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God Of Fishing - S01 E1589

Story 3 months ago

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The battle at the level of a fake king was too loud and powerful.

However, the Black Evil Conch King didn’t mind. This was not his territory anyway. Therefore, the teleportation arrays on the outer battlefield of the first island were destroyed by the huge energy.

But even so, where there were fake kings fighting, no one except the Half-Kings and peak-level Venerables could withstand it.

Therefore, the battle formations had already been divided.

Without the nine peak-level Venerables, there were only 29 Venerables on the first island including Golden Boy.

However, there were a total of 59 Venerables from the Black Blood City, including 8 peak-level Venerables. This battle was simply a must-loss for the humans like the situation the sea demons in the seventh camp faced!

Therefore, after only one collision, in the second second, some undead creatures died.

By the tenth second, eight undead creatures had already died on the spot.

If Han Fei could observe the situation of the two battlefields immediately, he would have known that when the fight on the seventh camp was about to end, the Heavenly Dao cracks caused by the death of seven Venerables came from the Life and Death Gorge.

However, the battle was chaotic, and no one paid attention to these details.

With Han Fei’s ability, he could teleport people 800,000 kilometers away, which was something he could do at the level of a Half-Venerable. As for now, with the teleportation array assisted by dao patterns, he could teleport people more than 4 million kilometers away the furthest.

Of course, that kind of cost was relatively large. If it was a bulk teleportation, it definitely couldn’t be done by one person.

At this moment, the array on the first island was activated…

When Han Fei walked out of the void, it was already in ruins.

The Black Evil Conch King and Golden Boy fought a bloody battle in the sky.

Nine peak-level Venerables had held back the two Half-Kings, but the other party’s peak-level Venerable was slaughtering the undead. Han Fei knew how many people Golden Boy had brought with him.

The 39 people Golden Boy brought were all undead.

Han Fei knew that as long as the Black Conch King didn’t go to the seventh camp to find him, the first camp would definitely suffer heavy losses.

Judging from the current situation, Han Fei could perceive that there were still 22 Venerables on the humans’ side, plus the golden boys, while there were as many as 53 Venerables on the Black Blood Royal City’s side including the Black Evil Conch King.

In other words, the Black Blood City had killed 17 undead Venerables in a row, but only 6 people had died on the Black Blood City’s side. According to this ratio, this speed of killing was almost comparable to that of the entire seventh sea demon camp.

In this way, as long as these people were given another ten or twenty seconds, the slight advantage that Han Fei had accumulated from the previous killings would return to zero in a moment.

However, at this moment, Han Fei arrived, which attracted the attention of the Black Evil Conch King.

The old turtle said in Han Fei’s heart, “Hey, kid, do you have to fight this Black Evil Conch King? Why didn’t you bring the Half-King and the peak-level Venerable with you? Great, there are so many peak-level Venerables here. What can you use to fight them?

Han Fei’s lips trembled. “Old Yuan, what do you think of my luck?”

The old turtle said, “Just because you have luck doesn’t mean that you can survive such circumstances… With your strength, you can only resist three peak-level Venerables at best. It’s impossible for more! Look, how many peak-level Venerables are here? Eight…”

As soon as the old turtle said so in his heart, the voice of the Black Evil Conch King rolled over, “Kill Han Fei, and our Black Blood City will have a complete victory in this battle.”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

At this moment, Han Fei kept stomping but didn’t move at all. The big and small arrays suddenly enveloped Han Fei like machine gun fire.

Han Fei said, “Big Black Conch, it seems that you really don’t want your Black Blood City?”

Hearing Han Fei’s words, the Black Evil Conch King frowned.

Needless to say, many people had noticed it because some of the cracks were too shallow. They must be reflected here from a long distance and not be very strong…

It meant that a melee had broken out in the Life-and-Death Gorge.

However, the Black Evil Conch King firmly believed that the situation of the Ten Thousand Beast Island and the Black Blood City was similar.

The Black Blood City had two great enemies, the Immortal City and the Demon Beast Union, and the Demon Beast Union also had two great enemies, the Forest of Terror and the Black Blood City. It was impossible for the Demon Beast Union to evacuate all combat power from the Forest of Terror…

In terms of combat power, the Forest of Terror was much stronger than the Immortal City!

Therefore, the Demon Beast Union had deployed nearly a hundred Venerables in the Forest of Terror all year round. Once there were fewer people, it might cause a big battle.

Besides, before he came, he had already asked someone to go to the Forest of Terror.

He asked the Forest of Terror to put some pressure on the Demon Beast Union.

In this way, the Black Evil Conch King judged that the number of Venerables on his side at the Life-and-Death Gorge wouldn’t be much less.

The only problem was the fake king of the Demon Beast Union! Even if there were six Half-Kings guarding the Life and Death Gorge, it was still a little dangerous.

Therefore, the Black Evil Conch King wanted to finish the battle as soon as possible. As long as he killed Han Fei, there would be plenty of time for him to take over the Immortal City. Whether he would take it today, tomorrow, or the day after… It didn’t matter.

Therefore, at this moment, seven of the eight peak-level Venerables had come.

Although there was a gap between a peak-level Venerable and a Half-King, it wasn’t that big.

Half-Kings and peak-level Venerables had both reached the limits of Venerables. However, their control of the power of the Great Dao was somewhat different.

For example, three Half-Kings could hold back one fake king; three peak-level Venerables could hold back a Half-King.

And the limit of Han Fei’s current combat power was only in the Half-King realm.

Although there was a gap between these peak-level Venerables and the Half-Kings, just like the cooperation of the five major professions of human beings, they could also cooperate.

Therefore, when the seven peak-level Venerables joined forces to besiege, even the two Half-Kings could be held back.

This was why Golden Boy could hold back the two Half-Kings from the Black Blood City with the nine peak-level Venerables… Because with the nine of them attacking together, even if the other party had two Half-Kings, it was useless.

But the subordinates of the Black Evil Conch King were too greedy!

They didn’t want to kill the strongest immediately. They wanted to kill more Venerables, so they chose to hunt the undead below the peak-level Venerable realm.

In fact, when the junior and intermediate Venerables all died, they could take the time to deal with peak Venerables.

However, they didn’t expect Han Fei to come so fast!

After all, it was more than 700,000 kilometers from the seventh camp to the first island.

Unless there was a teleportation array, even a peak-level Venerable would need at least 30 seconds to arrive.

As for the teleportation array, in the middle of a battle, who had the chance to activate the teleportation array? Once the teleportation array was broken when the teleportation was halfway through, the person in the array might be strangled to death by space cracks before he could come over…

As soon as Han Fei came out, the seven peak-level Venerables surrounded him.

Golden Boy roared and released a boundless death aura. He shouted, “Where are the others?”

Han Fei said, “Later. They’ll arrive soon.”


Another crack appeared in the sky, but this crack was relatively shallow. Everyone seemed to have thought of something.

The peak-level Venerables who surrounded Han Fei attacked the arrays Han Fei set up at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With just one blow, more than 300 arrays were instantly shattered.

Han Fei performed the Star Teleportation Technique, twisted the void, and disappeared from the encirclement of these people.

At the moment he flashed out, the sea demon intermediate Venerable closest to Han Fei was about 600 kilometers away. However, with such a distance, Han Fei activated the Near at Hand Technique and came to him with a single step.

The moment Han Fei appeared, the intermediate Venerable was horrified.


Just as this person was about to escape, a dragon roar exploded.

The Hundred Beast Soul Devouring roared, making this person vomit blood and stagger.

At that moment, Han Fei activated the Void Lines and controlled the man to blow himself up.


Another crack appeared in the sky.

The surging ripples swept thousands of kilometers…

Behind Han Fei, the seven peak-level Venerables surrounded him again.

However… This time, Han Fei didn’t have the support of arrays, so the eight of them began a life-and-death battle…

Han Fei charged at an advanced peak-level Venerable, which delighted the seven peak-level Venerables. No matter how strong Han Fei was, he couldn’t kill an advanced peak-level Venerable with one blow.

This could stop him for at least half a second! In half a second, they could catch up.

At this moment, the advanced peak-level Venerable turned his body into steel, trying to stop Han Fei.

However, the void trembled, and Han Fei disappeared again. Han Fei appeared more than 300 kilometers away, where a peak-level junior Venerable was fighting an undead…

Han Fei shouted, “Go!”

The undead retreated frantically.


The dragon roared again. Han Fei had roared off half of the peak-level junior Venerable’s head…

In the next moment, Han Fei extended his hand and killed the sea demon who was only a peak-level junior Venerable.

It only took him half a second to run and fight.




In the sky, two red cracks appeared at the same time.

At the same time, there was another deafening bang. It turned out that it was not that someone died, but that Han Fei suddenly hit an invisible wall.

The collision was so powerful that Han Fei’s internal organs tumbled.

A sea demon at the peak of the Venerable level roared, “Han Fei, do you think we’re just chasing you? Do you think you’re the only one who knows how to forbid techniques? Then let’s see… How strong is your pure physical strength?”


Han Fei didn’t believe that the other party could also seal techniques, but this space was indeed sealed.

At the moment these people rushed over, Han Fei shouted, “All laws forbidden in this space!”

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