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Emperor's domination - S01 E887

Story 3 months ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 887

 I Am The Law

Ye Qingcheng’s plan was even grander. As long as he could seal the Dragon-Tiger Monarch’s group and capture all of them alive, he would have the biggest bargaining chip! This would allow him to negotiate with existences like the Beastmaster Citadel and the Jian Clan!

Many cultivators outside of the battlefield were terrified by this scene. They stealthily left the city since they were very wary of Ye Qingcheng. This frightening man had planned everything from the start.

The Dragon-Tiger Monarch’s group had ugly expressions as well. They had to admit that they were underestimating Ye Qingcheng. How could they have expected him to be in control of the entire city? Even the Divine Beast Realm of the past couldn’t accomplish such a thing. Moreover, he didn’t have the immortal rod with him.

Certain of victory, Ye Qingcheng stared at the group and smiled: “We can commence our negotiations for peace. However, there are naturally conditions in a peace talk. All of you must leave the beastworld and your lineages must vow to never oppose me. Additionally, in order to resolve the feud between the Jian Clan and the Golden Crow Tribe, Miss Jian must marry the tribe’s second prince… As for Miss Long…”

His eyes fell on Long Jingxian: “I am willing to become dao companions with Miss Long. I trust that you and I will become the pride of the Beastmaster Citadel…”

“You think too highly of yourself. You’re only a clown.” The Dragon-Tiger Monarch sneered.

This time, Ye Qingcheng wasn’t angry at all. He replied: “Dragon-Tiger Monarch, you don’t have anything to allow you to be arrogant right now. Your lives are in my hands. Plus, my hands have much more than just this. It is not wise for you or your Beastmaster Citadel to oppose me.”

Mei Aonan snorted and screamed: “Such a big tone, do you really think you can control Bi’an City?”

“Buzz!” With her cry, a ray of light suddenly emerged as if a gigantic hand was opening up a new power above the battlefield.

A voice came from above: “Stand down!” This voice belonged to Mei Aonan’s master, that one golem.

The moment he gave the command, the golems surrounding the ancient battlefield hesitated for a moment; they were clearly affected by his voice. Even the seal of the battlefield fluctuated for a brief moment.

Ye Qingcheng was startled at this sudden and unexpected development.

“You have been banished so your command is null. Rules are rules; he is one of the candidates, you do not have the authority to break this rule. Moreover, if you take one step inside Bi’an City, be prepared for imprisonment!” A different voice emerged from the master mansion.

After the second voice came out, the seal stopped being affected and the hesitating golems once again surrounded the battlefield.

There was no response from Mei Aonan’s master as if he was contemplating a thing or two.

Ye Qingcheng wasn’t happy. These things were outside of his expectations. He didn’t predict that someone else could interfere with his control over Bi’an City. Moreover, he didn’t imagine that there was a living being inside the master mansion!

“This is…” The Dragon-Tiger Monarch heard the voice from the master mansion and thought of a legend. He became shocked and murmured: “But, that’s impossible!”

Ye Qingcheng calmed down and took a deep breath. He thunderously commanded the experts from the ravine, the sea sect, and the eighteen powers: “What are we waiting for? Don’t hold back and seal all of them now! Victory is ours!”

Having said that, his life wheel emerged, causing his blood energy to explode. He mustered all of his might to urge Bi’an City to use its power to seal his enemies. The remaining experts on his side all cried out and poured their energy into the seal. In just a moment, the seal became even more radiant.

“Buzz—” Many people couldn’t withstand the strengthening of this suppression. The treefather was being affected the most. Right at this second, the Unbreakable Emperor and the other two didn’t mind burning their longevity blood to unleash powerful attacks with their imperial weapons.

“Allpine, you’re dead for sure this time!” The Unbreakable Emperor crazily howled. With the crystal physique for protection, he had no fear and continued to wildly attack the Allpine Treefather with his imperial weapon. If the treefather didn’t have the peerless Emperor Suppression Art, he would have died long ago.

The treefather’s biggest weakness was not having his own imperial weapon. Although his current weapon was very powerful, there was still a big gap between it and an imperial weapon.

“Rummmbbllllee—” Suddenly, the gates to the master mansion opened and a supreme woman came from inside. It was Ming Yexue.

The myriad dao hummed in resonance the moment she stepped out. Different laws emerged around her body along with various phenomena before her dao runes engulfed the city.

“Bi’an, return.” Ming Yexue began to chant a mantra to seize control of the city. All of the Bi’an phenomena appeared behind her.

The golems suddenly retreated after the mantra rang out while Ye Qingcheng’s control grew weaker.

He was aghast. He didn’t expect for her to be able to control the city in such an easy manner. He spent many days to communicate with the city’s grand dao, but Ming Yexue was able to do so right after her appearance.

With an astounded expression, he shouted at the Stone-Dragon God: “Kill her!”

The Stone-Dragon God uttered a long cry and let go of the disadvantaged treefather to lunge towards Ming Yexue.

A giant dragon came down, leaving destruction in its wake. It should be able to kill all juniors. Not to mention Heavenly Kings, even ordinary paragons would be murdered by it in an instant.

Ming Yexue’s expression changed. She had to go let go of controlling the city to take out her imperial weapon.

“Boom!” She was able to block the first attack.

However, she was being held back by him, so Ye Qingcheng was able to wrestle back control of the city. He was both angry and scared since he didn’t expect that her mastery over the city was even more powerful than his own!

He coldly uttered: “Lady Ming, you shouldn’t oppose me. If you and I were to join hands and become dao companions, we would be unstoppable in this world!”

Ming Yexue ignored him and continued to attack the Stone-Dragon God with her imperial weapon. Alas, this god was an existence who competed against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong for the Heaven’s Will. It was not such an easy matter for her to defeat him.

“Everything ends now…” Ye Qingcheng cried out. He poured all of his blood energy into the seal to imprison everyone.

“What is this about candidates and rules? All rules, break for me!” A lazy voice resounded at this time: “Right now, I am the ruler, I am the lord of Bi’an City!”

With a buzzing sound, all the universal laws from the city quickly sank into the ground. Its power returned to the source and all the golems retreated like the tide.

Without the support of Bi’an City, the seal inside the battlefield quickly shattered.

Such a development left the alliance in shambles. They quickly retreated to avoid any further unforeseen circumstances.

After the smoke dissipated, Li Qiye entered Bi’an City and then the battlefield. He stood there inconspicuously, but the entire city was in his hands, for he was its ruler.

The cultivators watching outside were in disbelief as they exclaimed: “How, how can this be possible?!”

“How…” Ye Qingcheng shrieked. There was suddenly a void while the seal broke. His control over Bi’an City was ripped away.

Everything was in the palm of his hand, so who would have thought that Li Qiye’s sentence could strip it all away? He couldn’t believe such a thing.

Li Qiye stood in the sky and stared at him nonchalantly: “You shouldn’t have opposed me or come here. I am the ruler and lord of this place!”

Ye Qingcheng was furious and fearful at this moment. He had always viewed Li Qiye as a great rival, but Li Qiye’s capabilities far exceeded his imagination.

“Scram!” The treefather shouted with a seal that suppressed the myriad dao completely. With a loud blast, even the Imperial Grandchild who was protected by his weapon was immediately blown away while vomiting blood.

Li Qiye glanced over the battlefield and said: “Treefather, leave everything to me. I’ll take care of them.”

The treefather looked at the Unbreakable Emperor protected by the Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique then turned back to stand to the side.

Li Qiye glared at the remaining enemies and slowly uttered: “Kneel and surrender then cripple your own cultivations. If you do so, I shall spare your sects from a massacre!”

“Hahaha, such a big tone. You alone dare to say these words, little beast? I will chop off your dog head and get revenge for my descendant!” Taiyang Wang howled at Li Qiye.

“Junior, I’ll have your head right now!” However, before Taiyang Wang could attack, the Unbreakable Emperor couldn’t handle Li Qiye’s arrogant tone and aimed straight at him with his imperial weapon.

“Zzz—” A clear radiance emerged from Li Qiye’s body right when the emperor attacked. Even the impact of his imperial weapon couldn’t harm Li Qiye in the slightest.

“Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique…” Even the emperor staggered back in dumbfoundedness after seeing this clear light.

Everyone stared at Li Qiye in amazement. Even Ye Qingcheng cried out in shock while looking at Li Qiye’s physique. He had always wanted this physique from the sea sect, but he had not been successful. And now, this physique appeared on Li Qiye.

“You! You! How can you cultivate my sea sect’s crystal physique?!” The emperor was in disbelief because their secret law was never released to outsiders!

“Unbreakable, a cowardly nobody like yourself dares to come out now? Are you not afraid that I will destroy your sea sect?” Li Qiye stared at the emperor insipidly.

“Little animal, even if you have the crystal physique, you still won’t escape death today!” The Imperial Grandchild solemnly said: “Brother Unbreakable, we’ll behead this little animal together!”

The Imperial Grandchild immediately knew that Ye Qingcheng had met a terrifying enemy the moment Li Qiye appeared. There was no chance for Ye Qingcheng to become emperor if they didn’t destroy Li Qiye!

“Yes, all of us together with an ultimate attack. It will definitely be able to defeat Li Qiye!” Ye Qingcheng also shouted the order and encouraged the entire alliance.

“Kill him!” In the blink of an eye, the Unbreakable Emperor, the Imperial Grandchild, and even Taiyang Wang all came attacking. Even the Stone-Dragon God ignored Ming Yexue to go straight for Li Qiye.

In their eyes, they had no hope of winning if they didn’t destroy Li Qiye!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” All kinds of attacks fell on Li Qiye’s body, but they were all nullified. Emperor laws and imperial weapons were all ignored!

As for the group of Mei Aonan, they were forgotten on the sidelines and became spectators. The group could only foolishly watch this scene of experts bombarding Li Qiye.

“Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique!” Even the treefather commented with a tinge of emotion while watching.

Even when he fought the Unbreakable Emperor just now, he couldn’t break the crystal physique and had to maintain his distance the entire time.

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