Cultivators were able to use their true fate weapons with very little consumption of blood energy! Conversely, using an Immortal Emperor True Treasure was extremely exhaustive.

Even a Godking couldn’t unleash a second Heavenly Annihilation right away. They would need time to recharge.

However, Li Qiye’s World Seal could use them one after another without any need for rest!

“Heavenly Annihilation, Immortal Plucking!” Many people dropped down to the ground, flat on their rears after seeing the bamboo basket above his head. Even existences more powerful than the ones present wouldn’t be able to escape from this type of annihilation; they would definitely be captured alive.

“Worthy of being the tyrant across the eons.” The Dragon-Tiger Monarch paled in veneration. He was the only one who could hear his own murmurs.

Li Qiye recalled the bamboo basket floating above the battlefield as well as his crystal physique. He stared at the unsettled Ye Qingcheng and spoke: “Do you know why I didn’t capture you? It is to give you a chance. Since you challenged me, so be it, here is your chance!”

Ye Qingcheng was still a genius after all. He took a deep breath and gravely said: “Good, I shall fight you. Do you dare to fight bare handed?!”

He understood very clearly that with regards to weapons, he was absolutely not a match for Li Qiye, so he relied on a direct physical confrontation!

“A bare-handed battle?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh: “Why do people keep thinking that they can actually fight me bare handed? Fine, since you have the confidence to do so, I’ll entertain you!”

Everyone eagerly waited for the upcoming fight with bated breaths. Ye Qingcheng had the title of number one, but Li Qiye the Fierce had far exceeded his fame. Everyone understood that if this was a fight with weapons, Li Qiye’s Heavenly Annihilation would instantly destroy Ye Qingcheng.

An unarmed battle made this worth watching. Ye Qingcheng had swept through the younger generation before without any weapons. It was known that he was adept at unarmed combat, so everyone wanted to see if he could fight Li Qiye given the current circumstances.

Among the crowd, only Jian Wushuang sneered with disdain. She was the only one who understood that one should never fight against Li Qiye in an unarmed battle!

“Buzz!” Various phenomena appeared one after another around Ye Qingcheng. Ancient paragons appeared, including Godkings and timeworn demons… There were also images of suns rising to the sky while true dragons dove down into their marshes as myriad realms bloomed…

He didn’t hold anything back at this time. His life wheel appeared with his surging longevity blood. Moreover, his longevity blood was being burnt.

A God-Monarch’s aura erupted from his entire body as if he had climbed up to this level!

“So frightening. The blessings of the wise sages and the burning of his longevity blood are allowing him to exert the power of a God-Monarch!” Many people were startled to see his current level.

He was the ultimate gem blessed for generations by the paragons of the Stony Edge Kingdom. Even Immortal Emperor Shi Feng had blessed him before. Moreover, he accepted the blood energy from its citizens for ages. This gave him the best conditions, conditions that no other could even dream of!

Burning one’s own longevity blood was taboo to cultivators, but Ye Qingcheng paid this no mind. In his eyes, Li Qiye was his most terrifying foe. If he didn’t grasp this chance, there wouldn’t be another!

“Boom!” Ye Qingcheng attacked. One palm accompanied by his majestic grand dao went straight for Li Qiye. It seemed that there was an Immortal Emperor strengthening this palm strike. It didn’t only have the early outlines of an emperor’s attack, it also had the power of protection from saints!

“Saint-guard Emperor Palm!” Ye Qingcheng chanted an empowering mantra, allowing his palm to exude its greatest might. The world shook in submission!

Not to mention Heavenly Kings, even Virtuous Paragons wouldn’t necessarily be able to withstand this palm. The grand dao power continued to rise as if this palm was endless; the power of this attack would continue until the world moldered.

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